2012 London Olympics.

                           The Temple



Precession and Galactic Alignments represent Astronomical not astrological realities, they are not a pseudo-science, and so on that basis one would be wise not to scoff at the following information.


The precession of the equinoxes is caused by the slow wobble of the earth’s polar axis.  At our current position in these cycles, the Earth’s polar axis points towards Polaris, better known as the North Star, or the Pole Star. The position on which chronological astronomical science is based, has a differing position as the precession moves forward, the wobble changes the position in the sky at which the Earth’s axis points over the great cycles, this helps to look into the future and to the past and understand what energies are likely to be playing out on the earth at any given time period.

The earth’s wobble causes the position of the seasonal quarters to slowly precess against the background of the stars. To give example; currently the winter solstice position of the earth’s polar axis, points in the direction of Sagittarius. However 2000 years ago the polar axis pointed towards Capricorn. So with the passage of time the earth’s polar axis has preccessed backwards almost one full zodiac sign. The accepted intelligencia believe that precession was first discovered by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus, but this is nonsense. The Phaoronic calendar, which began in use as the new calendar in Egypt in around 4240 BC after the cataclysms, of which it is said, shifted the Earth from her original orbit, thus the 360-day calendar split into 12 months each of 30 days now lost. This orbit shift created 5 extra days. These days are known as the epagomenal days, or in the language of the Egyptian, the five Neters [Axes or angles]. So we are talking here about names given to these five extra days in the religion of Egypt thus these days are given the names Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys and Horus. The Syrian (Sothic) fixed year is 365 and ¼ days almost the same as we have now, as it has been since the last cataclysms. This would give the idea that the Earth since her orbit shift or fall has aligned herself with the energies of Sirius or the fall is to Sirius B. The helical rising of Sirius is 23 July and is the start of the Egyptian calendar, or New Year. So we can see that man understood Precession way before the Greeks.


First one need grasp that what is termed the ecliptic is a great circle on the celestial sphere along which the Sun appears to travel on its journey around the Earth, taking one Earth year to do so. Thus the ecliptic is the path the Sun takes as seen from the earth, or to be more precise, it is the position in the sky the Sun is seen as the Earth orbits the Sun while wobbling on its axis as she spins in her own right.


In counting many of these cycles we reach an end point; 21 December 2012, which brings us to what is termed; ‘the Galactic Alignment. So the ancients not only understood this knowledge, they built a whole mass of temples and structures to show and utilise this knowledge.


Second the Celestial sphere is a commonly referred to imaginary sphere around the earth on which the stars in the sky are projected. Think of oneself in a planetarium, where the stars are projected by lights onto the walls and ceiling; this is the celestial sphere.


Third, the celestial equator is thought of as a great circle on the celestial sphere; it lies in the plane being perpendicular to the earths own axis of rotation.


Because the rotation of the axis of the earth is not perpendicular to the earth’s orbital plane around the Sun, but makes an angle of about 23 degrees, known as the Obliquity of the ecliptic, the equator and the ecliptic intersect on the Celestial sphere. The two opposite points on the celestial sphere where they intersect are known as the Vernal and Autumn Equinoxes. The Equinoxes signal the start of the Spring and Autumn seasons, and on the day itself there is equal day and night [in length] [Latin : Aequi = equal; Noctium = night]. And so we have the idea of a battle between dark and light symbolised in many myths and tales, all of which are presenting the cycles of the galaxies and the changes these 'ages' bring.


The line on the plane of the ecliptic which connects these two points is called the axis of equinoxes, it embodies the intersection of the planes of the elliptic and Equator. Astronomically, the axes of solstices represent the projection of the Earth’s axis of rotation on the plane of elliptic, the respective points on the ecliptic are called the Winter and Summer Solstices. [Latin: So l= Sun; Stitium = stand still]. This gives the symbolism of this event as the dead hero [the Sun] in the cave for three days, and thus rises again and gives re-birth to the Hero, because the Sun ascends and back on the journey it travels until the Spring Equinox when there is more light each day than darkness. Thus the Light defeats the dark with the sacrifice of the lamb [Aries] and on to the height of the Suns power, the Summer Solstice. We can see the satanic shadow belief system which turns all this into a god- prophet scenario with the inducement of the birth of the coming Anti-Christ Prince William who will be 33 June 21 2015.

For the Northern hemisphere they define the moment of the year when the noon Sun has the lowest or highest elevation. Mathematically, these axes of solstices and equinoxes are perpendicular one to another. For this reason they form a perfect cross on the plane of elliptic; call it the Terrestrial Cross.

Now in the old Egyptian, the five Neters were also known as the five axes, so we are definitely seeing the Egyptian race mark the change in the 'axes' and incorporate them into the new calendar with new deities to represent the five extra days. Therefore the whole belief system had to change to incorporate the new Neters, or axes, which of course prove themselves in the five extra days the earth gained after the shift on her axis after the cataclysms concluding in the great deluge.


It is to be noted that on December 21 2012, all axes will line up forming a perfect 3 dimensional cross when viewed in regard to the Milky Way in the galaxy [See image 1 above]


This perfect three dimensional cross is thought to be the origin of the cross used by the Knights Templar [See left] and is said to be the origin of the  shape of the mysterious Cross at Hendaye [See left].


Now we know that many of the ancient structures on the Earth are the result of the ANUNNAKI, or indeed the races pre Anunnaki invasion, building their Temple across the ley line system grid, thus giving them the key 666, to the frequencies as they pass through the Ley line system, the Temple of the Sun is not just command over the physical Earth, but of the electrical Earth. So building the Temple of the Sun, SION, ZION, is to take control over the frequency completely. The Anunnaki want to control the frequency change due around the passing from Pisces to Aquarius, they wish to prevent what is a natural change. Of course as we arrived at the half way point in the 26.000 year cycle of precession in the past, we had a catastrophic stream of events, and given that history tells us it whether the fault of the Anunnaki for the cataclysms, then they obviously tried this before, and failed.


     What Does This Have To Do With The

 2012 Olympics?


So, we have all the old monuments and temples across the globe, built many years ago, we know they are built on the Ley line grid in places of the crossing points, which creates an energy vortex and an access point to the Earth grid. So in looking at all the monuments of the ancient past we can see they built a whole system of temples and structures to utilise the Ley Line system. If one takes the star used today by Israel, place it in a circle, then at six points within the circle the star touches the circumference of the inner circle boundary. This marks the Poles and latitude north and south of the equator at a point between 19.5-19.47 degrees, the Giza Pyramid sits on this point. Now according to science 19.5 degrees is the point at which rotating spheres exchange energy, thus the Great Pyramid is capping an exchange of energy.

This suggests that the ancients had a far greater knowledge of the energy grid than the general populations and indeed the intelligencia of today, and more, it suggests they also had a greater knowledge of the outer universe and how to utilise the natural energy of the whole. The information available suggests the ancients used Crystals to store and transmit energy, unlike the fossil and nuclear we use today.


So on those foundations to look at all the Churches, Cathedrals, palaces and castles; we can see that the post flood elite have also understood this knowledge while keeping the man on the street ignorant of such knowledge, so my question is... what have they done with that knowledge in the last 7000 years?


A good friend of mine pointed out some extremely good info in relation to the New Wembley Stadium, which was built on the back of the destruction of yet another set of 'TwinTowers', the twin towers of the old Wembley, and in its place we have what amounts to a symbolic structure denoting the Galactic Cross. [See Left].

So in creating something knew in the world of the occult knowledge, two towers have to be destroyed. The twin towers on 911 gave birth to the war on terror and the destruction of the democratic world, with the destruction of the Wembley twin towers we are having built a completely new world incorporating again the Ley line system, symbolised in the new stadium which of course represents the Galactic Cross, so it is the showcase symbolic structure to control the new kingdom after the new age begins, and if you look at the masonic twin towers left, one can see rising between the old towers is a new pyramid, as yet as symbolised on the American dollar bill, the capstone has yet to be placed. This denotes the pyramid is in place with the final stage to be accomplished, this is what we are living through today.. This also involves the new education system being put into place under the ARK Academies, because the proposed Brent Academy is situated on the same Ley Line as Wembley Arena, The school has so much Cabbalistic symbolism within its planning it beggars belief. Wembley breaks down; Wem = womb according to Chaucer, Middle English, so we have in Wem--bley; 'Womb of the Ley'. With what is being planned in Wembley with the ARK ACADEMY, we are seeing the birth of something new, the gestation of a new education system. I will detail this information in the near future to explain exactly what I mean.


So the Olympics of 2012 symbolise the new Temple for the new age as we cross from Pisces into Aquarius, and enter the ending of not only the Galactic Cross, but the end and beginning of many cycles, they have built their new Temples as it were, on the Ley line grid to ensure total control by the Lucifarian Church of the Talmud Sumer Akkadian preistcraft once again into yet another age of man. It heralds the start of the great eugenics move so the Lucifarian's can create their new kingdom as depicted in the PROTOCOLS. The Ark Schools are involved in utilising this energy and the whole Kingdom of the Anunnaki is almost completed into the next age with HAARP and whatever monster this so called Hedron Collider turns out to be, which I am convinced is to manipulate the Ley Line system. If this is so then we have here the beast, 666, because by the means set fourth here, they have control of sound. 666, according to Masonic law is the key to sound, 19.47 of course being the key to Light. A little clue here if one wishes to better understand the key 19.47, would be to look at all that happened during the year 1947, to glimpse who’s light the Masonic law and Temple is speaking of…. It ain’t good to say the least, and so I would conclude we have further proof of the Sumer-Akkadian mystery preistcraft having control of all and can be confidently linked to the light of Lucifer.


Why is the Galactic Alignment important? The ancient Mayan people looked to the Galactic Alignment as the end of time as we know It. but time is only relative to the frequency we call the third dimension, so we are talking a great shift in the frequency and not the end of the Earth.  As seen below left, the very architecture of the Mayan cities from the layout of their cities, to the placement and shape of their temples, to the design of the ball courts centred on the December 21, 2012 Galactic Alignment.  The Mayan people looked to this date as a date when time would cease to exist as we now know it. 

Research has demonstrated that that more than thirty (30) of Mesoamerica's most ancient and important ceremonial centres such as Teotihuacan , Izapa, and Tajumulco were all designed around a city plan that has the following astonishing coincidence: if one examines the city layout for each of the thirty (30) cities in conjunction with an astronomical calendar, one finds that if one was to draw a pyramid using the Sun as the pinnacle and using each of the city's temples as the bases of the pyramid, then the Sun would be equi-distant from each city's temples on two dates in history: August 11. 3114BC. (remember this beginning of time as far as the Mayan calendar (And December 21 2012 (The end of time according to the Mayan calendar).


Isis Left, holds the scales of Justice in her hands and the caption to, ‘Last Dance’ says ‘Sometimes Justice is a Crime.’

More important, however, is the fact that Mary Magdalene can be seen as being associated with both a tower and the number seven. The name Magdalene can be literally translated [if !vml]--[endif] from the Greek as meaning 'tower' and, as we have seen , this association between the terms 'tower' and 'seven' is present in the famous Biblical quotation: Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the Tower of Seven even unto the border of Ethiopia. So, Ezekiel's 'Tower of Seven' is none other than the Egyptian 'Magdal of Sefekh,' the same title that is now being associated with Mary Magdalene. The Tower of Sefekh was historically seen to be a prime symbol of Egypt and because of his notoriety it has already been identified as with the Great Pyramid (The Great Tower) of Egypt. -Ralph Ellis, "Solomon Falcon of Sheba" (126-7)






So overlooking the 7 WorldTradeCenter towers (left) is the Statue of Liberty, Isis/Mary the Tower of Seven, wearing a 7-pointed crown. Just as in the sky Sirius (Isis) stands beside the 3 stars of Orion’s (Osiris’) Belt, on the ground Isis (the Statue of Liberty) stands beside 3 collapsing towers. The three buildings that collapsed, buildings 1, 2 and 7, perfectly replicate in size and distance both the 3 pyramids at Giza and the 3 stars in Orion’s Belt.


WTC buildings 1 and 2 were very tall with a shorter building 7 off to the side. Similarly, there are 2 large pyramids at Giza and a smaller pyramid off to the side. Not to mention, before being destroyed on 9/11 there actually stood a huge model of the 3 Giza pyramids at the base of the WorldTradeCentre.





Let us now expand the two towers theme. Above left is Isis stood between two pillars, of course superimposed over the pillars are the world trade centre towers, so what does this all mean, because it is obviously part of the 2012 building of Solomon's Temple.

Isis holds the scales of Justice in her hands and the caption to, ‘Last Dance’ says ‘Sometimes Justice is a Crime.’

More important, however, is the fact that Mary Magdalene can be seen as being associated with both a tower and the number seven. The name Magdalene can be literally translated [if !vml]--[endif] from the Greek as meaning 'tower' and, as we have seen , this association between the terms 'tower' and 'seven' is present in the famous Biblical quotation: Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the Tower of Seven even unto the border of Ethiopia. So, Ezekiel's 'Tower of Seven' is none other than the Egyptian 'Magdal of Sefekh,' the same title that is now being associated with Mary Magdalene. The Tower of Sefekh was historically seen to be a prime symbol of Egypt and because of his notoriety it has already been identified as with the Great Pyramid (The Great Tower) of Egypt. -Ralph Ellis, "Solomon Falcon of Sheba" (126-7) The same is also said of mount Sinai from which Moses received his commandments, so we are talking of the great pyramid as a major factor in the worlds religions, we also know the pyramid is capping an energy exchange between the Earth and the planets in our Solar System. Note the bottom caption states; 'The fruit which I have brought fourth is the SUN' So we have yet more Temple of the Sun symbolism here, or do we have the knowledge that by the female is born the Solar system. Of course this Solar System and the whole physical universe is said to be the fall, so is this wench responsible for the fall of man?





So we now look at another picture which emphasises both Isis-Barati-Britannia and again the two towers as she overlooks the 7 WorldTradeCenter towers in her new form, the Statue of Liberty, Isis/Mary the Tower of Seven, wearing a 7-pointed crown. Just as in the sky Sirius (Isis) stands beside the 3 stars of Orion’s (Osiris’) Belt, on the ground Isis (the Statue of Liberty) stands beside 3 collapsing towers. The three buildings that collapsed, buildings 1, 2 and 7, perfectly replicate in size and distance both the 3 pyramids at Giza and the 3 stars in Orion’s Belt.


 So looking at WTC buildings 1 and 2, we have two very tall structures acting as pillars with the shorter building 7. Off to the side. Similarly, there are 2 large pyramids at Giza and a smaller pyramid off to the side. But even more explosive would be the fact before being destroyed on 9/11, there actually stood a huge model of the 3 Giza pyramids at the base of the WorldTradeCentre. The plot thickens....





If you look at the picture left, we have here the last drawing by Sarah Payne, the little girl abducted at Kingston Gorse (Fisher King) in Essex July 1st 2000. I place this here because of its similarity to the above Isis image. There is a piece dissecting the picture : HERE. Even more striking are the Ley Line connections to the murder of this lovely little girl which one can see : HERE. There is a mass of occult symbolism, numerological connections also in relation to this event. More twin towers symbolism : HERE.





If you look to your left , you can see the earliest Christian symbol, what looks like a P overlaid with a cross.

Of course the church will tell you it means; Chi-Rho, that it speaks of Christ, thus :


The Chi-Rho is often shown with the Greek letters Alpha (A) and Omega (lower case ώ or upper case Ω), the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Claiming reference to Jesus referring to himself: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." (Revelation 22:13)



What we have in fact here is the Staff of Osiris with the cross of Horus, what has been missed by many scholars is the possible Ethiopian origin which translates; the staff of Osiris, the Jews say it means truth-wisdom. The symbol is the Monogram of Jupiter, Ammon, and the laburnum of Constantine, the symbol given to him under whom he had to conquer. Osiris is the god of the Underworld, the god of death, so is Jupiter so named by the Romans, Zeus for the Greeks etc. Did not Jesus say he represented the god of the living? Thus the god, who came to Constantine and demanded death, was and still to this day is… Osiris, Jupiter…Petrus the Rock and thus the Roman Church. Isis in this scenario becomes Fide with chalice or cup, or Fide (the feminine) bringing creation by the caldron of magical arts, (genetics and sexual magic) the creation of ‘Horus’ by black magic, the bastard. In the symbolism of Fide with child, we see the natural law of man in creation by pro-creation, transformation via nurturing of our children.


The two stand in total opposition, the former Fide (Hecate-Morgana) with chalice, forces her and her consorts will upon man for their own ends in the dark child, and of course they have their source in the underworld, hence instilling total control in mans dimension from the underworld, Sirius. Fide with child represents woman as vassal for the sources creation by natural means, through natural law of the biology of the human form, I am sure you will agree there is a big difference of meaning to these deities. The inner circle or esoteric doctrines synchronise with the underworld, while having full control of the exoteric doctrines to which the masses synchronise with.


So let us be clear here, the whole basis of the Catholic Church is the continuation of the Osiris-Isis-Horus pantheon or trinity using the physical DNA of Seth to form the bloodline in the physical world, albeit not from the perspective of the outer circle flock, but from the perspective of the inner circle, the controllers of the Church.

The staff which has been given the loop to form the letter P symbolises a shift to the left and imbalance of the pineal gland which represents Petrus or Peter Osiris-Jupiter having shed his skin to become the head of the supposed new Church, when in truth we have the god of the Imperial bloodlines of Rome, Jupiter, while they held their court in Greece, Zeus, Egypt Osiris and beyond, way back into the mists of Atlantis and Lemuria, but of course we are dealing within the timescale post cataclysms as the Anunnaki instil their rites over man yet again. By the way, if you scroll up the page to the last super portrait, take great note that one of the diciples is pointing his index finger upward, the index finger represents Jupiter. The pineal gland is made up of water, the additives in our food especially fluoride; changes the water within the pineal gland slowly into a solid, like limescale, slowly shutting down the human creating the zombie, medication does the same, so the elite confound the pineal gland via chemical and visual stimuli on top of the religious doctrines.


The actual staff of Osiris has atop it the pine cone which represents the third eye, the fish symbol from my studies also represents the third eye or to be more precise the Pineal gland, with the cone as the gland and the tails as the arteries feeding the gland. The staff of Osiris is the depiction of command of the pineal gland symbolised in the pine cone, hence total control of the DNA matrix within each individual. Through this control they force man to project his energy and take his worth to the material world at the expense of the inner world, we become ‘cut off from our people’ or ancestors, which is the true meaning to the verse in the Bible, and the source of what we are, ‘consciousness..




 In the Vatican grounds there is a massive stone structure of the pine cone, so for those with eyes to see one can discern the hidden meaning to all the artwork and sculpture in and around the Vatican, it is the House of Osiris, the pope is the vicar of Osiris’s dark son, and carries the Ark of the Contract between the Pharaohs and Osiris, renamed the Ark of the Covenant as they hid the Egyptian origins of the Hebrew doctrine to shed its skin for the age of Aries the ram, and again into Pisces, the fisher of men. It’s just a game of language, the language of the subconscious which operates in pictures.


So what does the staff of Osiris represent? They are symbolising the control of man from the underworld directly in man’s third eye, the pineal gland, made so by creating in man a very low vibrational resonance which thus synchronises man to the lower vibrations, thus man becomes trapped and can see only that of the underworld, this is the control matrix which keeps man fixed only to the material world, they block your consciousness from expressing itself in the physical dimension, man fell into the mind and the lower three chakras, fear is created, fear is the ego. Man synchronises with the dragon in life and in death and while alive can only serve the dragon in creating the Temple. The Staff of Osiris is also known as the Spear of Destiny, the very thing Hitler searched for , because to hold the Spear gave total control...again we are talking of control of the Pineal Gland.





                   This is why words attributed to Jesus make clear man is the Temple of god, make no false idols.






So what does this information have to do with the 2012 Olympics?


Outside the Wembley Tube station aiming towards the new stadium,  we have a statue of a figure shooting what looks like a cross just off centre, into the Stadium arch; of course the galactic alignment is exactly what it claims to be… an alignment of the planets creating a stargate through which great cosmic energies from our galactic centre can reach the Earth, the return of the Christ energy available to man. If you look at the image at the top of the page directly on the picture of the milky way, we have here the banner from a website from Brent Wembley, the place for the proposed showcase 'ARK  Academy' which has some very sinister occult symbolism and indeed very strange underground facilities and much more which can be studied HERE.


The figure in question is actually a real statue set in position as described above, so we are seeing the symbolic move by the Illuminati in destroying the galactic alignment in some way, I think we are talking in terms of the technology incorporated in HAARP, their attempt to alter the energy shift by acquiring the key to sound 666 to effect the galactic alignment in some way and thus we would enter the New World Order under their dictate which equates to control of this dimension directly from the underworld, and the temple of Solomon, or Temple of the Sun.


I am sure you will agree this figure looks like an Archer, and of course the Archer is represented in Sagittarius, the ruler of Sagittarius is of course Jupiter, Petrus the rock, or the Catholic Church. It also completes the crucifixion and symbolises the wound in the side of the crucified, in this case the crucifixion of the Earth and man.


Just to add to this tale :


One could see that the Galactic Centre was placed close to the winter solstice between the Sun in Capricorn and Pluto in Sagittarius and directly opposite the Moon. A sort of bow and arrow was formed shooting at the Galactic Centre. This I found interesting as the Sagittarius constellation is pictured as a centaur shooting a bow and arrow at the Galactic Centre too. 

Sagittarius the archer-centaur with his bow

 Is it possible, as Paul LaViolette in fact suggests that an earlier, astrologically knowledgeable culture placed this constellation picture here to focus us to this particular point in time?

Earthquakes may be major effects of this transit of the Galactic Centre over the winter solstice into Capricorn, but it turned out that the Galactic Centre was not specializing in one kind of disaster, but was associated with all of them.

If one examines all the worst disasters in history: floods, hailstorms, volcanic eruptions, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, stock market collapse, wars, civilisation endings, one finds that the Galactic Centre was strongly implicated, often even pointed at with a similar bow and arrow. Again, I think what we have in the little figure shooting is the crucifixion being symbolised, in this case the crucifixion of the Earth and man on the Winter Solstice, between the two thieves Scorpio and Capricorn, with Jupiter piercing the crucified in the side...

So we are for sure entering a new age, the question is will it be the psychopaths sitting atop their bitch-bastard temple, or…well who knows?


Of course the elite agenda is very concerned with our children so they can programme them to serve this new temple, hence the ARK Academy connection, here are a few more pointers to the link between Osiris and this inherent need the elite have with total control of our children :


Osiris Training and Consultancy : HERE.

Osiris Information Request : HERE.

About Osiris Information Requests : HERE.

Osiris Organisation Turning kids Around : HERE.

Osiris Seabed Mapping : HERE.




So here you have what I see happening right under our noses, a little sketchy as yet, but very important all the same. If you have any info to expand this theme, please send it to me via the email


Well During the early hours of the morning 31 May 2009, I received the video below from an hitherto unknown chap, I will not name as I have not asked him. I have to say the young chap interviewed is inspired indeed to the point I would suggest has this 2012 ritual further exposed. I wrote many years ago that Prince William is set to become the new Christ, of course we are talking Anti-Christ in reality. He is set to take this position on his 33rd birthday Summer Solstice 2015. This video which interviews Rik Clay, who was found dead 28th August 2008 with a suicide verdict from the world of the Freemasonic law and medical brigade :


In Memory of Rik Clay : 2012 logo reversed spells 'ZION', Jerusalem builded here, the secret one of course...


                                                                 CLICK FOR FULL INTERVIEW

                                                                        SECOND INTERVIEW




As is now very well known, the 2012 Olympic logo reversed can create the word Zion which is Sion, the Temple of the Sun. Going way back into pre-deluge times and the creation of the priesthood under sun worship. This priesthood are those fallen ones who went against the creation of the ancients and their Law of One.

Zion is also symbolised in the term Jerusalem and so the Hebrew is synonymous with the term Zion. However there is far more to understand in relation to what we term Hebrew. The original Semites can be traced as emanating from the Sumer empire during the time of the Akkadians, who usurped the religious cultures of the preceding Sumerian’s, and before that, the age post Tower of Babel event in which some external power to the survivors of the deluge dispersed the peoples and gave 72 differing languages to prevent them from rebuilding society or some kind of technology or even possibly to prevent them from recreating the madness pre-deluge, for me it is not determined as to the real reason for this confusion or dispersion of the peoples and tongues, was this lord bad or good, I see the former as more in tune with the truth given the fact the division created then is being harvested today by the shadow children. The external force I would cite to be the surviving elites from the pre-flood age, who having collected all the technology to themselves and made bases on the Moon and possibly Mars, returned to re-shape the new age back into their image to keep control. There are suggestions for the time of the event known as the Tower of Babel (Bibel – confusion), to 700 years after the deluge, so if we work on the basis many great structures still standing on the planet seem to be pointing to a time 10.500 BC, in their constellation alignments, then take this time as representative of the beginnings of the cataclysms, then perhaps take the oldest known reference to Sumer under the Ubaid, then we are looking at around 7000BC as the time when concentrated mass of people began to re-create civilisation. So 700 years after the 7000 year timeframe we can suggest the time of the interference by the descended pre-flood priesthood and their military to have taken place around 6300 years BC. This leaves 3400 years of history omitted from our true history, because ‘official history begins the Sumer Empire at 2900 BC

So what happened during the 3400 years after the event known as the Tower of Babel?


This I would suggest was the information removed from the library at Alexandria, then the place set on fire to show history to that event lost, thus the ability to invent history made easy, but that of course from this point in would be a future event, but a pattern all the same can be observed, old age ending and a destruction of the history, as the new begins a new history is created, although this time it would have to be the Vatican that was destroyed given they hold the ancient works…better still if not already achieved I guarantee they will remove it all to the new Jerusalem in London..

3400 years is a long time, 1400 years longer than our current 2000 years since the last great timeline demarcation. Just thinking about all that has gone during this last two thousand years, then total control of the people over a 3400 year period would be Childs play, certainly enough to remove the history post deluge to 2900 BC.


So at this point we see a very powerful force under ‘The lord’, having descended on earth bound man, in flying craft, Vimyanas, Merkabah, etc, and of course to historical records these beings were known as the gods. What we have here are the elite of the pre-deluge race, the Anunnaki, reasserting themselves as the power over the earth post deluge, given the timeframes here, it would not be that difficult to dumb down man to the point he forgets the technological age pre-deluge, thus to return every now and again in flying craft would so confound the earth bound tribes, how else could they understand such beings other than gods, made even easier given the fact that under the event known as the Tower of Babel, the same preistcraft in flying craft dispersed the survivors and gave each group of peoples a new language and a new religion. All the while the deities given to each group, although differing names, represent the ultimate same deities in a trinity form, but in reality this trinity is of the negative preistcraft, usurping the true and older deities coming under the Law of One and the Ancients who began the human colonisation of the earth.


Through such documents as the Emerald Tablets, the many African, Native American, and Australian Aboriginal histories, we also know that the people who lived under the law of One doctrine, or rather way…had left Atlantis in great migrations as the wars between Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu) took hold some 52.000 years ago. They made home in South America, Egypt, North America, Australia and many other places on the earth. History also shows us that these peoples have been under constant attack at genocidal proportions, we can see this tribe takeover Egypt as the Hyksos Shepherd Kings, they then create the Old Testament in Babylon after Nebuchadnezzar asked the Levite priesthood to help him make a tower or construction work and we end up with the Old testament, certainly a pillar on which the elite have kept control, followed by two more pillars or towers, Christianity and Islam, a pattern emerges here of the destruction of a peoples by infiltration or outright cull, under great imperial military forces has this priesthood gained almost total control of the earth, because once they infiltrate, they turn the host nation into yet another arm of their cult to the point they will then attack their neighbours. But the most important issue by far is the means to this total compliance by the conquered peoples in absolute worship of this sick race, this is achieved by creating then inflicting a tale for the subconscious, to control the archetype world of the right brain, get them in this way and you have control. Of course the spiritual story has to be based on enough truth to capture the memories within the DNA soul and the mind soul, get those two on board and the immortal soul aspect cannot become master, it remains the slave to the mind and body souls, I would say 75% truth 25% satanic, with the 25% being enough to give the shadow preistcraft power behind their glamour.

Today they are pulling this very move of soul division with TV for the mind soul and promoting depraved sexuality, dreams of becoming a celebrity, money etc for the body soul.


Each age has a beginning and an end, they parallel the astrological cycles from Aries through to Pisces, Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Leo the Lion, etc. History portrays the idea that each age has a major battle as the gods from one age give way to the new age, but to be frank, this is garbage. Yes the same elite preistcraft operate this strategy to further their agenda which is many thousands of years in the making, but there is no change in relation to ‘new deities’, only the names change, the faces, the same shadow deities remain in force to collect your energies, revamped in a new tale to cancel out all subversion from the last age, they start again :


Anu - Nammu  – Enki

Anu – Ki – Enlil

Nimrod – Semiramis – Oannes

Osiris – Isis – Horus

Father – Son – Holy Ghost


Another theme in common here is incest and breeding within the gene pool to keep the purity of the evil, something the Persians despised about the Egyptian’s and the Greeks’ and Romans’ ( see Ralph Ellis), this point alone connects the chain between the same sick people carrying through the generations from father to son, this sickness is endemic amongst the elite of a certain satanic nature, unfortunately they are the top of the tree in our world (


So what we are about to discuss is nothing new, it has been done as each age ends and another begins, but the topic is 2012 and the Olympics, what are they and what do they symbolise. So to expand the theme :


1936 Hitler’s Olympics

Announcing the rise of fascism

Expressing the Eugenics agenda

And war


1972 Munich Olympics

Saw the first ‘global terror event’

72 is a very esoteric number, it is 27 reversed which of course is the magic number.

Also terrorism kicked off around the world in this year, in Northern Ireland we had Sunday Bloody Sunday

So this Olympics heralded in terrorism.


1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Synonymous with George Orwell’s book 1984

Ending with an alien landing

Ceremony was on the full Moon

The first verified possible use of the alien threat was vocalised in 1917 by the Marxist John Dewey, repeated again at a Bilderberg Group meeting in 1992 by Henry Kissinger at Evian-les-Bains, in France. He said:


“Today America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were to be told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.


And who said this :


“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forgot how much unites all members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us realise this common bond I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”


This was said in a speech by Ronald Reagan, made to the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations, Sept 21, 1987. He would go on to use this same information in a further seven speeches while in office. Full Story Here.


1947 in geometric terms is known to be the key to light, it is also the year in which the elite played out the Roswell crash, of course played out as the world still damaged from the war and very open to suggestibility, this is of course the light of Lucifer given not one person who has ever spoken about the Roswell crash has either met nor themselves ever seen an actual piece of any such space craft, its all built on hearsay. What it did however accomplish was to persuade the American government to hand over all power to the Likes of Rockefeller, and what was achieved in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, then the 1930 bankruptcy declaration, would be further enhanced with this move for the post war period.

Infiltration of the US to the point of absolute control thus achieved, America the ‘new Atlantis’ created, with an enemy the monster that was Stalin's communism, and the creation of the nuclear arsenal and with minds accepting of the ET of Spielberg… star wars systems could commence.

Very cute.


2008 Beijing Olympics

28 is the number of the Sun which is depicted in the opening ceremony as a great orange ball, also from one picture the stadium opening looks like an entrance into the underground hell.


Under great threat from terrorism, china excels in almost military secure games. So the idea of military type security and as a way to behave in total unison almost cyberspace routines and costume, pushed out into the minds of man.

There were many towers in the opening ceremony also : HERE.


The closing ceremony scripted and choreographed by the same man, is all mechanical and cyberspace, and the handover from china to London symbolised in a red bus, then to the William Blake poem Jerusalem, the bus bombing ceremony starts with dancers crowding around the bus doorway, they suddenly throw themselves backwards as if a bomb has exploded on the bus, they are scattered on the ground near the bus which reveals a Muslim standing on the bus (chosen by Blue Peter whose 2005 presenter Mark Speight was killed in a London railway station).

The top section of the bus then explodes outwards  as on 7/7 we then have the Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy page a man obsessed with Aleister Crowley, one time owner of Crowley’s house, so Zeppelin are going to be very involved in the final 2012 ritual. Jimmy Page is a priest of the satanic cult led by Tuesday Weld, as is Mick Jagger, Christopher Walken, the Beatles, and many more counter culture big knobs. Tuesday Weld is also accused of killing ‘rock n roll’, a ritual to enable Weld and only weld to control the whole 60’s summer of love, this took place in the killing of Buddy Holly, Ricky valance, and Big bopper. Many more real rock n roll stars have been killed over the years to keep only the Weldian’s in the controlling seat of rock. For full stories click following link and scroll down to the two interviews named , 'Secret History Of The Summer Of Love' part I and II : HERE. 


Beckham (who is reported to have crashed his car into a wall in France afterwards) & Leona Lewis stand on top of the bus as the camera pans across to the Olympic flame coming from a giant torch covered in 666 symbols.

The Muslim steps off the bus & walks over the bodies lying on the ground.
Jimmy & Leona performed "Whole Lotta Love", the theme tune to Top of the Pops from 1971-1977. Gary Glitters last 70's TOTP appearance was in early 1977. HERE.


Lord Longford (the 7th Earl of Longford) first appealed for Hindley’s release in 1977.


The day after London was awarded the Olympic games, the bombing attacks took place in London on 7/7/2005 – 2+5=7 – 777 More Crowley symbolism, all this is connected. The elite black magician’s have to present to us symbolically what they are going to do before they do it to avoid spiritual kickbacks, the year 2012 is supposed to be significant year for various reasons. So what the 2012 Olympics are going to herald which will ensure the year 2012 is year to remember in that nothing will be the same after this ritual event, Hitler did it at hell followed three years later, if we follow this same pattern at 2012, then by 2015, prince William will reach his 33rd birthday and ascend to the throne, ‘King of Jerusalem’, of course Jerusalem now builded in Blighty, the Mid east Jerusalem will be blown to shit by that time I expect. So if looking for a symbolism here, the elite magician’s are telling us William is the anointed one, that death will come to the London Olympics in 2012 and from that time on all will be different, shutdown of the planet under martial law if this has not been achieved before 2012 with the events they have planned from this time now June 2009.


There is also a great tower with people on it and what appears to be the rose made by synchronising the people, a tower in bloom as the silk curtains are raised from the floor : HERE.


So we reach the coming 2012 Olympics, the finale of the Piscean age, an end to Jesus one would expect, but wait did he not promise to return…enter Prince William, or Horus from the mating of Isis with Seth, Diana Pindar and William, with Charles the ever so misunderstood Sufi hero sidelined as was Osiris, torn to pieces by the media blah blah blah.

Of course the complete fantasy that these Germanic bloodlines are Merovingians is complete and utter bollocks (Merovingians they are not). Are we going to see the space men who are really special ops Military Industrial Complex special puppets, come to the ceremony to announce William the saviour of all mankind is the chosen one of god, arriving in the advanced crafts built by Hitler called foo fighters, of course they have improved on them some what…. he is returned you Muppets sorry ladies and gentlemen, you must all pay homage and allow Prince Phillip, err sorry Prince William full and total command over the enlistment of your children to fight the terrorists over there in those caves. You must listen to Christ William when he says you must take your vaccinations and allow his family to sacrifice your babies, its all good god said.

So let me get this right , the family who killed this chaps mother, who control the global food cartel, uranium, banking etc, are just going to hand over all power all wealth to Christ William are they? I think not ladies and gents, William the puppet, William the new church, William the front for the new age.


So are they about to give us a new trinity for the new age? Well I can tell you one thing for sure, Prince William is the chosen one for the Anti-Christ, this I learnt in the mystery school, I exposed the same some five years ago now, what I had not recognised and for this Rick deserves the accolade, was the fact they will use Diana as his symbolic Isis mother, Charles the broken Osiris all the while in occult circles it is known The marquis de Libeaux better know as Pindar is the real father to Prince William, the new trinity for the new age, to be symbolised in the 2012 London Olympics.


Downing Street has condemned London's tourist board for featuring a painting of Moors Murderer Myra Hindley in a promotional film shown at an official party celebrating the handover of the Olympic Games to the capital.

Marcus Harvey's portrait of Hindley is seen fleetingly in Visit London's three-minute film, which aimed to give a taster of the city's rich cultural life prior to the 2012 games. The row erupted after the film was shown last night at London House in Beijing, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown and London Mayor Boris Johnson were among the dignitaries attending the party to conclude the current Olympics.

"The use of this image is in extremely poor taste and it should not have been used to promote London," a Downing Street spokesman said. Full Story Here.








Boris Johnson has given the go ahead for the BrentAcademy; an Academy to be built upon an underground prison cell complex. This Academy is in Brent North, and the pupils for this Academy will come from the South of Brent, why would such a strategy be implemented?

Let us look at a very probable possibility, it ties in directly to the child trafficking expansion, an Academy into which children, unknown to any people in the North of Brent, will be brought into the school on the very well designed and very secluded  bus bay to accommodate five buses. This cover is perfect, who is going to question who these children are? Who in the north of Brent are going to have any children at the school to see such child smuggling?

Under this scenario, we have the perfect child trafficking station with children from across Europe and even beyond. This is what is being birthed here, and is a big part of the overall 2012 London Olympic ritual. Wem = womb Ley is for the ley line, in this Academy we have the gestation and birth of something new, I think overt in your face child trafficking centre, under the cover of a school, were no local parent has any clue what is going on in the school, because it is an Academy, we the people via any government department have no recourse or power to investigate the school, I would cite this to be a major breakthrough for the elite in creating big child trafficking centres in the UK.

This whole Olympic ritual is laced with symbolism relating to children, also seen in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics with the portrait of Myra Hindley's painting, Hindley represents all that is bad for children, these Olympics are all about the New World Order's move on children, the Academies are about forming children of the fascist mindset, turning them against you the parents, militarising the children, abusing and selling children into the massive paedophile networks across the globe. The kingdom of the sick people coming overt across the world, without a thing any man or woman can do about it. All the statutes the governments have pushed in over the last 30 years, have been to set in place the legal right for these evil doers to bring what was underground - overground. The Theosophicist's meaning to the masters of the underworld taking total control of the middle world, can you see the picture?


Boris Johnson is the mayor for very important reasons; he claims to have all the religious cultures genetics in his bloodline, so he represents the coming together of all the faiths under one faith in Lucifer. The BigHinduTemple in Brent incorporates the Hindu cast and religion. So let us look at the Hindu connection :


A group of five bright teenagers have been elected as the leaders of this year's Brent Youth Parliament…….Usman Mirza, 15, from John Kelly Boys will be secretary and Kishan Parshotam, 16, from Northwick Park Youth Club and Rizwaan Malik, 13, from Kenton will represent Brent on the UK Youth Parliament.


Now it gets rather interesting indeed, Enter the fray : The Charity Shishukunj. On the 'Just giving' website we learn that Kishan raises money for Shishukunj : HERE.

Shishukunj is an organisation with over 30 years in UK (& 60 yrs internationally) of working with and for children making difference in their development. Value based environment & education at Shishukunj promotes all to help to relieve poverty, distress


Is it me or do all these pseudo charities have just a little too much interest in everybody else's children? To continue, The charity Shishukunj : HERE.


Shishukunj is a registered charity (No. 284206) established in August 1976. 'Shishukunj' (a Sanskrit word meaning a garden of children) is primarily an institute dedicated to the welfare and cultural development of children. It is run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the children.


According to the Charities Commission website Shishukunj : Provides activities aimed at 16-14 year olds, primarily on Sunday mornings for four hours. Encompasses holistic development- physical, mental, social, cultural spiritual development in an environment rich in positive values and family environment. Activities run almost exclusively by youth volunteers.

Under charitable objectives :

To advance Indian cultures and religions amongst children and young people.

To advance the education of children and young people.

To instruct children and young people in the principles of discipline, loyalty, and good citizenship.

To relieve poverty distress and sickness.

Parshotam’s son Kishanbhai goes to India with Shishukunj Charity, from the website’s blog : HERE.


Nitin obviously thinks a lot of this charity seen in his words :

To all the Shishukunj Family
I am extremely overjoyed at reading of the experiences and comments from you guys out there. Kishanbhai Parshotam - I am also proud to be your dad. Keep enjoying and keep going.
Nitin Parshotam.


The founder of the charity comes out of the banking system, having worked in the Netherlands : HERE.

Rameshbhai informed Devchandbhai of a vacancy at Netherlands Bank and he was duly employed, so we are seeing something else holding these people together.


The charity Shishukunj works under the ethos; 'BAAL DEVO BHAVA', what does that mean I hear you say.... well if we look at this : maatru devo bhava translates :


                                         Honour thy mother as God.

                                         pitru devo bhava    translates : Honour thy father as God.

So we have here                Baal devo bhava     translates : Honour BAAL as God.


You can check translation : HERE.

So who the hell is BAAL? Well...


Velikovsky, a contemporary of Einstein’s :

‘Immanuel Velikovsky…..edited, with Albert Einstein, the Scripta Universitatis atque Bibliothecae Hierosolymitarum…..’


Wrote  ‘Worlds in Collision’, in which he states :

p. 182: ‘Baal Zevuv (Beelzebub) The beautiful morning star was related to Ahriman, Seth, Lucifer, name equivalents of Satan. It was also Baal of the Canaanites and of the Northern Kingdom of the Ten Tribes, the god hated by the biblical prophets, also Beelzebub or Baal Zevuv, or Baal of the fly.


Baal is the Hebrew translation for Bel, Bil, the ancient Sun god. The founder of Babylon was Nimrod who was given the title BAAL as a lord of the Sun God. His wife Semiramis was thus named BAALTI, meaning lady or my lady, very interesting on this point would be the Latin term for my lady which is; Mea Domina which became Madonna. The Phoenicians worshipped Bel as their father God but interestingly called him by the name Indara, so the link to the Hindu Sanskrit Indra has its roots in the Sun God.

Baal has always had serpentine connotations, and Phoenician’s, as the seafaring naval force from the Sumer Empire, spread this BAAL worship across the globe, landing in Briton around 5000 years ago, and most probably the holders of this Phoenician knowledge were the Druids. May 1st is BAAL's day, his sacrificial date being April 19th, just Google this date and look at the disasters involving the death of children, especially by fire, this is because BAAL also has another symbol in the Owl. In this aspect of the God he takes the name 'Molech' and demands the burning of children as a sacrifice. Any one versed with the American elites summer camp; 'Bohemian Grove' will know they worship Molech. American investigator Alex Jones infiltrated and filmed the ritual called the 'Cremation of Care' which can be seen : HERE.


Brent is a very important energy centre both from a Ley Line perspective and also because it has water running underneath. I fully understand that most people have no concept of such knowledge nor understand the relevance of Temple building on and around such important energy centres, but important it is to those well versed in what is termed 'Occult' knowledge. The proposed Academy at Brent is full of just such Occult imagery and symbolism, and of course Baal, as the Sun God, demands human sacrifice, we have the massive Hindu Temple and quite a ancient history in relation to Harrow also, so the whole area is of great importance to the elite who are fully versed in the secret knowledge, to take Harrow for example :


One of the hills around the stadium is Harrow Hill: Hörgr
In Norse paganism, hörgr (plural hörgar) was a type of altar, constructed of piled stones. It was used in sacrifices and perhaps in other ceremonies.
The term descends from common Germanic religion, continuing a Proto-Germanic *har (u) gaz, attested in Old English word hearg (plural heargas, surviving as the place name Harrow in England and as Harge in Sweden) and Old High German word haruc (plural harugâ). A possible co

So Harrow comes from 'horgr' and means 'a type of altar.. used for sacrifices'. Full tale : HERE.


I sent the email below to Nitin Parshotam on Friday 6 February :


Dear Nitin.

I found it intriguing to find your connection to the charity Shishukunj.

As a student of the occult and religious doctrines for over 16 years I hereby formerly request your understanding of the God Baal. In light of the ethos under which Shishukunj operates : Ball Devo Bhava, translated : honour Baal as God, I feel it imperative we in Britain better understand how you see Baal so we can better understand your interest in children.



Today is 11 June 2009, and still I have had no reply. Why would a man so engrossed in the worship of his God fail to jump at the chance to explain the wonder of his God? Interestingly, Karen attended the last Brent meeting which Nitin attended and acknowledged receipt of the email, why he has not answered I leave to your imagination.


So in Brent and surrounding area we have two interconnecting occult ambitions, we have the creation of something new or rather the birth and gestation of...and we have Baal who demands the sacrifice of children, we also have the 2012 Olympics, the symbolism of which is completion of the Temple of the Sun, aka, The New World Order.

The plot indeed thickens…



                                                                            To be continued



                                    SO WHAT IS THE REAL MEANING TO 2012


The spiral contracting, according to Terence McKenna :

                                                                          TIMEWAVE ZERO.

                                                                SEEKING THE STONE PART I




I can give you the nature of this time now as I understand it :


The mystery school is a spiritual journey, full of initiations to ascend beyond the normal run of the mill existence. yes it is all in there, but of course one is initiated based on ones inner reality.

It is a journey under which the goddess offers you the chance to venture into the underworld to face ones own shadow.


If one passes the initiations correctly, then one becomes openly aware and in communication with the higher dimensions, fail and you join the elite sick people.


All that we are experiencing today globally is the great spirit forcing all man to experience what it has refused to journey for 7000 years.

All that is false is being destroyed as Pluto the great feminine deconstructs all that is built in Capricorn, Religion, state, finance, work.


So I underwent this journey from 1993 to 2000, and have understood that which man is born to understand.

Man as a whole is now forced to face all its nonsense, whether you like it or not.

many will take their own life rather than face their own shadow, many will not make this initiation rite.



The truth is what we are facing today has nothing to do with the elite…what goes here today in the run up to 2012, is the deconstruction of all that is false. It just so happens that everything we hold dear, as truth, is ‘garbage’, with a capital G.


As Pluto, that ever so graceful female energy careers through Capricorn, which is the house of belief, structure, institution, etc, all these false creations of man are being destroyed.

(With religion it is man’s un-initiated understanding that is being stripped away, not the real symbolism)


Man is being forced to do what man is born to do, but has refused to face for 7000 years, man is being forced to journey into the underworld, to face the ‘Dweller on the Threshold under the Kabbalah doctrine, under the Grail symbolism, to meet the ‘Dark knight’, and of course man is thus being forced to face itself, all the warts you refuse to acknowledge.

It works with the Moon doctrines also, and the Greek legends, but that’s another story.


Man has projected all that it fears into the world, then bombs it! And you think this ideology can carry through into the next age??? NAAAA God Bless Ya.


The elite as the shadow creators, the mimickers of the true creation, are presenting the fact they are so powerful they are responsible for all the chaos, thus they can control the chaos, and ensure they become the saviours of man, of course in return we have to allow the creation of their New World Order, which will keep them in power, and like the last 7000 years, they can prevent man from journeying on the spiritual path, keeping this dimension as the gross expression it has become. Each time one refuses to acknowledge the dark side of ones nature, that aspect of your soul splits from your being and walks the other dimension, lost and thus feeds the masters of all that is imbalanced…man feeds the demon in its refusal to accept all its parts.



What we had under common law, was the means to cordial society, a chieftain structure with the chief role to absolve disagreements among the people. The chief only took power in a time of war, and the chief was the sole diplomat between all other tribes.


This was the system in Sweden, a system so successful, many countries would ask that the Swedes come in and create the same in their lands, not rule or govern, but to show the way of balanced existence.


This system was the basis of the African tribes, matriarchal in their expression, not patriarchal. It was found in the native tribes of the Americas, North and South.


So we have a common ground under which the old matriarchal systems took their root. This system was the old Atlantean, NORDIC system, the peoples who left Atlantis around 52-36000 years ago. They made civilisation in Egypt also.


This is the teaching of my ancestors, whom I re-connected too after initiating under the true doctrines of all the symbolism found in all religions. In Egypt when the Hyksos took over from the Akkadian empire, the root of all that is evil, they mixed their Satanic mystery school with that of the Egyptian, and at the request of Nebuchadnezzar, who needed the sacred doctrines of the Hyksos to make his new tower ( belief system), to work. From this shadow coming together, of these Temple of the Sun which had taken over Atlantis, came the Hebrew mystery school doctrine the Kabbalah, and the Talmud. This is what is meant when the Biblical tales talk of ‘cutting one off from his people’, they mean your ancestors by destroying the true doctrines and creating a lesser one or two or three.


The Talmud is the doctrine to ensure the demon takes its food from man, in the first instant to instil the blood rites which connects with the children of the shadows (abyss) and brings them fourth, then the paedophilia and rape within the Talmud which feeds the demon with the energy burst they require, and from this we get war, the destruction of our connection to nature (true paganism), and thus we lost the bridge to the heavenly spirits and source :

                                                                 NATURE IS THE BRIDGE.


When one studies Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell, one is only playing with the shadow meaning to the symbolism, they want you to hate the new world order so they can instigate martial law.


Under the grail symbolism, the male which comes out of the female, is tasked to find his personal path set before his birth… to become the hero. In consciously taking on his initiation rite path, he undergoes the path into the labyrinth of the underworld. the underworld has many castles through which the hero must travel, the castle of sensuality, wealth, protection, power, etc, all these castles want the hero to forget his quest and remain with them, because they have failed on the quest.


This is symbolic of breaking down all the egoic aspects to man, for only the true immortal aspect to all man will leave all the castle behind to continue his journey to find the holy grail.


The final castle has the greatest of Kings, but this king is impotent, symbolised in his wound to the groin, the King cannot make manifest the spiritual realm into his kingdom, even though he is the greatest of men


The wounded king is so because he cannot give up his kingdom, thus he cannot enter the realm of the highest spirit. Parsifal of the grail stories is said to fail in his quest because he fails to ask the right questions of the grail . The hero loves Guinevere, she can also see in him that he may just complete the quest, and gives him her energy, thus Camelot is broken. Success!!!


So the grail story as we are given it, misses the real end, purposefully, to keep the idea of king alive and at the top, with the idea, Camelot must return as a kingdom.


The Lord of the Rings plays into this false doctrine also by presenting the idea we are at the time for the return of the King.


So what is the grail?


It is the place from whence we are born…it is the realm of the goddess in her highest form, because from the womb of the feminine energy is the universe born.


Can one see why the female is destroyed in the three religions of the line of kings?

They are the un-initiated failures of the spiritual quest, they are the shadow, who because they are refused the key to the kingdom of the heavens and LIFE itself… they hate spirit, they destroy mans chance to travel the quest for the grail.


Everything you know is but the shadow speaking, this is why good men join the sick parade and worship at the feet of sickness then wonder why they are not fulfilled in the spirit.

The Christian symbolism is this symbolism, Did not the King die….the pagan doctrines without the blood rites are also this symbolism.


Jesus did not die, his right to the Kingship died as he left the madness to continue his journey and teaching, the story is symbolic, but if you do not understand the story, the literal interpretation is then all you have, and as we know there are many who will happily pull you along by the neck with it ,for it gives them power……


Now it is time for all who claim to be Christian, Jew and Muslim, to understand my words and let us remove the sickness from power in this nation, and cease playing around with new systems that only mimic the shadow.


That’s revolution my friends…..


So what is missing from the western philosophies in relation to finding the true path to spiritual Life?

The Shaman is what is missing from our cold western society; Shaman's who traverse the spirit world to bring back the lost parts of man's soul, back to the owner of that part. Until this is accomplished by all man, spiritual advancement to wholeness is impossible. Just think of all those lost parts swimming in the other dimensions, there because of trauma experienced by individual man, in many cases carried out by the very elite networks exposed on this page. We have to become whole to move on in the spirit. Just look at the world and what the masters of the negative energy have almost created by utilising all those lost parts of soul.


So you want to know what to do in this time now??? Bring all your parts, warts and all, back into the whole and healing can be achieved, then and only then can one hope to make sense of the coming years ahead. I can tell you one very important issue in this regard...keep well away from those murdering thickos who call themselves doctors, their medicine is aimed not at bringing balance but to ensure balance can never be achieved. All illness is dis-ease of the spirit first...the expression of this spirit dis-ease then shows itself in the physical...Soul cleansing is the only way out of this mess on a personal and thus global level, we are all connected to everything, what we have in this world today, is the culmination of this whole age, we are the past present and in this ever present immortal moment, is the future created.







                                                                                                                  COPYRIGHT 2008-2009




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The New Mayor of London Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

Boris Johnson is a direct descendent of King George II


His father Stanley Johnson :


Stanley Patrick Johnson (born 18 August 1940 in Cornwall) is a British politician and author, and a noted expert on environmental and population issues [1]. He was a Conservative MEP from 1979 to 1984 and is former employee of the World Bank and the European Commission

On his father's side Johnson is great-grandson of Ali Kemal Bey, a liberal Turkish journalist and the interior minister in the government of Damat Ferid Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, who was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence.[5] During World War I, Boris's grandfather and great aunt were recognised as British subjects and took their grandmother's maiden name of Johnson. In reference to his cosmopolitan ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a "one-man melting pot" — with a combination of Muslims, Jews and Christians comprising his great-grandparentage. His father's maternal grandmother, Marie Louise de Pfeffel, was a descendent of Prince Paul of Württemberg through his relationship with a German actress. Through Prince Paul, Johnson is a descendent of King George II of Great Britain, and through George's great-great-great grandfather King James I of England, a descendent of all the previous British royal houses.


Boris's grandfather and great aunt were recognised as British subjects and took their grandmother's maiden name of Johnson. In reference to his cosmopolitan ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a "one-man melting pot" - with a combination of Muslims, Jews and Christians comprising his great-grandparentage.