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David Cameron, The man of the people :



Born Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield, she is the eldest daughter of Sir Reginald Adrian Berkley Sheffield, 8th Baronet, a landowner and three times a descendant from King Charles ll of England, by his first marriage to Annabel Lucy Veronica Jones. Samantha's parents split up after five years of marriage and her mother married again, to William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor, a minister in John Major’s government, and she is now the Viscountess Astor.


On the other hand David Cameron's father’s family had a very long history in the world of finance: David Cameron's great-grandfather Arthur Francis Levita of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers and his great-great-grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron, London head of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank played key roles in discussions led by the Rothschilds with the Japanese central banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo concerning the selling of war bonds during the Russo-Japanese war.


His great-grandfather Ewen Allan Cameron, a senior partner with Panmure Gordon stockbrokers was also a notable figure in the financial world serving on the Council for Foreign Bondholders and the Committee for Chinese Bondholders set up by the then Governor of The Bank of England Montagu Norman in November, 1935.


Cameron is a direct descendant of King William IV (4th great-grandfather) and his mistress Dorothea Jordan (and thus 5th cousin, twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II) through his father's maternal grandmother Stephanie Levita.'


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The New Mayor of London Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

Boris Johnson is a direct descendent of King George II


His father Stanley Johnson :
Stanley Patrick Johnson
(born 18 August 1940 in Cornwall) is a British politician and author, and a noted expert on environmental and population issues [1]. He was a Conservative MEP from 1979 to 1984 and is former employee of the World Bank and the European Commission
On his father's side Johnson is great-grandson of Ali Kemal Bey, a liberal Turkish journalist and the interior minister in the government of Damat Ferid Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, who was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence.[5] During World War I, Boris's grandfather and great aunt were recognised as British subjects and took their grandmother's maiden name of Johnson. In reference to his cosmopolitan ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a "one-man melting pot" — with a combination of Muslims, Jews and Christians comprising his great-grandparentage. His father's maternal grandmother, Marie Louise de Pfeffel, was a descendent of Prince Paul of Württemberg through his relationship with a German actress. Through Prince Paul, Johnson is a descendent of King George II of Great Britain
, and through George's great-great-great grandfather King James I of England, a descendent of all the previous British royal houses.

Boris's grandfather and great aunt were recognised as British subjects and took their grandmother's maiden name of Johnson. In reference to his cosmopolitan ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a "one-man melting pot" - with a combination of Muslims, Jews and Christians comprising his great-grandparentage.

The Major of the Zion admitting he is a melting pot of all religions? Mmm… one world religion
2012 maybe?

What about Boris sister Rachel?

Johnson is the daughter of former Conservative MEP Stanley Johnson and artist Charlotte Johnson Wahl (née Fawcett), and the younger sister of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. She was educated at WinsfordFirstSchool, Primrose Hill Primary, the European School
in Brussels, Ashdown HouseSchool, Bryanston School and St Paul's Girls' School. In 1984 she went up to NewCollege, Oxford to read Classics. She also edited Isis, the Oxford University student magazine.
In 1989 she joined the staff of the Financial Times, becoming the first female graduate trainee at the paper. She moved to the BBC in 1994, and then turned freelance in 1996. She has written weekly columns for the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Telegraph, the Evening Standard and other regular columns for Easy Living magazine and the Financial Times. She is a contributing editor of The Spectator and contributes a weekly column to The Sunday Times.


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                                                                                                  MARTIAL LAW DRILL



                         WHICH THEN GIVE YOU DEATH


Here is the play, which was announced the day after Lord Lyons special court, November 7 2006, then played out terrorising the UK populations over the 2007 Candlemass Quarter by the government and all the masonic organisations getting very excited about Bird Flu. I documented the scam as it was played out on TV land. The message for America...wake up and see the reality of this bollocks, before you get the killer vaccination.

                                                               Taken from my work titled : Phase XIV :


H5N1 better known as Bird Flu.


Tuesday 7th November 06.

Here we go the game commences, the horizon programme lengthened to one and a half hours dedicated to terrifying you to death about the bullshit that is Newcastle Disease, or as they have named this new monster “BIRD FLUE”. First I will begin with the numerological significance or signature.

 This day the sun number breaks down to 5, the moon number breaks down to 8, we therefore have the culminative number 13, adding the five and the eight =13, that’s the Illuminati’s signature for initiates. Second point for initiates, is that this programme follows the 6th of November which esoterically is a very important ritual date, named: Lord Lyons Special Court.

What this programme has actually done for my work is show you how they are preparing you for the operations  I have offered information to how FEMA operated during hurricane Andrew in America in 1992, which is existent in various forms within each nation to be put into affect here and across the globe. They spoke of the refrigerated trucks to deal with the bodies. They showed you how they will use the military to cordon off areas they say are contaminated. This is one hundred percent preparation within your minds to except this FEMA type behaviour in this country, so it follows we are nearing the first outbreak in this nation. They spoke absolute nonsense relative to the genetic mutation of the avian flu to give the idea its understanding is beyond normal medical personnel and that we all must believe the experts within this programme. They then gave in depth information relative to the symptoms we should expect which of course were horrendous. What I will state is, to undergo chemical and biological warfare education the symptoms they in this programme were offering, where identical to certain chemical agents used by the military. Chemicals that can be administered to populations via food, water and through the mains gas pipe network directly into your homes. This is the most frightening aspect to this programme for me, in that they could administer these chemical agents into certain parts of the nation, and then blame it on bird flu. This would then give them the opportunity to close down this nation under the emergency powers and this nation would become totally militarised in a couple of days.

They then went through a “who would be eligible for the vaccine” scenario. This is to create demand through fear that the government ensure there is enough vaccine for all, and that they are trying to manipulate you all to start scrambling for the vaccine named Tamiflu. So the first stage of this agenda is to drive the vaccine programme, while also paving the way for the introduction of the FEMA style operations in our case Defra. The programme then ended with a website address for all who have sucked into the fear to gain more information, then, they offered a phone line number for all who are worried to, “call in confidence.” Both these were offered with the narrators voice in the “extremely worried type tone.” Anyone who has studied the art of marketing can see that the agenda with the web site and phone number are to gain information relative to how many people are falling for this manipulation which will give the elite an idea how far off they are in implementing this whole agenda into practise. The fact that the phone number is open 7 days a week, this testing of the water so to speak, is to be continuous. This means they are to continue the fear and mantra type indoctrination of the BIRD FLUE agenda using the web site and phone numbers to guide them to when this manipulation and agenda can safely be implemented, they are their guides.

If you can see this, then for you the deception and thus fear will be broken, do not fall for this one at all costs.



Monday 20th November 06, we again have an, ‘Official Scientist’, Sir John Skehl, terrifying you all once again about the bird flue with the call ‘the government aren’t ready you know’, this is to try to get you all to push for the vaccine in order you are all excited about this scam.


 The figures at 20th November 2006 are:


56 deaths in Indonesia

4 in Turkey

153 deaths worldwide since 2003.


Of course we have to take these figures on trust from the very people and organisations that are desperate to have you all vaccinated for the winter!

What you all must remember is that the autumn is the beginning of the Christian Ecclesiastical year, or put more bluntly, the start of the Christian esoteric or occult year. We have been bombarded with fears and worries through topics they wish to legislate into reality in 2007, and so as the autumn begins in 2006 they begin to give out the game plan, in fact it began at the end of August. All topics they release during the autumn are to gain momentum during the winter and in the spring they become activated, whilst during the summer of 2007 they will hopefully have all machinations began this autumn playing themselves out like a violin, and of course the harvest or Autumn of 2007, whilst setting out the next years manipulations, they reap the profits or fruits of their game and re-group for the next adventure, which of course have been planned for a long time. Once you understand the year in these terms you need not be a prophet at all. It is like reading the annual business forecast of any company for the year to come. The spring story is how they prevent most of you fully grasping this knowledge, in that you believe it to be the start of the year so to speak, it is not, Autumn is the start of the Christian esoteric year. Spring is the start of nature’s outward cycle.


In 1991 on a Bernard Mathews farm in Norfolk the disease H5N1 was discovered. It affected only one shed. Not a sign of this outbreak was covered in the press or on TV and it was dealt with without a problem as are any such problems in times before the Illuminati decided to incorporate this common disease as it is found among intensive farmed poultry, into their New World Order agenda.

Now in this time, there is a massive difference in the response of the Illuminati across the world to this very same virus which has a direct link to the contingency act brought in by Blair relating wholly to the Emergency Powers which on the say of any one Minister will bring this nation to a complete standstill overriding all our democratic law. The other aspect to this act was thrown out of the Lords but Brown is going to ensure it comes back  it is called the Legislative and Regulatory Act which will completely demolish all laws and rulings we know as democracy. I will catalogue this latest outbreak as it happens see if you can understand the difference between the 1991 outbreak as I attempt to help you see why.



Candlemas Quarter

2nd February 2007 New Moon 16.14pm

Moons New Year


Here we go, there was obviously enough of the population shitting itself and using the phone line numbers and the internet sites given out on November 7th 2006, and:

 On the Newsnight programme on BBC2 they briefly announced that a Suffolk farm at Holton had a problem with over a thousand Turkeys. That they where being inspected for signs of a new strain of avian bird flue. Then something very odd indeed. The newsreader then said there would be an announcement at midnight.

To anyone versed in the occult, the 2nd of February is one of the quarter days. Its name is Candlemas. It is a very important ritual season. The midnight announcement is very significant as the peak of the ritual. While I was under the manipulations of the darker element of the elite, this quarter day brought some of the worst events before me, it is very important to these people, as is the following Monday to each quarter day,  known as Frith. These are days of openness between the dimensions and are thus powerful days for ritual and manipulation. This is very Illuminati. Interestingly this aspect to the bird flu scam was played out in France, again in February, but during 2006. Touch down in Britain was in April 2006; with the Swan. Esoterically we are dealing with a ritual carrying through the quarters for maximum affect. Not forgetting the massive ritual sacrifice of all the birds over this quarter. This culling also helps the patents to the new genetically altered genetic streams of poultry, all patented to the Crown bio-tech companies with which they intend to replace all current stock, also the death of the birds strengthens the satanic aspect to this scam as the blood offering.


 3rd February 2007.

 We awaken to the news 2.600 turkeys affected by the flu are dead. This is happening at the highly suspect company, Bernard Mathews. The outbreak took hold in one of the 22 sheds on the site. They are still testing to see if what is the H5 virus has changed into the H5NI which is the strain they claim that can affect humans.

Take note, Britain is the 13thEuropean Country to get the virus.

On this morning, News 24 interviewed Professor Hugh Pennington, a microbiologist who stated the danger is slight in that it is mainly children who have died in the world from the flu, and that they lived with their animals and would thus be cuddling the animals. DEFRA using the European strategy has created a 3 mile protection zone around the site, and a 10 mile observation protection zone. They also stated people movement will not be affected. This is the news up to 10.30am on 3rd February 2007.


11.05 am 3rd February 2007.

 Via the European Commission they announce that the strain of virus is the dreaded H5N1. This announcement came from the EU labs at Weighbridge in Surrey.

Poultry owners are being told to keep their birds inside and cover the bird’s food.

We can see the fear being promoted and the implementation of the control orders from this point.

The control centre for all agencies involved in this event is at Bury StEdmonds. The next phase of this scam they offer targets for the projection of fears, Egypt is mentioned stating there are fears the virus may have come into the farm from stock imported from Egypt, but they fear it is more likely that it came from a wild bird.

They then interviewed Professor John Oxford a virologist. He claimed they at this stage should pause, because this whole site is basically a laboratory and pause for scientific investigation, now, because everything they need to know about this virus can be found on this site, which, he stated, would be highly significant should the outbreak hit the human. He was hinting at the fact that they will just kill all the birds and then be tempted to dispose of the carcass immediately which would destroy a lot of evidence. Does that sound a bit familiar, 911, the FEMA operational response to hurricane Andrew in 1992 and of course the immediate removal of wreckage after the death of Diana? We know nothing outside of what those on the ground on the site tell us is going on, this will be boxed off when all evidence has been incinerated, and we will be at the mercy of the ‘official story’, this story will then play like a mantra across the global media. Of course what the media says is going on now will be as history understands these events, in times before TV, books and newspapers decided histories understanding of events.


11.37 am 3rd February 2007.

They are now testing the virus to see which strain of H5N1 it is. They are to determine whether it is the Asian strain of the virus. They then interview a female virologist and author of a book specifically written with the rules of engagement for humans should the virus hit the human. She stated the immediate available vaccines will be for the medical staff only. She said the vaccine will not destroy the virus but can prevent any complications should a human get the flu. What a load of old crap. This will speed up the fear for people to demand the vaccine.


11.42 am 3rd February 2007.

DEFRA announce it is the H5N1 and revoke the licence for any bird movement, including markets and shows and pigeon racing.

One caller to News 24 asked if the poultry in other parts of the country would be vaccinated against the virus. The government’s deputy chief vet who answered the question said:


 “There are no plans to vaccinate poultry because there are problems with poultry vaccination. One of the problems is that it takes 3 weeks for the vaccine to effect the immune system in the birds.”


 Another expert stated:

 “Vaccination of poultry would only be considered if they failed to contain the virus to each particular site of infection.”


The government’s chief vet stated, “all affected birds were incubated within a UK hatchery, and are 56 days old.” All birds are from within one shed.

The BBC’s main expert was Sir John Skehel, again. He explained the situation thus:

In its current form the virus H5N1 would have to genetically mutate at least three times, before it could pass from human to human. He then stated they have witnessed two of these mutations as it has spread across the world and they are waiting and watching to see if the virus will make this third mutation. He said if a human already suffering from flu was to get the highly pathogenic strain of H5N1, then this final mutation could well take place. So they are waiting and on their say, this flu will become the greatest fear and control situation they have created since the cold war, we will have no way of demanding a second opinion. We need unofficial opinion to make balanced judgments but they do not get air time or entry to the reporting of such events.

European Professor from the European university in Rotterdam claimed that, “as an avian pathogen, this is the first time such a virus has spread so quickly and so far around the globe, we are worried.”


This is Illuminati at work here big time. Experts are offering their fears so they become your fears.  At just the right time perhaps not in this current spectacle, they will announce with a body or sick human, that the third and final mutation has occurred. They will then change the whole climate of this nation using this monumental scam that is ‘bird flu’ and begin to shut down the nation and vaccinate everybody. “It’s in the bloody vaccines people, don’t fall for this one.” They are to carry out this shutdown of nations across Europe, not just in Britain you have to see this.


Around 17 46 pm 3rd February 2007

DEFRA announce the strain is the Asian pathogen H5N1, the same found in Hungary and that found in Asia. This is the highly contagious strain they say.


19 08 pm.

Enter World Health Organisation; with the announcement, ‘Nigeria’ has confirmed their first human death from the H5N1 strain of bird flu.

The remaining 160.000 birds are to be gassed. The bird’s corpses are to be taken to a rendering plant in Staffordshire. Throughout the day all experts were saying ‘people need not worry’. By the late evening they added the word, ‘yet’. Also around this time DEFRA announced a 2000 Km zone around the outbreak after finding the virus to be the Asian strain. You must focus to the size of the zones.


Sunday 4th February 2007

Through the morning things calm down reiterating what we already know. They put focus to the search for how the virus got in the site.

I know miss? The Illuminati put it there!


Monday 5th February 2007 Frith

The government committee met today under the code name, ‘Cobra’, how apt.

David Milliband announced all DEFRA’s operational practices are being carried out promptly.  Japan and Russia ban import of British poultry, followed by Ireland.

They had a female expert on BBC News 24 stating, “Vaccination of the human is the only way to prevent the final mutation”. This being the following Monday to the Candlemas quarter on the 2nd Feb, and is the main message pressed to the populous, the creation of the fear of not having enough vaccine, thus the cry for vaccine will begin to simmer and burst at some point perhaps in the next outbreak. They have created the problem, ‘bird flu,’ coerced the reaction, ‘the vaccine’. On the say of the elite that the third mutation has occurred, the cry for vaccine will be deafening. This up to the time 2.30 pm on the 5th Feb. still the lorries chug along without a sealed top over 200 miles of English countryside. Making a mockery of the 2000 Km Zone.

Towards the end of this day I noticed they are carrying out none- infected birds to the now covered wagons in sealed plastic tubs. What kind of organisation is DEFRA? It foolhardy tips the initial infected birds into canvas covered tipper wagons, which then drive 200 miles… then with the movement of the none- infected birds they use proper plastic sealed containers?

It also showed footage of operatives at the Staffordshire rendering plant with their overhauls round their waste ready to put it back on after their brake, ludicrous.

 Does DEFRA expect to be taken seriously?

This is again proof it is just a scam. The elite are spending as little money on their pantomime as possible, but remember they are learning, we shall not find such mistakes being made the next time.

They also talk about the cause of the outbreak, was it:

Contaminated egg brought on site.

The wild bird scenario.

Brought to site by an employee.


No, no ,no, it was the Illuminati did it guv!


DEFRA around 7pm state all wagons involved in the transportation of the carcass have been approved by DEFRA. Then they say they are not sealed because of the nature of the carcass? Eh! They say they do not want the build up of methane? What a load of bollocks. What is more important, the build up of a miniscule amount of methane or the spreading of a hellish virus (according to ‘Official Scientist’s’), across the wild bird community? Give me strength.

See it for the scam it is.

Having worked in Suffolk I am not surprised this county of good people are being used in this way by the Illuminati. Because of the general easy going nature of the people, and the adding of fluoride into the water, they have become very easy to manipulate. I would cite the events in December 06, the murder of all those ladies and of course the bird flu in Feb 07. I would ask you take my word for it, the fluoride added to the Suffolk water supply was horrendous to the taste. More on which later.



I at this stage I have three major problems with the operation :

The first is the repeat news clip of a tractor tipping the carcases of the initial contaminated 2600 birds to die, into a 20 tonne lorry not in a sealed environment. The plastic curtain which is dragged over the top of the wagon was fixed on the side of the wagon, the tractor was tipping the carcass into; this plastic curtain would have picked up the virus. What we then saw was the truck driver without overall, pulling the curtain over the top of the truck over onto himself. Surely he would be contaminated on his upper body totally. He then got into his cab, and began the drive to Staffordshire.

The second is the fact that ‘none sealed’ Lorries are whisking at speed on the roads all the way to Staffordshire, around 200 miles away. Neither of these facts shows a major panic with this disease, yet they have been scaring the world in preparation for the emergency powers that can be brought to bear in the population with just such an event. There is certainly double speak going on with this scam. Perhaps they will blame this silly move in the future claiming this unsealed transportation infected a wider area? Then say ‘sorry’, but they will as always get away wit it. Towards the evening as many viewers had offered the same complaints, they tried to explain the curtain to the top of the tipper with, “there is a metal sealed cover under the curtain! This is bullshit absolutely.

Thirdly, the first deaths happened on Tuesday 30th January, where was DEFRA and its leading light David Milliband?

They where waiting for the scam to play out over Candlemas on February 2nd, for greater esoteric power.


I would however hope you understand I am coming from the perspective of knowing this whole show to be a farce of the utmost calibre, every single last bit of it. I have put it in this phase to help you to see it ‘too’ on the back of all the information I have now given in relation to the vaccines, and of course the eugenics agenda carried out via the medical establishment on the orders of  the United Nations, World Health Organisation dictating to DEFRA. And above those two tears of control ‘the Club of Rome’. But more importantly, this is an exercise in preparing you the public to allow the elite to cordon off areas of the nation at their discretion. It is to instil the idea of evacuation and control at the given order of the elite via whichever illusory ‘emergency’ they create, and they have ever increasing choices, terrorism, chemical leaks, large fires, and of course the big one, ‘bird flu’. If you look closely at past chemical leaks including last years Hemel Hempstead explosion. You will notice that even in the case of large fires, the police and Fire Brigade love to evacuate larger areas than required. All these seemingly separate events are at high level one operation to ensure the people allow such closing down of very large areas of this nation, without any fuss, we must expose this and make the fuss now.

Also throughout this quarter weekend, all other news has been blocked because of the bird flu coverage: Blair’s second interview with the police in the cash for peerages, Bush threatening Iran, curriculum changes in education, killings in Palestine, changeover to American command in Afghanistan, (I remember when this conflict began we where assured British forces would not be commanded by American’s). Call me suspicious but as they change tactics in Afghanistan and Iraq, there is very little news coverage, all debates are on ‘bird flu’. The week before this, the media was focused to the arrest of nine terror suspects; previous to that the Ipswich murders, which will play again across the media when the time is right to cover international events with the trial. So many domestic issues are being created to blackout international events.

Not forgetting another major agenda with this scam is to further destroy genuine farmers so the land steal can continue in earnest. By the end of the day there are six nations refusing to import British poultry.


6th and 7th February 2007

The red button reports on news 24 operate a double standard form of reporting.

One the one hand they promote fear continuing the third mutation scenario, the fact we are due a pandemic in the world, all people under the age of 40 will have no immunity at all, the elderly will be at high risk and that both these categories of people will require vaccination...


The other side of the reports give hope. They say the fact this disease has spread so far around the world without this third mutation, and the fact that avian flu is so endemic within the wild birds are  positive signs the third mutation will not take place. The H5N1 is and has been endemic amongst the wild birds for ever. The vaccination of poultry could mask the disease and therefore not a viable option. With this information you find differing conclusions relative to the use of vaccines coming from different countries. What must be understood is that this scam is coming out of one operation globally. The contradictory statements are there to confuse the masses to the point that WHO, will manipulate the idea, ‘what have we got to lose we should vaccinate the whole populations and all poultry.

What they are aiming at here is for the populations to give the World Health Organisation (WHO) the power to force this vaccination upon the populations.

They are clearly using ‘Fear and Hope’ to confuse the populations and encourage constant conversations between the populations of the world. When the time arrives for the big move with this agenda all bets will be off, and we will be at the mercy of the WHO’s conclusion and thus dictate. With the fear created since 2003, the populations will be so confused, the WHO will force the agenda playing on the confusion and fear of the populous, and vaccination will be forced.

Fear and hope people see the mechanics.


One must also include the mass slaughter of poultry carried out on the back of such scams. In 2003 in Holland, 30 million chickens where slaughtered. This as stated in previous and the current phase of this work, are to instil the genetically modified livestock, the new patents of course belonging to the elite.

We also have the testing of a vet involved in the bird flue outbreak, he tests negative.

We also have the release of the video relating to the friendly fire incident in Iraq in 2003, they are focusing the media to domestic matters, what are they hiding?


Also on this day we have the third letter bomb sent to motoring organisations, this third sent to the DVLA in Swansea to which a female member of staff was taken to hospital. In the initial report on news 24, they interviewed an ex Anti Terrorist operative who served during the 1970’s IRA letter bomb campaigns. He stressed the need for the police and such organisations involved to not overreact to such incidences in that it feeds the terror aspect to such events and plays into the hands of those who may choose to take such an extreme form of action. He said in the 1970’s the strategy to such events was to evacuate a 360 degree area above and below the room to which the letter bomb was situated. He said the fact the police have evacuated the whole building and surrounding properties in this case is a massive overreaction and plays into the terror aspect of such events. He said it is not the explosion that creates the terror but the fear of the explosion which creates massive disruption, which is the aim of such bombs. So with this evidence what I say about current gradual overreaction to events in general by the forces and agencies involved, is reiterated here.


8th February 2007

News 24 spent almost the whole day reporting on the snow as though we have never seen it before. The elite almost closed down the south of the country with over 800 schools shut down. Why make such a fuss, why all the insane media focus to an inch of snow? Could it have something to do with the continuing news black out on the real important issues relating to Iraq?  And to the purposeful ‘overreaction agenda to all events that happen? Absolutely your honour! They seem to be making massive efforts to report events of none importance to the point of extremism. During the afternoon news 24 interviewed the Birmingham councillor who gave the order for 400 schools to shut in Birmingham. I have never heard such bollocks in my life. He said: “it is essential that with an inch of snow the council ‘protect’ mothers and children from having to travel to school in such conditions”, rubbish. It is all about the shutting down of this nation on the word of the councils who in turn take their orders from invented agencies who believe themselves to be important and protectors of the people. If the powers that be are concerned for our people, bring home our soldiers before the private army of the Illuminati scoop up the best of them and leave Britain with a ‘Dad’s Army’ and a cadet force, not to mention the fact that when conscription begins in Britain there will be no native British youth in this country, the populace will be at the mercy of these immigrant KGB trained Khazar operatives.

One subject of substance that was reported were the remarks of one of the released Muslim terror suspects who claimed Muslims are living in a policed State in Britain. I would go along with that because this is how many Muslims feel, and would re-iterate the words of Reverend Martin Niemoller at the top of this phase.

 A policed State in the first instance for the Muslims, but it will not stop there. Which politician answered the accusation, Jack the Straw member of the Inner Temple who just happens to be the MP in one of the largest Muslim communities in the country, call me a cynic but is this not an attempt to further create hatred in his own back yard?

 This overreaction is by design on all events that would in the past only perhaps get a mention. You never hear good news on the news reports whatever medium the news is reported. Even small crimes are blazoned across the radio and TV to hype the idea we are heading into hell. On the one hand this overreaction ensures all media focus to the event which then prevents more important international and domestic events being given air time. At a higher level of manipulation we have the scenario whereby the police are overloaded. This agenda is creating the path for the call that the military mainly the TA, must be allowed into domestic control, as was done on the back of 911 in America. This then also plays in sync with the bird flu agenda whereby we have closing off of massive parts of this nation which will eventually, to help police such situations, have us accept the military into domestic affairs. See it.

On the Newsnight programme on this day Charles Clarke calls for NHS charging.

We have here another scam as was and is the theft of our council properties. All NHS hospital buildings, all the equipment and all wages for staff are paid for by us the people. The NHS belongs to the people of Britain we cannot allow the elite to steal what is ours and make money out of us twice, in the first instance we pay for it with our National Insurance payments, to make us pay for treatment is the most insane idea I have ever heard. If they wish to go ahead with this first the companies involved would have to buy all buildings and equipment from the people at profit, make that a big profit. Then National Insurance would have to be scrapped. Watch this one.

Of course this could be just another of those un-important issues to take up your thinking time and keep the media happy, but it ain’t.

Late evening news report about another of those government quangos we see for the first time in existence called, Children’s Accident Prevention Scheme.

The report said the government has been attacked for its failure to prevent accidents happening to children. That accidents are in the main more common amongst long term unemployed families.

This is blatantly to instil the busy body freaks into families to cause chaos.

Another of these quangos we hear about for the first time is called, Anton Setchell, Domestic Extremism.

 I wonder if I shall be hearing from this bunch some time in the future?

 So as part of the Candlemas quarter manipulations we can also include the emergence into the public domain of invented organisations to get nosey into peoples lives.

You have got to cease in seeing all this government intervention as ‘nanny state, or big brother’. It is all part of Fascism, why won’t you use this word? Are you so terrified of looking at what is right beneath your nose, that you dare not mention the word, well I will. Fascism, Fascism, Fascism. Ignoring the facts will not make them go away. The elite depend on you not facing the facts, that way they get their way. It’s the hear no speak no speak no see no scenario.


Friday 9th February 2007

So after a three day break on bird flu we now have the next stage in this scam.

It looks like the virus came from Hungary. Worse than that it may have got into the food chain. That’s the decent poultry farmers screwed then, as everyone stops eating poultry. they are so predictable,  Anyway, it could also have got into the wild bird population, this is the very excuse they need to shut down bird reserves and bring in those protection zones around all the countryside, It has always been in the wild bird population.

 All this because that super outfit DEFRA, left carcases outside the sheds, oh dear. Let’s get rid of DEFRA as the Illuminati freak show it is, because all these agencies and quangos are paid for by us. Surely you can see this scam now.

And just to make matters worse, they have found the virus in three other Turkey sheds! What a good job they sealed the ‘un-affected’ carcass’s in their movement to Stafford, even though they did not care for the known contaminated initial 1600 they carted off to Staffordshire un-sealed.

DEFRA is also responsible for the mess that is the farming subsidies which changed from the growth of crops to land lying bare. Margaret Beckett was in charge of DEFRA when it set out payment plans to farmers which as of March 2007 most farmers have yet to receive payments from 2005; this is the SFP Single Farm Payment. This has led to an extra £22 million in interest payments for farmers. This whole mess is going to cost the taxpayers at least £500 million. Beckett is now Foreign Minister, O dear I think we are heading for trouble.

DEFRA has stated that it is not concerned with food security, which for the lay man interprets that they care not whether food within Britain’s food chain comes from Britain or in fact anywhere in the world. So they do not act to ensure that food imported into this country is of the finest quality, so who the hell does?

We then have a vet from the British Vetinary Association, named David Catlow who after we have just been reminded that to vaccine the birds will not work, he states:

“This virus can survive ‘off’ the birds for around 30 days if the conditions are right you know.” Idiot, take a look outside its snowing and freezing they have shut all the schools you dipstick. So you can see them leading to the only solution,

 “All humans must be vaccinated”

And just to cap off the day, we have Israel digging holes and shit, to the side of the third most sacred Mosque in Jerusalem, but as their spokesman said, “This is not an attempt at upsetting the Muslims; this work needs to be done!”

Ooh, that’s okay then.

We know the Israeli satanic government manages to persuade the population of Israel, ‘they are good murderers’, do we as a people who are adamant we are chasing a better civilisation have to follow this insane line too just to keep our peace?

I rest my case your honour.


Saturday 10th February 2007

We have the changeover of Control in Iraq to the American General Petraeus who led the initial invasion; this is the preparation for the second phase military strategy operation in Iraq and the surrounding area, this general is not a peacekeeper he is a full on attack general.


Sunday 11th February 2007

Today we have the release of information that the government allowed Bernard Mathews to continue to import meat from Hungary even though H5N1 had been discovered in Suffolk.  They blamed this on EU rulings that prevented the government from banning it. Why did this EU ruling not stop Ireland from banning imports from Britain then?


Monday February 12th 2007

The EU is to officially announce if the H5N1 virus did in fact come from Hungary within the next 24 hours.

DEFRA blame Bernard Mathews for withholding information relative to export of possible infected meat. This is to tighten up and expand the powers of DEFRA so they can demolish none Illuminati operated farms when the next big catastrophic attack begins on good farmers, given they are almost bankrupt because they have not been paid for 2005 yet?


With Bush accusing Iran of supplying bombs to the Iraqi insurgence a few days ago we have Iran categorically denying supplying weapons to insurgence in Iraq. The plot thickens because in April 2003 Iran offered to stop backing Shia insurgence if America did something to stop MEK. MEK are a group under the protection of America held in camp within Iraq. This group was formed with American CIA backing when the US wanted rid of the Shah of Iran to be replaced by the sick man that was the Ayatollah Khomeini. The MEK operating for the CIA terrorised Iran to bring about the fall of the Shah. Sadam Hussein gave MEK on the orders of America safe haven in Iraq when the Ayatollah turned against the MEK.

Also in 2003 as part of the same offer, Iran’s president Ahmadinejad offered:


Transparency in its nuclear programme

To stop its nuclear programme

Cease to back Hezbollah in Palestine

Full support to help stabilise Iraq.


These offers of obedience where turned down by Colin Powell on the orders of Dick Cheney’s office.

This had to be turned down or Phase II of the Iraq agenda could not get under way which requires the demonising of Iran. The Illuminati need to be in the position to blame Iran to broaden the madness.

America this day called for regime change in Iran as the only possible way of ending the current problems. This is very dangerous talk, just the kind of talk required for commencement of military action against Iran, they will still require a catalyst event so we can expect one in the future.

The President of Iran denied all allegations against his government.


Tuesday 13th February 2007

The Bernard Mathews plant in Suffolk has been given the green light to resume the slaughter and processing of poultry under the EU directives. Birds have been transported into the plant all day.

If I may take you back to the 9th of February, we had the British Veterinary Association representative telling us, “this virus can survive ‘off birds’ for around 30 days if the conditions are right you know.” So who is right? Is it the EU or the British Veterinary Association? And they are not trying to create confusion! We will learn much about this event when we see from whom the compensation will be paid and how much Bernard Mathews gets out of this scam. We can almost certainly conclude Bernard Mathews the company is Illuminati controlled, and with 50 such farms around this country we can see it will be child’s play to infect this nation via this company alone.


Wednesday 14th February 2007

 Today UNICEF release league table information placing Britain at the bottom as a nation in which to bring up children, we also have another shooting of a young boy. This is no coincidence, this is by design. You cannot ignore the Black rap music and culture that has been backed by the biggest music companies which in turn are controlled by the Illuminati, in many cases via Time Warner. Those that suck into this culture are in the main black people, who then follow the lead of these rap stars and try to imitate them. You have all heard of the white rapper M&M and heard his music in the charts and such, what you don’t hear on the radio is his album material which goes on and on about raping and then killing women. You are always going to get idiots who begin to see this type of lyric as the green light to then live in that way. It’s all by design.

We also have W Bush in a live announcement and questions relating to Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Of course he answers none of the important questions relative to Iran and possible military action.

We then have Blair with the Afghanistan President, make an announcement from Downing Street. We have the Afghan leader grovelling at the feet of Blair with great thanks. I wonder what we are being softened for.


Friday 16th February 2007


We then have the bird flue. Both pigeons and crows were eating contaminated meat at the Bernard Mathews farm! Here we go, the proving of the next aspect to the scam, “it’s in the wild birds Doris! And the next phase of this scam begins.

Bernard Mathews has 50 farms throughout Britain; we have not heard the last of the very suspect operation that is Bernard Mathews, suspect as in was it the victim or perpetrator.


It is a joke, it is a scam, but while the human allows the fear to control its being, this bollocks works perfectly, and grandma and granddad, and usually the female in general, run to the doctors for the ‘free’ vaccination, erm, it is not free you are fleeced in tax collection to pay for your own demise.






           So how can we tell those naughty Nazi types



                  have  continued into today...


       Well.... take a look  at these on your left:


On 7 April 2008 I placed this on site in relation to the Gordon Brown's call for a New Financial

World Order, Incidentaly on the politics show Teusday 23 September Ken Livingstone also talked about the New Financial World Order :


 while his enemies close in around him. To quote Iain Dale, you couldn't make it up!
Downing Street denies any swastika similarity. What do you think
The swastika sign was being used as the symbol for Brown's proposed new international body which, inspired by the credit crunch, is heralding a new era of international financial supervision, which would appoint the IMF in a supervisory role over the US Finance Secretary and those of other nations.
Gordon Brown explains :
Speaking at the start of the Progressive Governance conference of centre-left leaders and politicians, Mr Brown said that the old institutions established in the aftermath of World War II were now unable to cope. 

"We now have to reshape our global rules and global institutions for this new era," he said. 

"We are facing a global financial crisis which is probably the first truly global financial crisis of the modern world.
"We have to reform our global financial institutions. It is absolutely clear that the national supervision that we have is inadequate and we need a global agreement."

The prime minister said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) needed complete re-structuring so it could act as an "early warning system" for the international economy.

Remember the IMF is only a mask for the Inner City of London, which is a banking cartel controlled by the House of Windsor with Jacob Rothschild as the public figurehead.







Population Stats 1989: 
                                                                                  Georgians - 239,872 
                                                                                  Abkhazians - 93,267
                                                                                  Russians - 74,913 
                                                                                  Armenians - 76,541
                                                                                  Greeks - 14,664 
                                                                          Total population 525,061

Population 2003:
                                                                                  Georgians - 45,953
                                                                                  Abkhazians - 94,606 
                                                                                  Russians - 23,420
                                                                                  Armenians - 44,870
                                                                                  Greeks - 1,483 
                                                                           Total population 215,972

          A whole raft of folks appear to have been "ethnically cleansed" it certainly was not the Russian backed Abkhazians








I will state right here right now, this use of terrorism legislation against Iceland's monies here in the UK, tells me this move against Iceland is to destroy further Blighties infrastructure look at this :


National Journal, first published: 01/01/09
From Iceland to New York: Globalism, A Gigantic Ponzi Scheme
The National Journal


The EU recommended in a study, published in August 2009, that all European citizens and European Banks should invest with Icelandic banks. The concept was that the Icelandic banks would transfer these funds, grabbed from gullible and deceived Europeans, to Jewish Wall Street Banksters, such as Lehman Brothers and fraudster Madoff. Iceland's banks collapsed only four weeks after the EU had published the Commission's study and investment recommendation. Thousands of people lost their savings and pensions to fraudsters like Richard Fuld from Lehman and Bernie Madoff - via the Iceland concept.


This gigantic fraud was promoted by Israel's Icelandic puppet, president Ólsfur Ragnar Grímsson as "a distinct Icelandic entrepreneurial spirit".

Surprise, surprise, Grímsson is married to Hebrew business magnate Dorrit Moussaeiff.


Dorrit Moussaieff, (born 12 January 1950) is the Israeli-born British-Icelandic First Lady of Iceland, jewellery designer, editor, businesswoman, and socialite.


Early life

Moussaieff was born in Jerusalem, Israel, to a wealthy devout Sephardic-observant Bukharian Jewish family from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, part of the Emirate of Bukhara. The Moussaieff family is part of a long dynasty of jewellers. She is the great granddaughter of Shlomo Moussaieff and her cousins are pianist James Raphael and author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson [1]. It is said that Dorrit's family, the Moussaieffs, wove the robe of Genghis Khan. [2] Her great grandmother, Esther Gaonoff, was from Bukhara but had some Moroccan Jewish ancestry and was the descendant of Yosef Maimon. Her father, Shlomo Moussaieff, is a Bukharian Jew but her mother, Aliza, is an Austrian Jew of Ashkenazi heritage. Moussaieff says, "As far as I'm concerned, the difference between Ashkenazim and Sephardim is that at my first grandmother's place there was good food and at my Ashkenazi grandmother's place the food was bad." [2] Moussaieff was born and raised in

in the Bukharian Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem but when she was thirteen, she and her family moved to London. She suffered from dyslexia and didn't attend ordinary schools but was taught at home. In addition to English and Hebrew, she also speaks German, French, and Icelandic.


So what we have here is the EU attacking Iceland and many councils and organisations within the UK so the EU can weaken the UK infrastructure ready for the transformation into regions under the EU fascist state.


 Here are the councils and other authorities known to have deposits in the collapsed Icelandic bank, Landsbanki or its UK arm Heritable, or in other threatened Icelandic institutions:

Kent County Council - £50 million
Nottingham City Council - £42 million
Norfolk County Council - £32.5 million
Dorset County Council - £28.1 million
Hertfordshire - £28 million
Somerset County Council - £25 million
Northumberland County Council - £23 million
Surrey County Council - £20 million
Hillingdon Council - £20 million
Barnet Council- £27 million
Westminster Council - £17 million
Brent - £15 million
Caerphilly County Council - £15 million.
North Ayrshire - £15 million
Plymouth City Council £13 million
Breckland Council - £12 million
Havering Council - £12.5 million
West Sussex - £12.9 million
Gloucestershire County Council - £12 million
Cheltenham Borough Council - £11 million
Lancashire County Council - £10 million
Cambridge City Council - £9 million
Wakefield - £9 million
West Oxfordshire District Council - £9 million
Wyre Forest District Council - £9 million
Cheshire County Council - £8.5 million
Bassetlaw District Council - £8 million
Bristol City Council - £8 million
Daventry District Council - £8 million
Wiltshire County Council - £8 million
South Lanarkshire Council - £7.5 million
Derwentside District Council - £7 million
North East Lincolnshire Council - £7 million
West Lindsey District Council - £7 million
Cherwell District Council - £6.5 million
Redcar and Cleveland Council - £6 million
Lancaster City Council - £6 million
Canterbury City Council - £6 million
Ceredigion - £5.5 million
North Lincolnshire Council - £ 5.5 million
Sutton Council - £5.5 million
Bromley Borough Council - £5 million
Stoke-on-Trent Council - £5 million
Braintree District - £5 million
Buckinghamshire - £5 million
Cornwall County Council - £5 million
Exeter City Council - £5 million
Ipswich Borough Council - £5 million
Oxfordshire County Council - £5 million
South Ayrshire - £5 million
Wokingham Borough Council - £5 million
Gateshead Council - £4.5 million
Oxford City Council - £4.5 million
Colchester Borough Council - £4 million
East Lindsey District Council - £4 million
East Staffordshire Borough Council - £4 million
North Wiltshire District Council - £4 million
Powys Council £4 million
Rotherham Council - £3.8 million
Flintshire Council - £3.7 million
Aylesbury District Council - £3 million
East Ayrshire - £3 million
North Somerset - £3 million
Doncaster Council - £3 million
Rhondda Cynon Taff Council - £3 million
Solihull Council - £3 million
Stroud - £3 million
Slough Council - £2.5 million
South Oxfordshire District Council - £2.5 million
Wycombe District Council - £2.5 million
Cotswold District Council - £2 million
Gloucester City Council - £2 million
Great Yarmouth - £2 million
Moray Council - £2 million
Newark and Sherwood District Council - £2 million
South Ham District Council - £1.25 million
Monmouthshire Council - £1.2 million
Dover District Council - £1 million
Bridgend Council - £1 million
Hertsmere Borough Council - £1 million
Kirklees Council - £1 million
Perth and Kinross Council - £1 million
Tewkesbury Council - £1 million
Vale of White Horse District Council - £1 million
Winchester - £1 million
Sevenoaks District Council - £1 million
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council - £1 million
Lewes District Council - £1 million
Bracknell Forest - TBC
Burnley Council - TBC
Chorley Council - TBC
North Ayrshire - TBC
Wychavon District Council – TBC
Transport For London - £40 million
Metropolitan Police - £30 million
Dorset Police Authority - £7 million
Sussex Police Authority - £6.8 million
West Yorkshire Police Authority - £6 million
Hertfordshire Police Authority - £3 million
Gwent Police Authority - £1 million

Christies Hospital - £7 million

Cat Protection Society - £11 million


All these organisations now in the hands of the Inner City banking cartel






                                     UNITED UTILITIES AND BRITISH GAS


UPDATE 2 JUNE 2009                            FULL STORY BELOW UPDATES


                                              UNITED UTILITIES SEND ME A BILL : AND MY REPLY :


Dated 1 June 2009

Dear United Utilities.


On July 11th 2006 I wrote a letter to you requesting information before I pay you the considerable amounts of monies thus :


Dear United Utilities.

As you are aware you have billed me for quite a considerable amount of monies you claim I owe you, for, as you would state, providing a supply of good clean fresh uncontaminated harmless water.


This must be verified before I would consider offering any payments to you and therefore request a full and detailed copy of all daily analysis for the water supply for Lancashire you have for the period April 2000 to July 2006.



                                                                             End of letter


In your letter dated 14 May 2009, although I received it only five days ago! It states :

When we recently looked at your account we saw you have not paid your water charges for some time.

I am still waiting for a reply to the above letter, and would ask you supply the information from April 2000 to today which is 1 June 2009.

I await your response


UPDATE 6 MAY 2009                                                                  





It began April 22 2009, my electric went off so I went to put the normal £10 on the key token and duly put the key in the meter. It took the balance but presented me with no electricity. Off again to put yet another £10 on the key and again put it into the meter, it took the balance and gave no electricity.


I rang British Gas and spoke with a very obtuse young girl called Natalie Webster, after a long rant of garbage from Natalie; it told me the tariff for my debt has been changed.

Just to fill you in here, since moving into my current home I have been forced to pay the higher tariff which comes with a pre-payment meter after British Gas some seven years ago refused to replace the pre-payment gas meter with a quarterly charge meter. This I found strange given I received my electricity from British gas also, yet the electricity meter was of the quarterly type charge. Thus they made me pay a higher tariff for the gas.

I requested the change because I noticed the gas meter was taking a debt I did not owe each time I put the card to the meter to top up. For over five years I tried to get British gas to cease in taking a debt that is not mine, but they refused to sort it out, in many cases offering the most obscene garbage as to why this meter was doing as it did. One engineer who called told me all pre-payment meters do this. I was horrified because the meter has taken this debt off me for over seven years now and is a substantial amount indeed.

So after the five year period I was very angry and sent a letter to BG, demanding they sort out this mess and to focus their attention I told them I would cease in paying the electricity until they reimbursed me with all the monies thus taken from the gas meter as a debt that was not mine.


December 2008, and under a warrant the bailiffs replaced my electricity meter with a pre-payment meter, I was told at this time that the maximum charge they could take from me per week was £6.00.

On 11th January 2009 this happened :


After putting £10.00 in my electricity meter, the electric went off and demanded I pay it £13.40. I rang British Gas to be told they had altered my payment tariff by £20 per week. As I am on JSA at present, this is insane. When the above bailiff came and placed the meter in my home, he said they are only allowed to take £6 per week if one is on benefits. I explained this to the operator Callham, who said they could send me a code to take to the shop which would reset the tariff to £6 per week. After 5 mins he came back and said they could not give me the code because they had just sent it direct to the machine at the shop I use regular, that I now had to put monies into the meter on three consecutive days to activate the code, my last £20 I was forced to put into the meter on the very day of the call would not count. I have not a penny to last for a full 8 days, his reply...Basically 'Tuff'.


So one can see that via the mainframe all these meters are set and collaborated without the need for an engineer, this is a lot power within your home for the system.

Having got rather annoyed with Natalie, I asked for her supervisor and Alison McAlister came on the phone, I explained the whole story to Alison who then found that on 23 March 2009 British Gas had sent a warrant fee to my account of; £335.00, that they also changed the debt fee to the electricity meter, (not the gas) that this was the reason my meter was refusing to give me electricity. Alison also told me that British Gas advertises itself as; ‘not charging’ a standard charge for the meter itself, something the other energy companies do, yet for the punch…they do however collect the standing charge fee from all accounts via stealth, by having a different rate in the morning to that of the afternoon, the difference then gets collected, this is the debt the gas meter is taking.

So we have full admission that British gas claims ‘no standing charge’, all the while deceptively removing the very charge from your account without it showing as such on any bill or statement.

Is this not false advertising? Is this not subversion and theft?

So after seven years I finally get an explanation as to why the gas meter has taken well over a thousand pounds from me as a debt I knew I did not owe, but I am still not convinced this is the reason.


The most important issue here for me, would be the fact that the system and therefore those who control the system, can access your home and change things around, excellent if one wishes the householder to pay more or just to shut him off as and when they feel the need, and of course when you contact the company….it is the fault of the system, you cannot take the system to court, you cannot get the system fired. I suppose we will be issued with electric shocks next…for bad thoughts…in our own homes…because the hidden camera in the TV picked it up and reported you to the system which shuts off your energy supply, locks you in the house, then raids your bank account. Not forgetting the microphone and camera in your prize companion…the mobile phone!

1984 not on its way, its here. I know what they mean when they say they have worked very hard to weaponise our homes.





This morning three British Gas bullies came to my door to carry out a warrant issued at Accrington magistrates to fit a pre-payment gas meter. The rum looking chap refused to allow me to hold the warrant to look at it, his ID card had no name on it, and he opened my front door on his own will twice. His registration is : FN06VZT, a black Vauxhaul Astra. His two amigos registrations : NV06DX2, and DA53EGF. The meter will now take £6.00 per week from my electricity meter. British gas still refuse to pay me back what my gas meter has taken from me over six years now, and the debt I do not owe in relation to the gas has increased to over two pound each time I put gas in my meter.

Indeed and just the other day I was investigating why we get ripped off so much by the energy companies price-fixing cartel. It is a fact that the Competition Commission can only investigate by a referral from OFGEM. OFGEM are telling us they investigated but found no wrongdoing and refuse the Competition Commission the ability to investigate, even though they are wanting to and have greater investigative powers than OFGEM.

So wondering why this is, I took a look into the biography of the head of OFGEM and noticed his previous job was with a Rothschilds subsidiary firm. Is this a coincidence? Well if it is then that makes a lot of coincidences where this name always seems to have something to do with rip offs.




After putting £10.00 in my electricity meter, the electric went off and demanded I pay it £13.40. I rang British Gas to be told they had altered my payment tariff by £20 per week. As I am on benefits at present, this is insane. When the above bailiff came and placed the meter in my home, he said they are only allowed to take £6 per week if one is on benefits. I explained this to  the operator Callham, who said they could send me a code to take to the shop which would reset the tariff to £6 per week. After 5 mins he came back and said they could not give me the code because they had just sent it direct to the machine at the shop I use regulary, that I now had to put monies into the meter on three consecutive days to activate the code, my last £20 I was forced to put into the meter on the very day of the call would not count. I have not a penny to last for a full 8 days, his reply...basically 'Tuff'.


I was speaking with a friend who told me this is the way they deal with all activist's who are on benefits, they do this then claim it was a mistake, the same with the benefits themselves, they  claim you owe money take it out and low and behold they made a mistake which takes weeks to sort out. This behaviour is not only reserved for British Gas, because it is the meter company 'Actaris', based in Eastbourne who can basically decide whatever they want for your meter tariff without the need to come to ones home. This is disgusting, and I wonder what the hell the regulators are doing about such behaviour?




Now let’s take a look at United Utilities who have a customer base of 3 million, one of the largest land owning operations in Lancashire “O”, and it just happens to control our water supply. I am sure you have noticed that on occasion you fill your bath or sink and it smells like you are at the public swimming baths. This is chlorine added to your drinking supply which is toxic when ingested. There are large measures of metals, lime and phosphates in our water supply which for human consumption are toxic. These levels of each of these components go up and down in their content over periods of time. To keep fish today one cannot place the fish in water from the tap without a chemical additive which coats the gills of the fish thus protecting them from the chemicals, failure to do such things kills the fish, no half measures. This poisoning onslaught also links to the additives in your foods, which exposes the agenda still further of how they can target specific chemical reactions en mass upon the populations thus affecting your DNA responses through particular esoteric periods. The inoculation agenda is also part of this manipulation giving the elite precision manipulation over your physiological, chemical, psychic, and the electromagnetic aspects of your being, basically they can affect your whole makeup. The microchip agenda will complete the control aspect to this agenda giving complete manipulation over all sentient humans on this planet.

I offer you my investigation into this agenda via United Utilities Company to which we in Lancashire are at the mercy of:


On July 11th 2006 I wrote a letter to United Utilities thus:


Dear United Utilities.

 As you are aware you have billed me for quite a considerable amount of monies you claim I owe you, for, as you would state, providing a supply of good clean fresh uncontaminated harmless water.

This must be verified before I would consider offering any payments to you and therefore request a full and detailed copy of all daily analysis for the water supply for Lancashire you have for the period April 2000 to July 2006.


End of letter


Since they received this correspondence I have received no correspondence. What we have received is a more focused attentive action regarding the content of our water supply around a week or so after the letter was sent. On October 16th 2006 a colleague and neighbour of mine had a visit from United Utilities requesting a random water quality survey to which the neighbour accepted and allowed them to carry out; they are panicking for good reason.

What could happen next is United Utilities will state they do not keep records beyond a meagre amount of time and of course this will cover only, the period they have made the panicked alterations within, or say nothing, mark my words.

 I am aware of the record keeping of such companies from a colleague who works for United Utilities so I await their next move as I will be interested to see how the records compare.

I will expose this investigation to you as it moves on in future phases.

And for synchronicity as I write this topic, on the radio I hear the water companies are being told to re-cycle sewage water, well, well, well, they have been doing this for years!! Hence chlorine.

On 7th November 2006; I was having a conversation with a chap from Chorley, a chap of 84 years who lived with his daughter in Blackburn. What he told me was that around a year ago he had realised he was paying almost £30 per month for his water on his property in Chorley, while he was using absolutely no water at all. This he said gave him the idea that to change to water meter, would lessen this amount considerably. He had the water meter fitted. With this system United Utilities come every six months and read the water meter. He was absolutely shocked to see that with the change to a water meter it made only a £38 difference in his bill over a six month period, this with the fact that his Chorley property was using no water whatsoever. How then can it be possible for any household that does use water to save money when it changes to a water meter? Again this is further proof that the elite are just using a manipulated idea of water shortage linked as it is to the environment scam to hike costs to you the masses for all services we are forced to use, while all the while getting inferior water quality which then requires Chlorine. Last year 2005, the water companies made a profit of £2.6 billion.


At the end of April 2007 I received a bill from United Utilities for a much less amount of monies than the previous bills. I still have had no response to my request for a detailed copy of their water content.

To be continued.


British Gas! Again we have all witnessed massive hikes in our costs for energy while they make massive profits for their shareholders and of course the elite. As you would now expect with a nutter like me I have witnessed massive problems with these companies thus:

On May 1st 2002 I moved into my current flat. It wasn’t long after this event I noticed the pre-payment meter for my gas was removing a debt from my card each time I placed my card into the meter to receive gas. My flat has full gas fired central heating and so you can imagine I was using a fair amount of gas which I always purchased at £10.00 per time upon my card. The debt the meter took was between 48 pence and 27 and up to £1.70, every time without fail each time I put my card into the meter to add the balance to the meter. I rang British gas to enlighten them of the situation within a couple of weeks of moving into the flat. They agreed that the meter was taking a debt to which I explained to them that for the last five years the previous property I had resided in, previous to this flat, had no gas at all, it was on the economy seven tariffs and used only electricity thus how I could owe them a debt. They said they would send someone out to look at the meter. This they did and the engineer came out, but he told me this was common practice with these pre-payment meters and there was nothing he could do. I went ballistic and rang British Gas again and got nowhere. I had many engineers out over the years and one in particular stated they do this with pre-payment meters because they are aimed at the poorest of society who never complain about such things and if they do cannot reasonably argue their case against the babble offered out by the operatives of British Gas. This continued until early 2006, I rang British Gas and spoke with a young member of staff, of course by this time I had become a nuisance and they were always ready for my call. I remember this young male was being told what to say by his superior who was at his side; this is what I recorded him stating:


                      “The meters take monies off you then drip feed it back into your account over a couple of days”


When I had stopped laughing hysterically I asked them to send me their explanation in writing, with this they hung up. I rang again and informed them I had recorded the conversation to which his female superior came on the line and screamed I could not use that in court because I had not informed them I was recording the conversation. Again I just laughed and stated quite clearly it was not for the benefit of the court to which she continued to screech down the phone in absolute frustration that I had recorded such a pathetic and nonsensical explanation. I stopped paying my electricity bill earlier this year in that I also receive my electricity from British Gas, on the grounds that I cannot collect the monies owed to me by British Gas therefore I see no reason they should collect monies I owe them, especially when one considers this theft of my monies has been going on for almost five years. I rang them again in September 2006 stating my case, there response, if I do not pay they will cut off my supply, my reply to this after collecting enough evidence to expose them in this operation, I wrote to them on October 6th 2006 explaining the same case in writing covering the last five years.


In a letter dated 18th October 2006 I received a written reply from British Gas thus:


Dear Mr Young.


Thank you for your recent correspondence. I am sorry for the delay in replying to you.

Your enquiry is important to us, and we will reply to you either by telephone or in writing in the next ten days.

As we are looking at your enquiry, there is no need to do anything more.

Thank you for taking the time to write to British Gas.


End of letter


They certainly didn’t thank me during the last five years of correspondence via the phone; I know you legal eagles would state, “You should always write a letter”. To which I would offer, I wouldn’t have gained the information I have in order to expose these idiots had I done as you would state, “The right thing”. You see all the idea’s of doing the right thing play into the deceit carried out by these companies, that is why they tell you how to enter into battle, they have it covered if you obey there rules of engagement, I would cite the Preston number I was told to ring relative to my exposing of the satanic rituals carried out at Moorhead High School when this operation began. You have to break their hold on the rules of engagement if you are to gain knowledge of anything in this agenda, if your intention is to learn you do not play by their rules ever!

My enquiry certainly was not important to them for the last five years, bloody liars!

The ten days has lapsed as I write this extra entry on the 30th October 06.

And last but not least, they are telling me what to do or rather what not to do, telling me not to do anything more.

Sod that; I say to them. I have created my own court to which I am chief prosecutor and you the public are the judge and jury.


On November 14th I received another correspondence from British Gas:


Dear Mr Young

Thank you for your recent letter regarding the gas and electricity for the above property. Please accept my apologies for the delay in dealing with your enquiry.

Debt held on your meter.

You have noted in your letter you are paying a debt through your repayment meter. On checking our records I can confirm that there is no weekly recovery rate set on your meter. However, there is a standing charge on all prepayment meters. Unlike some of our competitors, British Gas, do not charge their customers a standing charge and your annual statement will show this clearly.

Unfortunately there is a fixed charge pre-set by the national grid the meter operator and we are unable to remove this charge so we reduce the tariff rates to accommodate this. Sometimes we cannot reduce them enough and it is possible that you will accrue a small credit on your account that is refunded annually.

Checking your balance.

To check the balance on your meter you will need to access meter screen 27. To do this you must first remove your gas card from the meter. Next press and hold the red A button until the meter bleeps. The number 00 appears in the corner of the display. Continue pressing the red A button to advance through the screens until screen 24 is displayed. The meter will display a message asking you to insert your gas card. Insert your gas card and tap the red A button three more times. You will now see a figure on screen 27. The balance on this screen is the balance that is being recovered through your meter.

End of letter

On the 17th of November I received another letter stating they had called to my address to disconnect my supply, and for the bullshit, this arrived via a postcard posted second class. They do seem to have a problem speaking and writing the truth.

November 28th 06 a Warrant officer for British Gas called to check my gas meter, he took the serial number of the meter then asked if he could come in to see my electricity meter. He of course at first went through his company speech, as they do, until I finally got a word in and told him of my plight. At first he, as they do, didn’t hear what I was saying and repeated the company speak. Eventually he heard me, and straight away agreed I had a problem and that I was correct in what I had said. He then rang two separate numbers to enlighten British Gas of the situation; both these operatives could do nothing. We chatted for a while and I explained why I was carrying out this investigation. What I said was the fact that British Gas were denying that my meter was taking a debt, yet each time I put my card in it takes a debt, I explained I can only conclude they are hiding something, something I suspected was happening to all pre-payment meters. If this was not so they would have sorted my problem out five years ago, he agreed. Based on what I told him he estimated British Gas could owe me around £250. let us say that every pre-paid meter operates in this fashion, say for instance they have 5 million of these types of meter that would equate to around 5 million x 52 per annum = around £260 million stolen from the poorest of people. This is of course just an example, I have no idea how many meters they have, but if all their meters are taking a debt when people don’t owe the debt the figures are massive. He said no matter how many Barristers I use in court, they would issue a warrant to change my electricity meter to a pre-pay. What does that tell you for who the law operates? But then we already know this! We do know on average pre-payment meters charge an extra £78 per year than normal credit meters, so I would add £78 x 5 to my claim of monies owed to me by British Gas for refusing to replace my pre-payment meter with a normal credit meter when I first informed them of the problem and requested a credit meter. So added to the figure of £250 I will sue for is £390. So £250 + 390 = £640 I claim British Gas owes me and rising.


Thursday 11th Jan 2007, upon topping up my emergency credit this happened:

The balance on my meter was 93 pence

I purchased £3.00 on my card

 I placed my card into the meter

 It again took 28 pence for a debt

 Added £2.00 to the emergency credit

Then came up with a final credit of £1.83, and no emergency credit.


What happened to my £2.10 pence? I will tell you what happened, it was stolen by my meter and thus by British Gas. There was not enough with the £3.00 make up to fulfil the £5, 00 emergency credit balance, so the meter remained within the emergency credit operation, and for my sins it stole £2.10 pence. This is preposterous in that they are blatantly steeling monies from the poor. Remember I had requested a normal meter to be installed soon after I had moved into the property to match my electricity meter, but they refused. They refused even though they had no reason to suspect I would not pay given that I had paid my electricity bills which was on a quarterly. This means that on their own choice they demanded I paid the higher rate for gas by refusing to install a quarterly pay meter to my property and thus ensuring they could continue to steal monies from me.

16th January 2007 I received a letter from British Gas stating they are to come and change my meter on Friday 26th January 2007 between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

They did not come…

29th January 2007 I had a card mailed through my letter box from British Gas and United Utilities. The envelope was marked with the Morrison logo that is three massive companies operating together. They said they will call again on February 16th, between and 8pm.

They called but I refused to allow them to remove my evidence.


Wednesday 25th April 2007.

I receive a letter from British Gas informing me that, “legal action being arranged.”

They are to charge me £14 for the ongoing debt recovery costs. Good I shall add such figures to my bill against them.

They are to visit my property on 14th May 2007 to disconnect my electricity supply and will charge me a further £50.

Friday 4th May 2007. I put £6 on my gas card. My gas had been off for around a week and a half, when I placed the card in my meter it took the money then took £1.53 for debt from the balance of £6. So from this I must deduce that according to how long your meter is without credit the larger the debt charge to your balance once you actually put monies in the meter. I think we may have just found the whole scam relating to the pre – payment meters, bingo! Today is September 9th and I have had no correspondence from British Gas.


On the 8th February 2007, British Gas a company owned by Centrica announced a cut in prices for gas at 17% and for Electric 11%. Ooh sounds good, but when you understand that the cost of wholesale gas has dropped by 50% then for gas in real terms British gas has in fact upgraded its profits by 33%. When they release such scam figures they are depending on the fact that the majority are ignorant to true economics and mathematics, as portrayed in the protocols of the elite. In the last four years British Gas has had an increase of 91%.


In 2003 the average gas bill with British Gas was                                     £370

Up until today’s announcement the average bill                                       £707

To British Gas the cost of Gas has fallen by 50% which gives a figure     £353.50

With today’s announcement the average bill                                            £586


British Gas has passed to the consumer a fall of                                      £121


Thus British Gas has taken the figure of £232, 50 from each consumer for itself at a rough guess.

British Gas has 16 million customers. Thus British Gas has increased its takings by £3720 million, this after its pretend gift of today’s fall in cost to the consumer.


That is £3.72 billion extra monies collected from us all on a scam per annum and this is just one company.

That’s £216 rise in Gas in three years. Do you feel British Gas has given you anything?

 So you tell me is it the provider or the consumer of Gas who has benefited.


During September and October 2008 they have continued to post disconnection cards through the door while ignoring my claim for all the money the meter has taken from me… British Gas has 10 million customers.


                                                                                  To be continued….














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