THE STRATEGY





The Elite Private Banking Families Modus Operandi :


To better understand the change from the idea of creator given rights to life, liberty, and property, to all men, as opposed to state giving these rights, took hold through a group of German philosophers; Fitch, Nietzsche, Wundt, as the leading lights amongst other thinkers which would give birth to what was the ‘Old World Feudal Order, reborn to be known as communism. It would be the very time at which the basis of the reformation idea of individual direct communion with source, would be defeated to give the Roman bloodlines that which they prefer, fascist dictatorship, the installation of which we currently suffer as the insane idea’s final phase of usurpation of all that is good in Britain and the western nations. Our systems beset by full blown attack to give this very change to outright dictatorship moving on as I write.

What is it that gave this means to deceive all the populations, of all countries, to accept the idea what we had was bad, and we need total control of all aspects of our lives to be administered by the state?


I would quote Hegel :


“The state is the general substance, whereof individuals are but mere accidents.”


“The state alone possesses rights.”


“The state incarnates the divine idea upon the Earth.”


So what is the basis of the American Constitution, and the common law system which was England’s social, political and legal system, way before the Magna Carta, how was this system swept away over a 200 year time frame, right under the noses of the populations regardless of which political and religious divide was in play? By means of what has become known as the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’. I know many of you have heard the term many times, but I find many do not fully understand its true expression as it operates in our entire social structures. Basically we know no different in   this time today, especially since the destruction of history through the 20th century, beginning in the US under the foundations networks, of which

 Norman Dodd explains in great detail, systematic in Britain, accomplished after the cull and recuperation from every war our nation fought. In the US it was carried out to ‘ensure’… America joined in the war song of the Europeans

‘s. Basically today and through the 20th century, although this history destruction has been used throughout history itself, to serve those currently in power, the 20th century was what I would term the height of this manipulation, to prepare the scene for the timeline to 2012, at which the elite aim to fully shut down the globe under the system expressed so dastardly well in Germany from 1933 to 1939, which shifted political power to the global corporations, or the corporations control the state of a nation completely. Of course the global corporations such as GEC, Northrop, are the mere merchant divisions of the international banking families, the banks of course ultimately control the corporations, so we are speaking in terms of an agenda by the same ruling families, who since the 17th century and the installation of the central banks, have manoeuvred all nations economies via the industrial revolution’s creation of mass employment, directly into their hands, with consent, albeit ignorant consent, from the populations. So it is the same old psychopathic families we can trace from Babylon through Egypt, Troy, to Italy, and from Italy by using this brilliant Hegelian strategy in the event known as the reformation, spread the same evil system across the globe while remaining hidden behind their new creed which pertained to opposition of the old order, expanding, first from Holland, and then from London. There is a clue to the immensity of this agenda when one looks at the reality of Henry VIII, who was the facilitator to this very change in Britain by bringing in the doctrine of the maniac Luther, which created the division in Britain leading to the English devil; Oliver Cromwell, who would undo probably the only decent thing Edward I accomplished, when he removed the moneylenders from England. But even that is a tad separated from the truth, because the same bloodlines that controlled the Dutch moneylenders also controlled the moneylenders in England and Scotland…’The Templars’. So the accusation Edward I was decent, holds no water save from ensuring no change to the status quo. Hegelian Dialectic And False Flag Events.


So the reformation was nothing other than the Hegelian dialectic in fine form, which proves the idea, the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’, was resurrected by the German philosophers, and was certainly not created by them.

So what is this strategy used so well for so many years, a strategy missed by definition of the fact very few actually understand its expression?

First the elite decide what outcome of change they want, which would be fought tooth and nail by all, should they venture to announce it openly.

To achieve this they would concoct two opposing concepts which are carefully structured and constantly moderated and presented to the populations.

The two opposing ideas would be constructed to lead both sides to accepting a third idea, so each force would have within them the third idea, of course being the very change and outcome desired by the elite. Each force would have extreme almost fanatical concepts, which the coveted outcome would remove, thus both sides, preferring the less extreme expressions of both camps… fooled, deceived, hoodwinked…accept the third idea without any idea this is the very outcome required by those ever so secretive super elite.


To ensure the reformation, the one existing force in this case, the Catholic Church, is turned into a idiosyncratic, almost nemesis of its supposed teaching, charging for absolvement of sin etc. this creates outright epileptic shock amongst the faithful…enter Martin Luther and the already seething discontent even hatred for the Vatican are thrown together under the umbrella, ‘Protest-ant ism’. Based on the same doctrine and therefore the very same hierarchical structure, we have a mirror image of the same but with fresh gusto to build an empire to oppose the old order.


So the obvious third idea, the change required by the elite was thus created and the takeover of the whole world commenced with two empires playing off against each other, the land grab was the push, each to prevent the other from gaining absolute power.


Also accomplished by this division would be to destroy the power of the monarchy in favour of a, ‘people’s parliament’, when in fact parliament was controlled by the same landowner Nobles, who just happened to be fanatical expressions of ‘the faith’, and thus demanded a king from their ideology so no real change here then!


The continuation of this Hegelian Dialectic would express itself through Cromwell who would remove the king, the protector of the faith and its doctrines, one piece of doctrine just happened to prevent usury on money lending, a stumbling block for the installation of the elites overall grand agenda which was to instil the Central Banks, to which control of the government would be handed, of course once the private bankers had persuaded the government to borrow their funny money.

In the case of the English government, they refused to borrow outright, but the elite with so great a reach, also had the same move going on in France, and thus created war between the two nations, forcing both to accept the terms for government borrowing, and the secret cabal of elites moved yet further into the background whilst wielding yet more power.


The elite of the reformation then used the very same deceptive system upon the populations through class envy, racial division, and political division right down to village level, suggesting, in fact proving beyond any doubt, nothing but the names change, the same game, the opposing forces each controlled by finance and thus both have the same masters. It is through this dialectic that the changes required by the elite cabal have born fruit, because in the confusion and eagerness for blaming enemies, the fact both ideas are the same, controlled by the same is missed, that knowledge of the reality becomes occult, secret, and the means to prevention of laying before you of hard facts, absolute proof of the conspiracy so great in its size and deviousness…

One would expect the many to see the reality, alas the system ensures none but the wealthy would have the time to actually look beyond the promulgated garbage set fourth from the top of the pyramid, even then, one would realise ones wealth was only secure by keeping the system alive, so expect nothing from the wealthy to turn the tide, they have a vested interest as the people become ‘awakened’.


This is were serious thoughts of total amnesty for all who come forward with information, or begin to act against the elite from within, has to enter the arena, join with us.


Of course throughout history there have been those who can see, and the response from the elite to those who have the courage to step forward is drastic and brutal, if one gets beyond the immediate ridicule one receives…they kill them. Today is different in that the conspiracy is showing itself in real time, so for those of us who today are doing all we can to enlighten the masses, we have by far the greatest means of accomplishing this because we are reporting events as they happen today, so all can see if they want too, trouble is you don’t want to see because you will be forced to act for or against, something the faith institutions have driven from man’s soul on account of the fact all are awaiting a saviour figure to do it for them, so they wait.

What we all await is truth, it is here, but truth of the conspiracy alone will help nothing, only by acting against it will we defeat it, we are given the truth in this time now, we must act with the power of truth under will and courage, and do it ‘NOW’.


“This Is What We Have Been Told Will Return.. Join The Energy”


To look at our social systems today, we find only support for everything that is destructive to the system itself; tell me how that would benefit us all?  We then destroy all those who wish balance and a system that works, usually via class distinction. The higher classes will not listen to those not born into their class, the lower classes distrusting everyone above theirs, and the middle class fully obedient of the system itself…Hegelian Dialectic in action. The fear of the top against the working class, keeps the division alive, with the middle class keeping the system going. We all need each other if the aim is to keep the system alive, paddy the builder will not be able to become, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alaister Darling could not build a house, and neither understand the method of the elite classes….we need each other in order to defeat the elect families who do wield the power, through the international banking cartel.

If we take the American Civil War as our next example, we find the historical facts as to what the war was actually about, is a deception. History tells us the Civil War was based on the analysis of slavery, this is as far from the truth as one could possibly reach, it was financial issues between the North and the South which turned into the Civil War, the slavery bit pushed in there to divert attention to the fact it was the ‘Nemesis’ to the American Republic raising it’s ugly head again, the installation of a Central bank refuted by Jackson. It was the tariff issue which was used to create the schism, in that the North was industrialised, while the South was agricultural, and very self determining by definition of the fact the basic needs of food and all hemp products such as ropes for the ships, cloths, linen’s etc, were produced on their lands, whilst the North was all about products not essential to survival, technology, industry etc. The South imported much of its industrial products from England, a major problem for the survival of the North, because it produced the same products as England, while England had the market covered. Of course the South in its size would give the North a constant sales ledger if they could force the South to purchase from them, all they purchased from England, remembering the plan was to shift the military empire from England to the Americas, so England’s might, under the government, was being systematically destroyed, and handed to the Crown Temple, the Inner City. The North set higher tariffs forcing the South to purchase from the North. The South then faced more competition from agricultural produce with the North purchasing from other producers, so the South was being squeezed on many fronts and withdrew from the Union, Albert Pike ensuring this on behalf of the British Crown, under his Scottish Rite Obligations, as was Lincoln, in acting against the South.   for full details of how they are changing schools to become military boot camps.


The Dialectic is further proven in the fact the populations are programmed to see the right as the players for war, yet everything that is detrimental to decent society save for the Bush’s terms in office comes from the left, yet the Bush’s are Jesuit controlled, the Jesuits openly admit that communist-fascism is their preffered means of total control, go figure.. Because this split in personality exists in almost all the populations at all levels,  it is 'we the people' who need to address this madness inherent in our being, only then can we shift the paradigm so we are acting against the dialectic and not as we always are, expressing the dialectic. The reason war has in recent times come from the right is to help promote the installation of communism across the democratic nations, the very aim of the elite bloodlines, communism with fascism is their preferred modus operandi for total control, just think Roman Empire under the Emperors, and you can see what they are installing today. I distinctly remember George W Bush kiss the ring of a Jesuit priest as he took office, a shot we never saw again.


To give example of the dialectic in action, on Race, colour, culture, and religion :


The Colour is just a DNA response to climate, but not if you listen to the white grey haired people who sit at the eugenics table demanding we all die so they can exist without the fear of being found out relative to how they actualy exist.


The cultural division created under the event known as the Tower of Babel, whereby the surviving races from the deluge began to build cities or towers as they were so named at the time, (also symbolises the fact the survivors were again building a spiritual 'tower' or 'ladder', to the higher realms). The elite priesthood from Atlantean times who had gone underground literally, and those who had left the earth to their bases on Mars and the Moon, (the very move being reproduced today with the space programmes) began to move big groups of the survivors around the planet, teaching differing languages and blood rite pagan beliefs, creating the basis for the global divisions we have today.


The religious division is based in many cases on tribal hierarchy, the stories thereof domestically, and including the battles with enemies internationally. The religions we have today are from within each culture, the differences within each doctrine being used to heighten only the divisive aspects within each doctrine, they do however have a common origin, I would suggest a study of Ralph Ellis’s work; Part I  Part II, in which he offers a basis of common root scholars would be wise to expand upon if we are to change the path of conflict to that of the basic human expression of cooperation, best achieved through trade, the New World Order dissolves this by definition of the fact so few control all trade, and the manufacture of goods via regulation and tax.


We have division of the sexes :

Male against female

Heterosexual against Homosexual

Trans-gender against Heterosexual-Homosexual

Bisexual against Heterosexual-Homosexual


We have division between Producer and the Environmentalist

Democracy-Capitalism against Communism-Fascism (Capitalism is a term invented by Communist’s)

This division exists right down to the pub one 'used' to go too! also the brand of product, when all products have the same corporation nexus, we know nothing else; it is our programme to see all in a dualistic good - bad context. To chase the money, one finds the same Foundations-Charities, government departments in the mix, and of course controlling the above we find the corporations, all banking cartel financed, financing every side in every division, therefore we have a mind constructing division for its own ends, the opposite of cooperation and cohesion, the opposite of natural law. To keep such an agenda secret, is to conspire, in keeping such a secret, then all paper trails are removed, and history has no point of reference to expose the scam, at least via normal means, the evidence is right before our eyes once we learn to see it in the language in which it speaks.


The Dialectic.


A predetermined result is required, we will call this E.

Two opposing positions need to be created in a controlled language, to limit the debate (made easier with Political Correctness and buzzwords and phrases), This ensures the debate stays within certain parameters, not letting the true aim or position E out in to the open during debates, we will call these debating positions, positions A and B.


Debate is then created by first releasing position A, which is radical and extreme and will be vehemently attacked by the public. Enter position B, less fanatical and extreme, but very radical, covering most aims held within position E.

The debate begins pushing to another position having eradicated the extreme positions of A & B, we can call this position C.

Position C, will then be debated which will lead ultimately to position E, the very aim as those promulgating the dialectic for their own ends, the people involved in the hu ha, hoodwinked to the real mechanism playing out here, position E implemented, everybody happy the more extreme elements were defeated.

It is the language in which the debate is carried out that ensures the elite get position E, Change, education education education, tough on crime, etc, vague sound bites without the real meaning of the intent revealed.


In today’s society, one of the most important levels of tyranny comes from the Judiciary, only with the complacency of the law regime, (we are of course speaking of statutes, not Common law), can any subversive agenda on a scale in which the takeover of a nation as the aim, can be achieved. The Judiciary is but a level of bureaucracy between the controlling elites and the populations, it works in the favour of the elites against the populations, and to fund itself requires that the populations are forever breaking statutes which require financial penalties, then have the state finance the incarceration of the populations, you have a business.


This idea of statute laws has been achieved over many centuries in Britain using the Hegelian Dialectic to the point we now have our Common law foundation totally usurped by a false shadow system whereby one man is the Judge, instructing the Jury how to think in terms of a case. The true idea of a 'Common law Judge', is to mean ones piers, the Jury itself, so without a subversive Judiciary, takeover of a nation under common law, cannot be achieved.


To get a better idea of what is happening under the current financial turmoil we have to understand the tax situation.


Income Tax revenue collection in the UK can be broken down into three categories :

Tax collected from the working class….around 1%

Tax collected from the upper class around 20%

Tax collected from the middle class around 79%


So one can see to raise revenue it has to be aimed directly at the middle class, and in this current crisis, it is the middle class who are baring the brunt of the cash flow problems while they legislate to ensure yet more revenue will be collected in the future, which moves us ever closer to dependance on the state, the end result is 'communism'..





                                  THE GLOBAL STRUCTURE


Everything we see happening before our eyes in the world of finance today, has been acheived with the installation of the 'Central Bank' agenda, put into place across Europe in the 17th century, and the many battles around the world from this time, have been the expansion of this very solid foundation on which the wealthy bloodline families have ensured not only the collection of great wealth for themselves, but the means to prevention of any one save for those they in one way or another control, from gaining wealth. An operation so vast and carried out over many thousands of years, this cabal of private families, has almost secured total control of all. 'WE'; have allowed fiat money to become god, they control fiat money, they aim to become god.


After The Second World War :


In July 1944, as the Second World War came to a close, there was held a meeting in Bretton Woods. Attending this meeting would be 750 international financiers who were set to decide what was to be done in the aftermath of the destruction. We can pretty well position two very key players at this meeting : Harry Dexter White and John Maynard Keynes. Only five nations were deemed of sound economic value :




Great Britain




The reason for this decision of who was economically sound or not; was based purely on the gold status of nations, gold being the backdrop of Fiat Money during those times. At this time there were only three nations in which this fiat money was concentrated, America, Switzerland, and Canada, and so this three determined the policy of the meeting, the rest were just there to listen and learn. Of course what has to be understood is the fact that America and Canada are London controlled completely, so we can see clearly here that the British government and indeed governments of the other attendees, have been secured as mere puppets unto the dictate of the elite banking cabal, which for the post war period as far as the populations are concerned would seem to have moved to the USA.

John Maynard Keynes put forward the move to untie all monetary valuation  from gold, the Swiss refused the plan. This is how the Dollar became the international medium of exchange to which all other currencies would be tied.

The Dollar in its value tied to gold worked out at : $35.00 per ounce, one Dollar being 1/35th of the value of one troy ounce of gold.


If we look at the systems created after the Bretton Woods doctrine was put into place, the international cabal's agenda becomes very clear indeed :




This was created to act as the world central bank, the bank that banks would go to…. to borrow money. The organisation of this bank is very similar to that of the Federal Reserve System in the US, of course this is bound to be so given the same families operate both. The BIS, located in BaselSwitzerland, is controlled by the Basel Committee. The Committee is made up of ministers sent from each G20 country. Now this is were it gets strange, because the latter suggests the BIS is some sort of debating shop, all the while each G20 nation is in the hands of the World Bank by definition of the fact they all borrow from the World Bank and it’s International Monetary Fund, so it is a smokescreen and seems to be way beyond the wit of the G20 ministers, La la land….

The same protocol is acted out by the Chairman of the BIS as that of the Federal Reserve; I say protocol because they are certainly not expressing their 'real' power through the eyes of the media lens. BIS, in its main function, is for the settlement of transactions among central banks of participating economies, but a very important function is also under the wing of BIS, setting the standards at which a banks assets, and therefore its capital value, are fixed, thus determining the lending ability of the particular central bank. Also BIS has as its responsibility the coordination and distribution of currency, and the sufficient supply thereof. That is power indeed over a single bank, but to have this influence over many central banks….you have a very powerful tier of control over every economy within the web; who rises…who falls, can be played with ease with such influence and to those outside the web, a giant of a financial Leviathan to force all competition to its will.


The BIS says of itself :


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international organisation which fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks.

The BIS fulfils this mandate by acting as :


A forum to promote discussion and policy analysis among central banks and within the

    international financial community

A centre for economic and monetary research

A prime counterparty for central banks in their financial transactions

    agent or trustee in connection with international financial operations


The head office is in Basel, Switzerland and there are two representative offices: in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and in Mexico City.

Established on 17 May 1930, the BIS is the world's oldest international financial organisation.

As its customers are central banks and international organisations, the BIS does not accept deposits from, or provide financial services to, private individuals or corporate entities. The BIS strongly advises caution against fraudulent schemes, the latter of course being a joke... on you!





Coming as a direct result of the Bank of International Settlements, through which the private banking cartel can carry out its obligations, we have the World Bank, formed as ‘the Lender’, primarily lending to governments to implement the infrastructure thus dictated by the BIS, in order to satisfy the loan criteria, or the loan would not be forthcoming. Taking into consideration that the demands thus made by the BIS after the war and thus from the World Bank, were a continuation of the decrees laid down by the same private banking families when the majority of the Western nations were bankrupt in  1930, which basically left all nations requiring loans from the international bankers, via their own central banks. The decrees before the war ensured all the Western nations became militarised, ready for the coming World War II, after which the demand from this private cartel to further borrow to rebuild the nations destroyed,  would set the scene for total takeover of all economies via privatisation, and in the UK, to allow Labour to promise all the contradictory ideas they won the election on, example; full employment and a welfare state…the first cancelling the need for the latter, and the creation of the biggest killer of the UK populations, the NHS.... And for the real disaster,  the demands also included the requirement; ‘every citizen of each nation to be put up as collateral’, something today’s financial crisis is about to harvest under all the legislation placed into our system under New Labour, which removes all our rights as people, and begins the harvest of we the people  as commodities to be used as dictated by the same banking Cartel busy forming the system under which every person with a social security number will be either culled, sent to war, used as organ donors for paying clients, our children sold into slavery and paedophile rings, basically sent anywhere in the world this cartel sees fit. As the protocols state so clearly, they are coming to their kingdom, a kingdom that is so brutal, so evil, that for the last many centuries after their routing by St George, has existed in secret and underground….they are shifting their kingdom onto the world we know, and because of all the law they have instilled into our systems via the tyrannical judiciary, there will be nothing we can do about it at all. We must stop this now before it is too late to act.


Depositors and borrowers involved in the World Bank are not individuals but governments.

The scheme or fund thus created out of the BIS and its World Bank, is called the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and in the same structure as the BIS, its governing board is made up by members of the G20, who are already under the dictate of the banking cartel, thus can only continue while we all go along with the banking cartel’s dictate. So the G20 Summits are a farce, because the outcome has already been decided by definition of the fact that the governments to which each World Bank board member represents, have already been forced to implement the will of the cartel since the Second World War, under all the agreements were signed, and of course the Bilderberg meetings scoop up the straglers. So in presenting the G20 Summits as somehow the deciding event on financial policy, is a conspiracy in itself, all those who attend these summits are therefore actors in the conspiracy, for they hide the reality thus presented on this page, the elite conspirators are those families who own the upper levels of the banking system. The main players in this group are Switzerland, UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein, and yes this same cartel controls the finances of China, India, in fact all nations who borrow money. So this idea China is somehow acting as its own garbage.

So indeed through this global system, we can see the providers of credit, money, and the dictation of all financial transactions, is in the hands of a very small number of puppet families, the reality of the conspiracy cannot be denied by any intelligent mind.

The story takes an even more dastardly turn after the same elite assassinated John F Kennedy, who was to destroy the banking cartel’s hold on the global finance. Under Johnson, a serious banking puppet indeed, the banking elite would change the money supply from Dollars based on a very miniscule amount of gold held by the US government, because the gold held was insufficient to continue use of the dollar as the international monetary standard, the solution under the dictatorship of the cartel, was to implement what was termed; ‘forfeit finance’.

This was possibly the start of the destruction of ther power of the Dollar, in sync with hiding the fact that the US was soon to discover two of the largest oil wells on the planet in Alaska.  The system moved to the position whereby international transactions are secured through a guarantee (aval), which is a form of guarantee under what is termed; ‘Code Napoleon’, and is issued by major banks in the form of a document.

This guarantee scheme would be organised by the; International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, and thus the Dollar requirement was alleviated, keeping the system alive without violating the Bretton Woods Treaty.

This very move gave the International banking cartel massive fee dividends on issue of the guarantees :


Reduced reserve (collateral) requirements on all international transactions.


Gave support to all international transactions by the central banks, the World Bank and BIS. Thereby centralising control of the said banks, into a yet smaller amount of hands.


Off -balance sheet accounting on the transactions.


Legally ranking deposit funds and Instruments the same.


Allowed to influence depositor funds with central banks using them as collateral instruments to borrow.


Withholding of documents to collect the interest kickback.


Consolidation of multiple transfer documents, giving the ability to borrow in excess of $100 million at low rates.


The next phase in this financial conspiracy, would give the banking cartel a truly global currency, fully under their control, and would enable the massive mergers and acquisitions within the banking sector to commence on a grand scale.

Under Nixon, the City issued a demand to the American-UK-Ambassador, demanding gold for dollars, his response….”I will tell you tomorrow”. Nixon was then told to untie the dollar from fixed gold valuation, which allowed gold to find its corrected value, increasing the same elite bankers (who control the Federal Reserve) to increase the Fed’s gold supply by ten fold. All participants in the agreement including the UK had to accept America’s decision to work off the gold standard.


The above enabling future diatribes :




Here we have a very subtle means of deception in having the people believe in some way this will make trade all the more achievable by poorer countries, benefit the economy, and upgrade the standard of living for the populations as a whole. The reality however could not be further from the meaning; ‘free’, if it tried. What George Herbert Bush, (popy) achieved at the end of his presidency, was the signing by congress of the NAFTA accord, a means of ensuring massive kick backs for elite bankers on Wall Street, the funding of a political class in the Third World country of their choice, happy to operate for the banking elite without question, and for a very small number of the population, the chance to work in sweat shops for a pittance.


What began with the 1970’s, with the US car manufacturers experimenting with a system which would become known as the Maquiladora process, would take its final form in NAFTA. The Car manufacturers began to move parts to Mexico for assembly, carried out in factories funded directly from Wall Street, and indirectly via the Mexican government. The parts would then be returned to America at a fraction of the cost, having saved the difference $32.00 per hour cost in US, to the $1.15 per hour cost in the Mexican sweat shops, not to mention the fact there was no workers union, no social security payments, and very little in relation to standards of practise expenses, health and safety etc. The system was so spectacular for the bankers, the whole US car manufacturing industry soon jumped on board, spreading, very rapidly, to many other Industries. NAFTA had its foundation set in the US and through the Clinton administration; ‘Free Trade’ was spread across the globe. The result, a catastrophic fall in the democratic nations wealth, and a bigger uptake of the agreements by developing countries, doing nothing for the populations, but funding the political class system within the developing countries, one through which the International Bankers can wield their command.

This then satisfies the New World Order agenda of creating their balanced playing field on which they can build their New World Order, and create feudalism on a global scale, all the while they have gained everything in so much as the fact, the western nations are de-valued, and the developing nations stand no chance of ever developing.


So this idea of free trade, means freedom for the international bankers to enslave all nations under a feudal system that will make the middle ages look like extremely great times, when history clearly shows, might was right, savagery reigned…

So by the greatest of deceptions, the western nations are being pulled apart, and of course most see the western nations as the expression of the reformed mind, or those who dared to split from spiritual dogma of Rome.

And yet even more interesting is the fact the beneficiaries of the balancing act, in the NAFTA agreement - Mexico, from Europe - Africa, from the Pacific – Indonesia; are all countries almost completely controlled by the Vatican, or to be precise, the Jesuits. Now if ever there was a way to see the connection at the top of all the institutions existing on the salvation of your soul, I would say here it is, or the reformed mind never saw it coming, and allowed it to happen??? I think not, it is designed in this way because the whole empire is still that which has its root in the Roman Empire, of which the Vatican is the mere puppet, a façade behind which the Imperial Roman bloodlines hide so cleverly behind.

Free trade is the very means by which the banking families, who just happen to be the remnants of the very same Roman bloodlines, are to destroy all that we as humans have achieved, and place us way back to the Old World Order under which the same bloodlines can rule ever so easily, whilst keeping all the technology and everything beneficial, within their own hands while those left after the mass cull they intend to unleash, live in absolute serfdom and poverty.




The greatest obstacle to full monetary union between all member states, is they must achieve certain criteria :

Inflation must not exceed 1.5% above the average of the 3 lowest states.

The average prime interest rate must not exceed 2% over the lowest 3 states.

The actual deficit of any applying state without the inclusion of unemployment compensation and social security payments may not be more than 3% of GNP (Gross national product).

The total state debt must not exceed 60% of GNP.

Exchange rates with the primary ECM (European Common Market), member states must not have had any major problems within two years prior to application.

These obligations were dictated by the Bundesbank in order they do not have to devalue the German Mark, so we can see that through the German central bank comes the dictate of the European banking families for the countries within the EU itself.


                                          WHAT THEY DO NOT TELL YOU ABOUT THE TREATY


When Douglas Hurd, the then foreign secretary, signed the Maastricht Treaty in February 1992, he committed Britain to a United States of Europe. Of course he and all politicians will tell you differently, they will state there is a get out clause, which says:

“Unless the United Kingdom notifies the Council that it intends to move to the third stage [political and monetary union], it shall be under no obligation to do so.”

What they don’t tell you is this Protocol was over-ruled by another on page P/UP-UEM/en61, which has these paragraphs:
“The high contracting parties…declare the irreversible character of the community’s movement to the third stage of Economic and Monetary Union by signing [my emphasis] the new treaty provisions on Economic and Monetary Union.
Therefore all Member states shall, whether they fulfil the necessary conditions for the adoption of a single currency or not, respect the will for the community to enter swiftly into the third stage, and therefore no member state shall prevent the entry into the third stage.”

Mr. Hurd signed those provisions and therefore committed the UK to those terms. In other words, having lost the power of veto, the UK either accepts political and monetary union or pulls out of the show altogether. So the public debate is a fraud, it is a talking shop to blank the truth about the true connotations of what signing the treaty really meant.

We were supposed to be given a referendum on Europe, and they did try to fix the vote which is the reason behind all the TV programmes encouraging you to vote and thus joining in with the programmes it is to get you all used to TEXT and phone voting but more importantly to TRUST the results when the PHONE LINES have closed. They failed to ensure they had enough control of the right % of votes cast electronicaly, and renaged on their promise of referendum for the UK on the EU. If you do not like this information it is because I am forcing you to realise how silly you are for trusting the TV which is controlled by the same elite bankers and the men in suites as their puppets, hoodwinked as they are blind to all but 'profit'. So if you are wide awake in this moment you are realising how mind control is used through the TV to manipulate you all to see the world and events as the elite insist you all do, and thus, 'we the people' bring about the Global Fascist state that is the NEW WORLD ORDER, by creating enough evil to force you all into handing what pathetic bits of freedom we do have, and you as always gladly obey.
So all politicians since 1992 know this unless of course they are way out of their depths when it comes to the English language, presuming of course they have even bothered to read the treaty... which we know not to be the case
I shall give you the true version of events. Most of society in all strata of government are believers, this in turn puts you at the mercy of those you are told to trust, this trust is never earned but demanded by the elite through their puppets, so if you go to court and do not employ a solicitor or barrister you know you will lose because the LAW does not like people acting for themselves they cannot control it. So we are forced to believe in somebody else to act on our behalf and pay through our noses, it is the same with everything, the elite create 'Expert’s' and 'Advisors' for everything and we all depend on this advice, this mechanism (created by the elite) is the very reason the world is as it is now :

EVERY DECISION IN EVERYTHING HAS BEEN ADVISED AT ALL LEVELS BY THE ELITE’S WHORES, and those of us who do speak for ourselves attract ridicule and crucifixion from you all just like most of you will be aiming at me with my attempt at helping you to help society, he is an idiot, a nutter, its treason EXECUTE him. Sound familiar?

So what awaits us now if we do not get off our backsides very quickly? A Europe of regions controlled by the unselected European commissioners and the six members of the executive board of the European Central Bank who will have control of the single currency and the reserves of each member ‘state’. These six people, who will control the whole European Union, shall “be appointed from among persons of recognised standing and professional experience in monetary and banking matters”. (Maastricht Treaty, Article 109a, page UP-UEM/eu41.) IN THEIR EIGHT YEARS OF GUARANTEED SECURITY OF TENURE, these super six bankers of the Global Elite “may not seek or take instructions from community institution…. Or any other body”. The European dictatorship will be complete. Only we the people can stop this. Read that all day until the truth of it sinks in.
This same deceit by politicians is being used presently in regard to the European constitution...or the real truth is, none of the politicians understand the constitution and indeed many have not even read it...


           And Worse...Tony Blair is to take command of the EU as the 'Permenant President' Time to shit or act people



In conclusion :

The result of these private organisations is the International Monetary Fund, to which all governments must approach on bended knee for credit, currency, and then use the given finance in exactly the way dictated in the terms of the loans, this is how the banking elite have taken over the whole of global finance. what we are seeing today is the elite cartel ensuring our economies get into so much debt, now, that down the line they default, and all assets belonging to each government will be scooped up by the cartel, so this crash today is only phase I in this scam, bailing out banks is borrowing billions to pay the cartel who own the bailed out banks and companies, and all the debt has the taxpayers of all these economies liable. That is serfdom, it is the Old World Order presented as some kind of super evolution of civilisation.


It is time to stop pussyfooting around and stop these psychopaths from achieving their goal, at least then we can see who the real enemy of peace and balance, are, and do what is necessary to remove their control of the global system.


                                                                                To be continued...



                                                                                                                                   Copyright 2009













Understanding International Finance An Essential Requirment In Understanding What Is Going On Today




                   FURTHER STUDY BIS.



                 SENIOR BIS OFFICIALS



                   GLOBAL CURRENCY








The Hegelian Dialectic

Bank For International Settlements

The World Bank


Maastricht Treaty



              MONEY AS THE SERVENT



In 1865, just before the close of the Civil War, President Lincoln
declared his new monetary policy: 

"The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency
and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government
and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these
principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest.
Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity….
The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme
prerogative of government, but it is the governments' greatest



             1930'S BANKRUPT NATIONS



In Europe, the International Bankers in 1930 declared several nations
bankrupt, including the United States. In 1933, immediately after
Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office, his first act as President was
to publicly declare the United States bank holiday.  He further went
on to issue his Presidential Executive Order on March 5th, 1933 that
all United States Citizens must turn in all their gold in return for
Federal Reserve Notes.  This was passed into law by Congress on June
5, 1933.


We the People turned in all our gold at that time.  Why?  Were we
United States Citizens?  No.  We were still a sovereign people until
that time.  We just thought that we were required to turn in all our
gold. Only those people living in Washington, D.C., and the 14th
Amendment Citizens were so required.  As sovereigns, we were not
under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, which
incorporated in 1872.  

When we turned in our gold, we just volunteered to be citizens of the
jurisdiction of the ten miles square of WashingtonD.C. and their
laws. We became 14th Amendment Citizens. Our birth certificates, the
title to our bodies, were registered at the Department of Commercial.
This title to our bodies, all of our property and all of our future
labour, was pledged to the International Bankers as security for the
money owed in bankruptcy.  This was done under the authority of
commercial law (Babylonian law) by and through Title. The American
People were not in bankruptcy. Only the Corporate UNITED STATES was
in bankruptcy.  But with the US Corporation holding the title to your
body and life, you could be used for collateral to secure the
national debt through the birth certificate given by parents
voluntarily to be entered into the Commercial Registry. This act, in
commerce, gave Title to your body by way of a "constructive"

Next, the government created an artificial 'person' in your name, a
corporation, a fictitious entity to take its place in a virtual
reality of contract law and corporations.  By and through an adhesion
contract, the government then made you, the real man or woman,
responsible for that fictional entity, a fiduciary and surety for an
artificial entity.  Your artificial entity secured the National debt
and through it, you became a 14th Amendment Citizen of the UNITED
STATES. In other words, they got you to think and act as though you
really were that fictional entity.  You agreed by your action or
failure to act. YOU adhered to a contract offer because you thought
or acted as though you were the receiver of the offer.  In doing so,
YOU were presumed to have ACCEPTED THE CONTRACT.





                     FURTHER POINTERS



                     THE CORPORATION




































              HOW THE CRASH BEGAN.



Tuesday 27th February 2007

Alan Greenspan occult master and high Illuminati initiate announces:

“The USA could face a recession because profits are levelling out”

At the close of trading

FTSE fell by 199

DOW fell by 419

On the Newsnight programme the first ‘official story’ or excuse was:

Private investors have cashed in £10.9 billion thus removing that amount from the markets.

£6 billion taken again from the market in dividends

Totalling £16.9 billion.


Wednesday 28th February 2007

The fall continues affecting many more stock markets:


FTSE fell by lunchtime 2%

China fell by lunchtime 9%

DAX fell by lunchtime 3%


The second claim for blame is issued on the BBC Working Lunch programme stating:

“Rumours of a new capitol gains tax to be implemented in China.”

Claiming this affected the Chinese stock market which then affected around the world.

They then point out that when you take into account differing economies ‘Trade Balance’, then China’s economy plays no effect to the big economies.

Britain’s economy is affected in the main by the USA and Europe.

So the Chinese problems are not the cause.

So both of these shall we say ‘official’ ideas for cause are floored. £16.9 billion is pennies in the stock markets and would not blip the stock market. China because it exports more than it imports ensures its affect on the big economies is very minimal.

What is happening in the stock market is a play which of course is secret, known only to the Illuminati financiers, announced by just such a financier, Alan Greenspan.

Greenspan was thus giving the go ahead to commence this secret move... On this mans spoken sentence big moves are commencing with the stock market. One of the first policy changes to keep your eye on will be the banks change of mood to lending, thus the squeeze on nation economies will be mirrored in domestic lending to both private and commercial borrowers. These moves could be to create a big cashing in and create a crisis to change the banking mood and bring about this very policy of capped lending proving the control these financiers wield, take note. [As of May 2007 HSBC has tightened its lending criteria, negative equity will be the next big worry, so we can see with this squeeze on lending beginning, a carbon copy of the 1980’s manipulation. Do not forget on the back of this one they will push for the electronic currency and great changes to the financial world all linked to the aims of the new world order.]

The Newsnight programme reinforced the China to blame scenario, also talking about Alan Greenspan’s speech about possible recession in America this year.

So far I still hold to the Greenspan comments activated all this movement. The markets towards the end of the day were:


FTSE      down by 115 points.

Hansang down by 19.4 points

DOW              up   71.3 points

NASDAQ up by    11   points


So it looks like the panic and fear could subside, an expert on BBC News said they would know by Friday how it is to pan out in China. This Greenspan comment could be to pre-empt big financial changes to governments, a change to the rules of the financial game to place a cap on borrowing. On March 1st, Brown announces he wish’s to keep civil servants including medical staff’s wage rises, in line with the governments 2% inflation target. I feel the Illuminati are beginning the parallel move to the commencement of the military phase II action in the Middle East, with the further creation of fear and uncertainty within domestic politics, including as with the seventies, a lot of industrial action, with the main worry to personal and business finance to focus your minds to cover the phase II military operations. If those who deal in shares would cease in the panic and greed scenario, we could cease to operate in the way the Illuminati are counting on, and counter their move by keeping the stock markets stable.





Bilderberg 2009 Full implications :













                           WEB OF DEBT
















                       BILDERBERG 2009


According to Jim Tucker, Bilderberg is working on setting up a summit in Israel from June 8-11, where “the world’s leading regulatory experts” can “address the current economic situation in one forum.” In regards to the proposals put forward by Carl Bildt to create a world treasury department and world department of health under the United Nations, the IMF is said to become the World Treasury, while the World Health Organization is to become the world department of health. Bildt also reaffirmed using “climate change” as a key challenge to pursue Bilderberg goals, referring to the economic crisis as a “once-in-a-generation crisis while global warming is a once-in-a-millennium challenge.” Bildt also advocated expanding NAFTA through the Western hemisphere to create an American Union, using the EU as a “model of integration.”





 After the meetings finished, Daniel Estulin reported that, “One of Bilderberg’s primary concerns according to Estulin is the danger that their zeal to reshape the world by engineering chaos in order to implement their long term agenda could cause the situation to spiral out of control and eventually lead to a scenario where Bilderberg and the global elite in general are overwhelmed by events and end up losing their control over the planet.”