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Norman has informed me he has never been connected with the British National Party. My humble apologies Norman

The question is not are we heading into the police state...But just how long have we been suffering a police state?


I will begin this page with the story of a very brave man Norman Scarth. Norman a WWII veteran and today 83 years old, was brutally battered by West Yorkshire Police for trying to ensure justice was fully served and the sentence thereof carried out. Not only was he sentenced for a crime he had not committed, there was no crime whatever, but Norman suffered four years in jail and two years in a mental institution.


This is the strategy employed by police State UK, I know this because they tried the very same against my good self some years ago, granted, it was I who fell for their set up and placed myself in the police hands, but it was the Police sergeant at Blackburn’s Greenbank police station who decided I should be sectioned. Of course the doctor they brought in to check my sanity was outraged that the sergeant had the audacity to suggest I was anything other than sane. So It is with personal experience I expose to you all that the Police state tries this strategy on all those who would expose the evil doing carried out by those who claim to be the UK police force. Here Is Norman Scarth's Story :



NS ref petition-090130-WtnsStmnt

                                                       Witness Statement by the petitioner






In the Matter of the Representation of the People Act, 1983

And in the Matter of a Local Government Election for Manningham Ward of Bradford Metropolitan District Council held on the          1st day of May 2008

Petitioner Norman Scarth, First Respondent: Mohammad Amin, Second Respondent Anthony J. Reeves


This Witness Statement is made in response to the Order of Mr. Justice Collins made on 21st January 2009.    

1.     In the Original Petition I reported only the unlawful actions of West Yorkshire Police on 1st May 2008.  Serious Electoral Crime though that was, the full extent is infinitely worse.  I am grateful to Mr Justice Collins for making the Order & Mr. Timothy Straker QC (Counsel for the Second Respondent) for requesting it, thus giving me the opportunity to bring some (though not all) of the  horrific story of Police State Britain into the open. 

2.     To start at the beginning:  In December 1994 I was called as an Expert Witness at Bingley Magistrates’ Court, where an elderly riding school owner was facing ten criminal charges.  Conviction on one would have destroyed her business, her reputation & her life’s work. 

3.     I was able to prove that three powerful prosecution witnesses had conspired to commit most serious perjury, & the defendant, the victim of a malicious prosecution, was acquitted on all charges.  She was only too glad it was all over.  I asked her legal team what they would be doing about the perjury.  “All’s well that ends well” they said.  I mentioned it to the court clerk, who was not interested.  I was astonished:  A serious crime had been committed in that very court room, & nobody was interested! 

4.     To cut a long story short, I spoke & wrote to everyone I could think of (including the Lord Chancellor), but was given the run-around.  Eventually I made a Statement to two detective Constables, one of them DC Pickering. In due course, a letter came from Inspector Herrigan of Keighley Police saying that ‘after great deliberation’ they has decided not to pursue the matter.  In his penultimate paragraph he wrote, “You might feel that justice was done with the Not Guilty verdict”. 

5.     I did NOT feel that justice had been done: – three criminals had been allowed to get away with serious crime.  I am fairly certain that my attempts to have those powerful people prosecuted caused the first black mark against my name. More detail of that story is told in Part Two of my book ‘CAUSE FOR CONCERN’.   

6.     About this time I became aware that Britain was not the land I had always believed it to be.  In memory of my brave young shipmates who died around me in World War II  - & what we believed we were fighting for, I could not turn my back.  At the age of 70, I made a dramatic change of career, leaving behind my past life as a small farmer, horse breeder & ‘horse whisperer’ (as popularly known). 

7.     I became a Parliamentary Candidate, a Human Rights Activist, an Investigative Author, a Publisher, a Student, Observer & Researcher of Law.  The 1997 General Election saw my first foray as an election candidate.  My affect on the result was much greater than the bare figures suggest (explained elsewhere).  Chesterfield was one of only four seats in the country where the massive swing to Labour was reversed.  More than that, I sowed the seed which ended the Parliamentary career of Tony Benn before the 2001 election. 

8.     I travelled to courts all over the country where Litigants In Person were appearing, sometimes as McKenzie Friend, sometimes only an observer, & was appalled by what I saw.  I was not alone in this.  In a letter dated 3rd July 1995, Paul Boateng MP, Legal Spokesman for the Labour Party (then in opposition) promised to ‘Put an end to fraud in the legal system’.  On coming into power Lawyer Blair persuaded Lawyer Boateng to forget his promise, & rewarded him with high Cabinet Office.  Foolishly perhaps, I continued trying to do that which Boateng had backed off from.  

9.     At the time I was regarded as a noisy old buffoon, a Parliamentary ‘No-Hoper’.  This changed after my single-handed success in the European Court of Human Rights.  It brought a vital change in British law, incorporated into the 1998 Human Rights Act, confirmed by a letter dated 1/09/98 from Geoffrey Hoon MP (then Lord Chancellor Irvine’s spokesman in the House of Commons). 

10. The change is much hated by the legal professionals, & I am hated for it.  I was no longer a noisy old buffoon.  I intended to stand against Tony Blair in Sedgefield at the 2001 General Election, & might well have made difference there too.  The order went out from War Criminal Blair’s Regime – “Silence him!”

11. A synopsis of events which followed is in my email to Sir Ronnie Flanagan, HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary on 6th October 2008.  I include the text below (& ask your indulgence for repetition of some of that which is above):




With the full collusion of the Police Complaints Authority, Crown Prosecution Service, the Independent Police Complaints Commission & West Yorkshire Police Authority.


Preface : In 1997 I stood at the general election as an 'Independant' old age pensioner. The main point of my manifesto was my concern at the total lack of concern by regular politician's (or the people) at the ever increasing number of crimes against the old and vulnerable. Almost unheard of until the 1960's, they are now an every day occurrence.


My second manifesto point was corruption in the courts (vide Boateng), of which I had only newly become aware. With the new prime minister & his wife being lawyers, Cabinet, government and parlaiment infested with them, it was not perhaps wise to continue with my mission, but I did. Those subjects were also in my book 'Cause For Concern', published the same year.


In 1998-9 my single handed success in the European Court of Human Rights brought a vital change in British law, incorporated into the 1998 Human Rights Act (confirmed by letter dated 1/9/1998 from Geoffrey Hoon MP, then Lord Chancellor Irvines Spokesman in the House of Commons). The change is much hated by the legal proffessions.


1)     8th August 1999 (just 17 days after the ECtHR ruled that I had been the victim of a violation of Article 6): Without even the PRETENCE of a lawful excuse, I was subjected to a potentially lethal terror attack by a mob-handed gang of West Yorkshire Police, BEING USED AS A PRIVATE ARMY.  They demanded entry, threatening to smash the door in.  Though my head was bursting & my heart pounding, I defied them, & told them they were breaking the law.  The reply? – “So What!”

2)       They radioed for back up with riot shields & a battering ram - against one, solitary, old age pensioner, doing no wrong, in any shape or form!  Because concerned neighbours were gathering they did not use the battering ram.  Instead (seven at one time, 9 in all) they laid siege to my home for three hours before backing off saying, “We have decided this is not a police matter”.  (There never WAS a ‘matter’, police or otherwise!) 

3)    Those words - & much more - are on tape.  (Whatever about the crime against me it was a criminal waste of police time).  My complaints to the then Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Authority, & the Police Complaints Authority were contemptuously ignored, in spite of my sending transcripts of the tape recordings (still available).
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This piece was not in the letter to Sir Ronnie, but is inserted now as it fits in chronologically:  In the hours, days, weeks, & months which followed, my S.O.S. distress signals were faxed to the Home Office;  'Opposition',  & to EVERY 'watchdog' in the land - & I do mean all of them!  Amnesty International; 'Justice'; 'Liberty', Ombudsmen; ALL the Press, TV & Radio (our supposedly 'free & independent' News Media);  & - about 200 MPs!  
A curt brush off came from only two:  From the rest, not a word!  I had become ‘One of the Disappeared’, as in Orwell’s ‘1984’, Argentine under The Generals, & Pinochet’s Chile.  I had ceased to exist, except to be destroyed, which task is taking longer than expected! 
This silence meant the police had licence to commit any crime against me with impunity.  For eleven months I dared leave the house only three times, imprisoned by fear - & I am NOT a timid man.  My fears were to prove well justified.  West Yorkshire Police were as unaccountable & untouchable as Hitler’s Gestapo.
(No response?  Not quite true:  On 10/7/2000(?) there was a telephone call from PC 418(?) David Walsh at the House of Commons, 200 miles away,  “If you send any more emails to MPs we will have to come knocking at your door”.  While he was on the line, there DID come a knock at the door.  It was Special Branch Police:  “If you send any more e-mails, we will have to come & take your computer away.  We have authority under European Regulations”.  Ten days later came the second attack by ‘Gestapo Police’ – see below).                                                                               

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5)     20th July 2000, eleven months after the first attack, there came another, the only difference being that this time they were armed with a bogus ‘Possession Order’.  To obtain this there had been crude & blatant falsification of a court document (it can be seen).  This time they DID smash into my home & gave me a brutal kicking which put me in hospital on intravenous antibiotics.  SEE EXHIBIT ‘A’.

6)     To cover this up there was a malicious prosecution - for a non-existent, repeat NON-EXISTENT ‘crime’.  Instead of my attackers, I was the one in the dock at a grotesque ‘trial’, my witnesses & my evidence banned - AS WERE THE PRESS!  There has been nothing like it since the days of Hanging Judge Jeffreys, or the Spanish Inquisition.  Blatant provable perjury was committed, by police & others – including the judge!  There has been a nation-wide cover-up of the crimes listed above.  

7)     The story of happenings during the years which followed is told elsewhere. Suffice to say here that police persecution ceased until 2007, when it started again.  Some was comparatively minor, some was NOT, but together they form a disturbing pattern.      

8)     11th November 2007 (Armistice Day): I went to the War Memorial in Bradford, & joined the many people waiting for the official procession to arrive. Wearing my World War II medals, & the White Beret of the Arctic Russian Convoys, I sat on my shopping trolley seat, & offered White Poppies (an emblem of peace), along with my own leaflet.  Two policemen came & stood close by, but said nothing.  I spoke to the eldest, PC 8689 Alan Ramsden: He told me that I had been seen on CCTV, & that they had been ordered to stand near me in case I was attacked.  I expressed astonishment, but PC Ramsden said they thought it possible. 

9)     I suspect that the purpose was NOT to ‘protect’ me, but to arrest me if I raised my voice in opposition to the illegal wars now taking place.  Actually, I had no intention of doing more than offer the white poppies, & speaking to anyone expressing interest.  A handful of people did so.   My interpretation of police intentions may or may not have been correct, but there was no ‘incident’ to test this.   

10)            25th January 2008:  I received a surprise ‘visit’ from two CID officers from Wakefield (DCs Cockerham & Potter).  They entered the Sheltered Housing complex where I live as trespassers, & obtained entry to my home by deception, claiming they were calling about a complaint I had made.  Having invited them in, it turned out that they were NOT calling about my complaint, but to interrogate me as a suspect for sending a malicious message to the Chief Executive Officer of WY Police Authority!  They did ‘eliminate me from their enquiries’, but it appears that anyone who makes a complaint against the police immediately becomes a suspect for any unsolved crimes.  Or is it only me?

11)            29th January 2008: I wrote to Chief Superintendent Doherty Lawcroft House Police Station, Lilycroft Road, BRADFORDBD9 5AH about what I emphasised was a minor matter.  Minor or not, there was not even acknowledgement. 

12)            19th February 2008 I attended a ‘Neighbourhood Forum’ at Carlisle Business Centre.  Justices of the Peace Vincent Dore & Phil Brown each told of their duties, & invited questions.  I asked a rather awkward question (as is my wont!) which they had difficulty in answering.  Woman Police Sergeant Jo Beecroft (5587) was present, & asked if I was the person who had written to her.  I told her that I had written to the Chief Superintendent, & she said “Well, it has landed on my desk”. 

13)            I expressed disappointment that she had not replied, & she said that she would do so (she never has).  She then came over to me & said, “Let’s discuss this outside”, much the same as an aggressive bully in a pub.  I declined the ‘invitation’ & protested that the meeting was supposed to be an Open Forum, for all to hear.  I made the point that her conduct was that of a Police State.  I WISH IT WAS” said she.  What a terrible reflection on the calibre of those attracted to join our police.   

14)            1st May 2008, campaigning as a candidate at the local election, in much the same way as other candidates, I was assaulted, unlawfully arrested & unlawfully imprisoned by W.Yorks Police.  They specifically stated that they were acting on orders from ‘higher up’, & the orders were that I was to be held ‘until voting had ended’, when I was released without charge.  Whatever about the crime against me, this was serious electoral crime, much like that of which MPs & the News Media scream ‘OUTRAGE’ when it happens in Zimbabwe. 

15)              On 1st August 2008 I was one of five people called as witnesses to an Employment Disciplinary Hearing.  One of those in charge, Joanne Whiteley rang the police & told them (wrongly) that there was a ‘disturbance’.   PC1293 Carl Trutwein & PC5452 Nicholas Richardson arrived & found five men sitting in the foyer as quiet as little mice.  Seeing there was NO ‘disturbance’ they should have left, but instead went into secret conference with Whiteley, then homed in on me alone, & dragged me brutally to their car, crying out in pain from the abuse to my arthritic spine & joints. 

16)            Once in the car PC Richardson said “I am ‘de-arresting’ you now, & can take you to the Nick, or take you home, but if you don’t stop complaining, I WILL take you to the Nick”.  They professed their humanity & assured me that no W.Yorks police officer would assault a pensioner (I knew differently!)  The intellect of Richardson was shown when he said that the Stockwell Tube shooting of Jean Paul Menezes never happened, but was a story invented by the Press!   

17)            Having expressed an interest in becoming an independent member of West Yorkshire Police Authority I received an invitation to attend an ‘Event’ at the Bankfield Hotel in Bingley on Tuesday 16th September 2008.  The invitation said, “The event will be an interesting evening from (sic) which all participants will be able to share their views to tackle important issues”.  I looked forward to it, & hoped to raise ‘important issues’.

18)            The programme stated that comments & questions were invited, & one of the ‘top table’ expressed the hope that there would be lively response from those present.      

19)            For half an hour or so there was a ‘Presentation’ of platitudes & propaganda, & then a ‘group session’ at each table of 8 or 9 people.  This lasted for an hour or so.  Each group was presided over by some official person whose function was to come up with one very brief comment on which all agreed.  (I now understand that this is known as the ‘Delphi Technique).  It was more akin to kindergarten than a forum for serious debate. 

20)            When the time came for ‘Comments & Questions’, I was the third person to put my hand up.  My comments were intended to be a preface to my question.  After 30 seconds – literally – one of the top table ordered me to stop, & said “Will you ask your question please”.  Fortunately, I was using a recording machine (openly), & thus able to be precise about timing & words.  A transcript of the recording will be available.  

21)            I cut short my comment, did as ordered, & asked my question.  Why do the WYPA not only turn a blind eye to brutal crime by West Yorkshire Police, but cover it up?   (I had with me cast iron evidence of such crimes).   The top table refused to address the question at all (not even to deny it), & quickly tried to silence me by ordering me to sit down, & asking, “Next Question Please”. 

22)            They were concerned only to silence me & made no attempt to answer my question, which I submit was infinitely more important than anything else heard that evening.  I said I would sit down immediately if they answered my question, or at least showed some concern.  They did neither, but in most sinister fashion invited me to ‘discuss this outside’ (just as had Sergeant Beecroft).  They were determined that the gullible people in this (supposedly) ‘open forum’ would not hear more from me. 

23)            One young thug had already made as though to attack me, so I declined the invitation, remained standing & quite properly repeated the question, demanding an answer before others were asked.  Fortunately, I have a strong voice.  They will of course claim I was disruptive, but it was they who caused the disruption by refusing to answer my legitimate question.  Even to have denied my allegation would have been something, but they did not even do that. 

24)            Mark Burns-Williamson, Chairman of the WYPA was most offensive to me.  Terrified to address my question he chose to suspend the meeting, then to end it.  It could be said that I had achieved a small degree of success.  At least there were no more weasel words from those who so abused their power.  I did hand photographic evidence of police crime to Burns-Williamson & another man from the top table, but have heard not a word since. 

25)            It is worrying that not one of the 60 or 70 people present supported my request that my question should be addressed.  Afterwards I learned that one person who had registered for the Event, & would have supported me, was ‘visited’ by the police the evening before, & was so traumatised that he did not dare attend.  Could there have been others? 

26)            There have been several other minor incidents which, being minor, are not included here, but they do add to the pattern of victimisation & persecution. 

27)            Please do not tell me to use some ‘Complaints Procedure’.  ALL such ‘Procedures’ are designed, not to provide a remedy, but to send the victim running around in circles until s/he collapses from exhaustion, or gives up in disgust.                          From World War II Veteran Norman Scarth.
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Needless to say, my email was contemptuously ignored by Sir Ronnie, so on 12 December 2008 I sent a hard copy, with a little bribe, & an additional paragraph saying, “Sir Ronnie:  You have contemptuously ignored my email, without even acknowledgement.  Much belatedly I have come to realise that one gets nothing from government departments these days without payment of some kind.  With only my Old Age pension, I cannot hope to match the 6 & 7 figure sums of the ‘£s for Peerages’, but hope you will feel ’It’s the thought that counts’, & use the £10 note attached to buy a little present for yourself, your spouse, or children”.  Upright man that he is, Sir Ronnie refused the bribe, & his staff officer sent it back to me, ‘explaining’ that the Chief Inspector of Constabulary did not deal with matters such as I complained of  (it appears his only function is to inspect the shininess of boots & buttons).  The Staff Officer said that I should ‘use the Complaints Procedure’!
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12. In paragraph 6 of the letter to Sir Ronnie, I wrote, “The story of happenings during the years which followed (the malicious prosecution for a non-existent crime) is told elsewhere”.  TIME TO TELL IT NOW!

13. Having banned the Press from the grotesque trial, His Honour Judge David Ronald Bentley was able to indulge his hatred of the L.I.P. (L.I.P. only because my crooked lawyer abandoned me 5 minutes after the start of the ‘trial’). I asked for an adjournment to enable me to find another lawyer, or to prepare my own defence. 

14. He refused to allow me even 5 minutes adjournment, but said, “Get on with it”.  On three occasions when I tried to protest at Bentley’s gross misconduct he had me brutally thrown back down the cells.  As said, he also banned my evidence & my witnesses, then himself fed monstrous lies to the (specially selected?) jury to get the guilty verdict he wanted.  .      

15. Others who had done as I was supposed to have done would have been given Probation, Community Service, a Suspended Sentence or similar.  For me, for a first ‘offence’, at the age of 75, by a World War II ‘Hero’ (as others have called me), he imposed a sentence to ensure I died in prison – silenced forever!  Six years in prison, plus four years on Extended Licence.  Before sentencing he said, “YOU ARE A VERY DANGEROUS MAN”. 

16. He was absolutely right of course:  I was indeed a very dangerous man.  The question is, a danger to whom, & in what way?  I was a danger to Judge Bentley & his chums, the rotten apples in the judiciary – NOT  because I have guns or bombs -  but because I have masses of evidence of ‘FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM’ (vide Boateng’).  This could not happen without the connivance of those like Bentley.  Only once or twice a century is a rotten apple removed.  

17. My observations on Judge Bentley are not without support.  In a letter to me dated 24th November 2001, barrister Mark Barlow of Manchester wrote, “Knowing what HHJ Bentley is like, I was concerned to hear of your plight”.  It could be interesting if Mr. Barlow were to tell us just WHAT  Judge Bentley is like!  Unfortunately, Barlow knew which side his bread was buttered, & turned traitor when it came to the point.  He hi-jacked my own cast-iron appeal, dropped it, & was himself responsible for me being carted off to a lunatic asylum.

18. Well, in spite of physical brutality & mental torture in a succession of different prisons, I did NOT die.  (BTW, they are NOT ‘Holiday Camps, as the ‘News Media’ would have you believe).  On 25th April 2005, having served two thirds of the six year prison sentence, I had ‘paid my debt to society’ & was due to walk out of prison, a free man. 

19. Instead, aged almost 80, weighing 8 stone, with spondulosis, congenital fusion & arthritis of the spine,  in double handcuffs, escorted  by three sadistic screws & a ‘nurse’, I was UNLAWFULLY carted off to a lunatic asylum.  Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn described such treatment as ‘Worse Than The Gas Chambers’.  IT IS HAPPENING IN BRITAIN – NOW!            See EXHIBIT ‘B’.

20. I was NOT  a ‘patient’ (neither needing nor receiving any treatment whatsoever), but a captive, just as Terry Waite, John McCarthy & Brian Keenan in Beirut, Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, Ken Bigley & Margaret Hassan in Iraq.  The captors of the first three had mercy enough to release them after five years.  The last three were killed. 

21. I never expected to be allowed out alive while my mental faculties remained intact, constantly in fear of forcible injections to turn me into a Zombie.  Fortunately the few honest nurses (many are just jailers) refused to be party to such depravity, & I escaped the fate of Andy McCardle.  See EXHIBIT ‘C’ for what COULD have happened to me. 

22. After about a year in a hell-hole Gulag known as Newton Lodge ‘Hospital’, Wakefield, & a period in the slightly better Lynfield Mount in Bradford, I was fortunate to come under the control of psychiatrist Dr. Paul Beavan. 

23. Knowing that I am completely sane (a score or more nurses & doctors can be called to verify this), he was in a quandary: He would have liked to release me immediately, but did not dare rock the boat.  To resolve this quandary, he ordered a period of ‘re-settlement’ (quite unnecessary, but it looked right)  & then released me as soon as he could do so safely    safely that is for his own career – not because I am no longer a ‘danger to the public’. 

24. Most people will say that the Nazi Gas Chambers were the ultimate in State Crime.  Could there be anything worse?  Yes, according to Solzhenitsyn.  (See EXHIBITS ‘B’ & ‘C’, again).  Could such a practice be happening in a country which pretends to be a ‘Democracy’?  Yes, such practices ARE happening in BRITAIN NOW!

25.  In my efforts to have the incarceration of sane people in lunatic asylums declared unlawful, I have been obstructed by many judges, up to Lady Justice Arden in the Court of Appeal, who has even refused an oral hearing, a gross violation of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, & the 1998 Human Rights Act. 

26. Unbelievably, ALL the Departments of State – including the Judiciary (see above paragraph) –  & ALL our MPs are determined that this diabolical State Crime will continue to be available as a weapon against ‘dissidents’ & whistle-blowers, just as in Stalinist Russia.  Our so-called ‘watchdogs’, (ALL of them puppets of The State), are determined the public will know nothing of this. 

27. Lord Denning was rated by some as the finest judge of the 20th Century.  In his book ‘WHAT NEXT IN THE LAW’ he wrote about ‘Abuse of Power’.  “Whoever may be guilty of abuse of power, be it Government, State, Employer, Trade Union or whoever, the law must provide a speedy remedy.  Otherwise the victims will find their own remedy.  There will be anarchy.”  A most important warning to the nation, but it has been ignored.  In consequence, anarchy is increasing daily. 

28. In the 1930s (I think) Lord Chief Justice Hewart said, “ His Majesty’s judges are satisfied with the almost universal admiration in which they are held”.  Whether it was true then I know not.  It is certainly NOT  true now.  Bentley, Barlow, Arden & their chums are responsible for the low opinion in which the profession is now held, in spite of the constant self praise - & a ‘News Media’ which leads the populace in worshipping them!      .      

29. It is no disgrace to be in prison.  Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) said; “In a State which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also in prison”.  I am proud that God, or Fate, (or whoever) directed my tiny feet to follow in the giant footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, the Suffragettes, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Pastor Martin Neimuller, Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov, Vladimir Bukovsky, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Ken Sara Wiwa, Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, Fred Hill, Kevin Callan & a great many others, some who survived, many who did not.     

30. Well, against all the odds, I am still here, STILL doing my best to restore a vestige of Democracy (& Law) to Britain, the land of which I was so proud for so long: trying to stop all those who gave their lives in World War II from turning in their graves, as they surely must be doing now.

Re. the unlawful arrest, incarceration & electoral crime on 1st May 2008.  I submit that the attempts since then to cover that up, by the police, the Second Defendant, his solicitor & barrister, have also been unlawful, as to a lesser degree have been the actions of the First Respondent & his legal team.  I also submit that the FAILURE  to act by the Electoral Commission is also unlawful. 

Note:  There are two sets of paragraph numbers, e.g. ‘1’ for the main document;  ‘1)’ for the letter to Sir Ronnie Flanagan which is inserted within the main document.                            ( 5.082 words).

The facts in this WITNESS STATEMENT are true to the best of my knowledge, belief, & recollection.    Signed:                                                                           Friday 30th January 2009

Norman Scarth, 36 Anvil Court, BRADFORDBD8 7QW.  
T: 01274 541 213.  M: 0779 435 8691.   Email:
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Cc       The Rt. Hon Mr. Justice Collins, C/o The Election Petition Office, Room E08, Queen’s Bench Division, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, LONDON WC2A 2LL.

Steel & Shamash, 12 Baylis Road, Waterloo, LONDON SE1 7AA, solicitors for the First Respondent, Mohammed Amin.

Sarah Bell, Senior Solicitor, Corporate Law Team, City Hall, BRADFORD BD1 1HY, solicitor for the Second Respondent, Anthony J. Reeves.

Mr. Keir Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions,
50 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7EX
Tel: 020 7796 8000









In the Matter of the Representation of the People Act, 1983

And in the Matter of a Local Government Election for Manningham Ward of Bradford Metropolitan District Council held on the          1st day of May 2008

Petitioner Norman Scarth, First Respondent: Mohammad Amin, Second Respondent Anthony J. Reeves


Re. The Hearing of the Above Petition listed to start on 6th May 2009


1.     This document is from the Petitioner, & questions the legality of the hearing as above, with mention also of Contempt of Court by West Yorkshire Police, Commissioner Mawrey turning a blind eye, & thus condoning it.

2.     Britain purports to be a ‘Democracy’, with ‘Human Rights’ & the ‘Rule of Law’,   Sadly, we have none of them.  The gradual disappearance over the last 50 years speeded up rapidly under what could be described as the BlairBrownCameron Regime (War Criminals abroad [which the people know about], torturers & murderers at home [which they don’t].)           

3.     Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights (& of our own 1998 Human Rights Act) says that “In the Determination of his Civil Rights & Responsibility ... everyone is entitled to a Fair & Public Hearing, before an Independent & Impartial Tribunal”.  In no way does this hearing fulfil those requirements. 

4.     Though the conduct of the Respondents is reprehensible, the main culprits in this matter are West Yorkshire Police, who are of course Agents of The State.   Commissioner Mawrey has himself been appointed by, & is being paid by The State, & thus cannot possibly be seen to be ‘Independent & Impartial’.  One might be inclined to accept that he would at least try to fulfil those requirements, but his conduct so far suggests otherwise. 

5.     In his Order dated 25 March 2009 Commissioner Mawrey required that WY Police should, “disclose ... the names of the police officers who attended ... on the afternoon of 1 May 2008 ... & to state when & by whom the decision to arrest Mr. Scarth was taken”.  WY Police did in fact give the names of three constables, but there were at least five, one of them a sergeant. 

6.     They also contemptuously ignored the Order to “state when & by whom the decision to arrest Mr. Scarth was taken”.  I informed the Commissioner of this, & asked that he take the necessary steps to enforce his Order.  I also informed him that WY Police had said that PC 4631 Goss, one of the three constables named, had not made a pocket book entry, that he had made a statement, but they were not prepared to disclose this without a further Order from Commissioner Mawrey.  This is highly suspicious, & suggests that WY Police are most anxious to protect the ‘High Up’ person who gave the order! 

7.     An email from Commissioner Mawrey dated 15th April 2009 said, “I have received Mr. Scarth’s document.  I do not propose at this stage to make any further Order” (neither for the name of the person who ordered my arrest, nor to disclose the content of a Statement which we must assume could be VERY illuminating!)  This is most blatant contempt of court by WY Police, yet Commissioner Mawrey accepts it without a murmur. 

8.     It is another example of how the police are allowed to get away with anything, up to & including murder, of which there have been far too many recent examples.      

9.     Re. The claim by the Second Respondent that the election should not be voided because the conduct of WY Police did not affect the result.  A ruling by Lord Denning MR said that this was irrelevant.  I DID find a copy of the ruling, but unfortunately made a note only of the page number (74), without the source, & am unable to find it again.  The lawyers for the two Respondents being SERVANTS OF THE COURT, their function to assist the court, I ask that they should find this, & provide copies. 

10. Apart from this, it is blindingly obvious that those who would stoop to Zimbabwean treatment such as inflicted on me would have no compunction at interfering with the ballot papers.  Indeed, Commissioner Mawrey himself said that electoral cheating in Birmingham“was not the work of a few hotheads”, “confined to two wards”, “but was a tactic Labour used across the city”.  He said there was evidence of “massive, systematic& organised fraud”, that had made a “mockery” of the election, & that the system was “hopelessly insecure”. 

11. He also criticised Birmingham Police for their handling of allegations of electoral fraud.   All in all he said “It would have been a disgrace to a Banana Republic”.    Can we believe that it is only in Birmingham where Labour ‘activists’ indulge in such practices?     

12. I have already referred to Section 139 (4) of the 1983 Representation of the Peoples Act, which says “On the trial of a Petition, ... any charge of a corrupt practice may be gone into, & evidence in relation to it received before any proof has been given of agency on behalf of any candidate in respect of the corrupt practice.  In relation to an election in England & Wales under the Local Government Act, this subsection applies as if corrupt practices included illegal practices”. 

13.                        I have already mentioned ‘Obstructing/Perverting the Course of Justice’ and/or ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ by WY Police.  In addition I refer you to the ‘Protection from Harassment Act 1997, which says, inter alia: s1 Prohibition of harassment.  (1) A person must not pursue a course of conduct – (a) which amounts to harassment of another (b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.” 

14. S2 says “(1) A person who pursues a course of conduct in breach of section 1 is guilty of an offence.   (2)  A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, or both.” 

15. In Dytham (Regina v) [1979] (2 QB. 722, 69 Cr.App.R. 387) the Appeal Court ruled that having knowledge of serious crime taking place, & turning a blind eye was ITSELF serious crime.

16. Which brings me to the ruling in Nixon vs Loundes [1909] 2, Ir.R. 1,  Q.B.D. which says, “If, in the course of a civil action, the suspicion of crime comes to light, the civil action must be adjourned until the criminal matter has been investigated”.  NOTE:  The ruling says specifically ‘the SUSPICION of crime’.  I regret that I do not have easy access to a law library (or the strength to go seeking one), & ask that the lawyers for the Respondents shall produce photo copies of that ruling. 

17. How can all the above matters be resolved?  The only way in which anything resembling a ‘FAIR HEARING’ could take place would be before a jury, in a court presided over by someone other than an appointee of the BritishState. 

18. It would also obviously be desirable that the Petition hearing should be adjourned, & the criminal matters investigated, but there is a problem.  The Second Respondent & his lawyers have already ‘abused & mis-used the process of law’ trying to block the Petition - obviously to prevent the truth coming out.   In doing so they have caused great delay, knowing that at my age of 83, a heart attack, a stroke, enfeeblement, exhaustion or my demise cannot be far away.  They haven’t happened yet, but every extra day makes one or other more likely, the criminals then getting away Scot Free. 

19. That being so, I have no option but to allow the hearing to go forward as listed, but emphasise the point that it does NOT comply with the requirements of Article 6, hoping that Commissioner Mawrey will allow the truth about Police State Britain to come out, rather than cover it up..   

20. I note that in his message of 7th April 2009, Commissioner Mawrey says, “... unless the trial takes some unexpected turning ...”, but have no idea what ‘unexpected turning’ he envisages.  The only hope (not for me, but for the nation) is that the Commissioner will have a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment, put aside his professional dislike of the Litigant In Person, find his conscience & his courage, abide by his Judicial Oath, & let the nation know that behind a facade of ‘Democracy’, Britain is a totalitarian Police State (a Banana Republic?) where oppression, intimidation, terrorism, torture & murder are used to silence ‘dissidents’. 

21. That is my hope, but my fear is that Commissioner Mawrey will comply with the unspoken requirements of those who rule us, & ensure that all these things remain covered up.  We shall see.                                      


Norman Scarth,   Petitioner

Wednesday 29th April 2009

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