The land of mystery throws up yet even more intriguing information well worth a study

     This is an overview of information relating to Egypt from my studies over the years. Given I am not the religious sort yet

      understand fully that within Christianity there is a great message of love, I have no system to promote, thus I am able to

      explore all avenues of information and I present the most compelling at least in my opinion to you here. Taken from my 

         written works, I present it here because a story does emerge and one that perhaps does not equate to all evil nor all

                                                   good, perhaps a more human tale ...See what you think...




                                                                                   Phase XII


The Imperial Court of the Royal Dragon and Order was formed in Egypt around 2500 to 2200 years BC by the priests of Mendes. This is the time when Egypt had been taken by the dark preistcraft, this order is’, the dark priest craft, yet still they are held in high regard by many, I find it hard that so many refuse to see what is in front of them, I suppose it's the terrified rabbit frozen in the headlights of the oncoming car, unable to face the reality of the situation in hand...and so dies. There is a book available with much information relating to Sirius, written by the female author; Murry Hope, the title of the book is : 'The Sirius Connection'. This book when studied from the perspective of its knowledge origin could be taken as directly from the Anunnaki of the Sumer knowledge. This then shows two very different streams of ideology claiming origin from Sirius: the dictate of the Babylonian God, Oannes, and the giving of knowledge of the Earth and the Heavens by the Nommo, to the African tribe the Dogon. This being so we must take great care that the amphibious 'Oannes' is not entwining himself around the Dogon's 'Nommo', that having been said, I am uneasy with some of the information given to the Dogon by their Nommo.

 We have to be careful with this release of information, as now it would seem to be the time from the perspective of the elite that they offer an insight into how one should understand this knowledge, but more importantly, how it fits to show to the intelligent mind their divine right to rule. This in real terms would be the right to kill and destroy on the orders of Satan itself parading as the creator God, the only thing it created was its hybrid bloodlines and how it loves to tell you its accomplishment in the Bible. I see Tahuti as being the original Thoth the bringer of civilisation to Khem, Thoth the time lord and not the Thoth of the Phaoronic dynasties.

The Phaoronic calendar, which began in use as the new calendar in Egypt in around 4240 BC after the cataclysms, of which it is said, shifted the Earth from her original orbit, thus the 360-day calendar split into 12 months each of 30 days now lost. This orbit shift created 5 extra days. These days are known as the epagomenal days, or in the language of the Egyptian, the five Neters. So we are talking here about names given to these five extra days in the religion of Egypt thus these days are given the names Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys and Horus. The Syrian (Sothic) fixed year is 365 and ¼ days almost the same as we have now, as it has been since the last cataclysms. This would give the idea that the Earth since her orbit shift or fall has aligned herself with the energies of Sirius or the fall is to Sirius B. The heliacal rising of Sirius is 23 July and is the start of the Egyptian calendar, or New Year.

It is held as most probable by many researchers to this esoteric aspect of the conspiracy, that the dark race or tribe originated from within the Sirius system, I on the other hand would suggest they originate from the Draco constellation and caused havoc in the systems of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades systems coming into this part of the galaxy chasing the escaping races from these systems. It is held by some that the Caucasus Mountains in times of the flood was a dimensional gateway, most agree to Sirius. This would show the gap from the deluge to the first large and widely documented empire that of Sumer would have been the time of re-group and of breeding of the Elohim. Sumer began as a very well established civilisation around 4000 BC. There seems to be no evidence of an infant Sumer, it just appeared with unusual state of civilisation.

 In 4240 BC in Egypt the Phaoronic calendar began, so in Egypt they had measured the shift in their calendar. 240 years later around 4000 BC, Egypt was invaded by a brutal race, and Ra becomes the Sirian star Sirius and not our Sun. I think it not a coincidence that as Sumer is created we have the influx of a vicious tribe into Egypt. This then could be what the Black Sun actually represents the negative Sun is Sirius. That would place the Pleiades system and Alcyone as the balanced Sun in a wider context. The elite are obsessed with the Egyptian knowledge from the advent of the extra five days, so there must be something in this. That Sumer was the new empire stretching across the globe. Yet in order to divide the world they taught different language and religions to create the division in order they rule. That although the religions and cultures were different they had each been given the deities whom they should honour and worship, each cultures religions in truth are calling upon the five new energies which came from the homeland of the victors of the end of the last light age. As such the Earth was forced to align with the dark centre of the wider galaxy, from the standpoint today, we are at the close of the dark cycle and are entering the cycle of light, it is up to humans and all beings upon this planet to move with this shift in consciousness to block the dark lords reign, we really are at a major crossroads in our evolution, “we are at the end of the dark cycle.” This is important in understanding that we can change this agenda. We can stop the agenda I am exposing which is the dark lords agenda in order they can keep their power. We are heading into the change of cycles, but we have to learn to work with the new energies now entering our cycle. We have to fight the elites agenda not only for ourselves but also our children, or we have Nazi Germany on a global scale.

This would mean facing the new energies without fear forcing you to hang on to what you feel comfortable with, namely the old world order.

If we look at the mystery surrounding Akhenaton and Nefertiti with my line of conclusion could possibly have been an attempt at removing the false Gods of the five neters and removing the Sirian sun to return Egypt to its original ancient worship, our own Sun, Ra which would give explanation for the death of Tut-ankh-amon which was his true name and not Amen as later added. The civilisation in which we live today would be from the Babylonian God Oannes dictate and I would thus conclude Oannes to be of the Anunnaki Gods, whereas the African tribe, the Dogon speak of a race of humanoid or hominid peoples from the Sirian system, who visited their ancestors bringing great knowledge of the wider universe thousands of years ago. Knowledge we are far behind with concerning astronomy, yet knowledge that our sciences are proving more and more as time moves forward. I would put this Dogon Sirian race, possibly to have been the representation of the force known as the Law of One, which by western terminology has been named The Unified Field Theory. Remembering great cataclysms happened with the collapsed star Digitaria or Sirius B. I would suggest this to be the War of the Gods that we have found from the ancient world, continuing on Earth with the arrival of the Anunnaki? It would seem this war has been for eons of time. If this is so we are better armed if we understand. The key is grasping how the dark has hijacked and infiltrated the balance over the millennia; still the only way is to remove oneself from the ancestral spirit of all from the past while remaining who you are. The best-known scientific experiments with this knowledge of the unified field theory that we in the west have attempted are known as the Philadelphia experiment. Many Navel men died in this experiment, which is not surprising considering they were approaching this science with the mind of the military! To work with this science to create a unified field upon the Earth, we would each as individuals have to work first upon ourselves freeing ourselves of the fear which prevents us opening up to those less balanced, helping each other to love again, when love is offered love is returned, it is fear that breaks trust, which ultimately destroys love. We have to UN -equate love with weakness; love is strong if as already said, many people love. That of course does not mean you cannot fight with love there is more bravery on tap from the heart than the mind, it is within the mind the magician operates, the magician is fear itself, it is the self without union to higher balanced core of your creation or as you would understand it GOD, I would call it pure consciousness, because the God of the satanic resides within the lower three Chakras, this god is only a requirement within the realm of fear, the heart fears no-thing. Life accomplished without the union with your higher self is all 'EGO' which is fear and the fall. Just to bring this into todays climate. The Satanist Aleistair Crowley who was one of the last false prophets gave the world two things; he gave those who work to understand the Occult the new law of “do what thou will shall be the whole of the law, this was backed with his own brand of Crowlian Magic via Golden Dawn doctrine, which is Rosicrucianism which bases itself on the numbers 777, the adept level. The first London bombings took place on the 7th of the 7th 2005. With this date we have 777 (adding the 2 to the 5 for the year). Thus we are dealing with terrorism using the Crowlian system of esoteric arts. So the Crowlian The Book of Thoth would be from the version of Thoth in his new role under the new energies… the five Neters. There are many more numerological signs to the perpetrators of these attacks if one has the eyes to see.



                                                                                   Phase XIII


Savage invaders enter Egypt (Hyksos first wave), and they assimilate with the Egyptian natives. I would state the Hyksos to be from Babylon as the Nefilim Empire begins its assimilation with the Egyptian bloodlines. Sekhmet carries forth the eye of Ra. The five neters (axes) are incorporated into the Egyptian calendar recognising the shift of the Earth either her shift in orbit or possibly a five degree shift on her axis. Whichever it is, it is marked in Egypt in 4240 BC. Sirius longitude 13 degrees, 24 minuets of Cancer. That number again!

2500 to 2200 BC

The Priests of Mendes create the Imperial Court of the Royal Dragon and Order. From this order the takeover of every tribe and kingdom on the globe commences.

2200 BC

The Priesthood of Melchizedek began to make their aprons with lamb’s wool. This is continued today by the Freemasons, which gives away the true genetics of those who control this serpent cult.. Melchizedek was the nephew of Noah, so we can see from which tribe Noah belongs because the race of gods we know as the Elohim, are the Melchedekans, who like the house of Saxa Coberg Gotha changed their names to satisfy the peoples of the time who still had the memories of Atlantis and the Priesthood of Melchizdek role in its downfall, and of course for historical accounting which would differentiate the returning Melchedekans from the Elohim. According to the Slavonic book of Enoch Melchizdek had the badge of the priesthood upon his chest... According to ancient texts Noah had demanded that the people must not know about the child Melchizedek as they would kill him if they saw his strange appearance... The Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa when he began to speak what he knows about the conspiracy was visited by a group of Americans who tried to warn him off with the threat “Melchizedek is watching you”. Ooh were scared I don’t think. The priesthood of Melchizedek became one of the most powerful and famous of its kind. Today the highest level of the Mormon priesthood is called the Melchizedek Priesthood. when you next come in contact with high level Mormons, Jehovah’s witnesses and Freemasons, pay great attention to their eyes, those who are most open to possession by the creature have problems with their eyes or one of their eyes, some even have a film of translucent skin across one of them, the blacker they are the greater their possession.

1720 BC

The Hyksos with the second wave invade Egypt, recorded as a very savage race.

 An author named Ralph Ellis (British) has written books claiming Jewish figures, like Abraham, King David, and King Solomon were in fact Pharaohs of the Egyptian ‘Hyksos’ Royal line that had claimed descendancy from the gods. This would make sense considering there is very little knowledge outside the Bible about these characters. The Hyksos were known as Shepherd Kings and Ellis claims the Hyksos were not in fact invaders, but Egyptians forcing the change from worship of the Bull in the age of Taurus to the Ram for the change into Aries, thus giving the constant bleating in the Old Testament to sheep, lambs and shepherds. The shift into Pisces within this cult can be seen again with the introduction of the Gospels into the tale when focus moves to the fish and the fisher of men as they moved into the age of Pisces. Today we move into Aquarius. Thus the bloodline of the Hyksos is coded within the Bible as the shepherds, Hyk meaning King and SOS meaning shepherd. Everything is about bloodline with the Illuminati. Ellis says that Abraham was in fact a Hyksos Pharaoh called Sheshi, who had the throne name of Mayebre or Mayebra, remove the M to the end and you have the phonetic Ayebram.

 He says Abraham’s son Isaac was the Pharaoh Anather, and that Isaac’s son Jacob, was the Pharaoh Jacobaam. Jacob is the Biblical patriarch having 12 sons thus creating the 12 tribes of Israel. He also says that the exodus was a story of two evacuations from Egypt by the Hyksos and their followers, the largest during the 16th century BC when the conflict between upper and lower Egyptian religions, the Bull and Ram were in full swing. This he says led to the people of Abraham leaving to settle in Palestine during the time of the Hyksos Pharaoh Yakobaam or Jacobaam. They left for the Canaan and sacked Jerusalem. I would offer that the first wave of Hyksos invaders in 4240 BC, were already established in Palestine as the Phoenician sea men. Ellis then says the Hyksos bloodline returned to Upper Egypt with the Biblical Joseph, and I would state that his coat of many colours is symbolic of the mix of DNA or his royal genes thus returning to Egypt after exile in Canaan. Although he was not Jacobs first born, he was the first born of Jacobs’s chief wife Rachel and so became heir. This in itself is very Anunnaki as was determined in Enlil the younger brother to Enki having control of the Earth because he was born of a chief wife whereas Enki was not.. When it comes to purity of Nefilim blood it is the female who passes the gene not the male, again you can see the symbolism of this point with focus being to Mary not God as important to Jesus. This is also symbolic of breeding into the Pleiadians bloodlines (NORDICS) by the Elohim, who then superimpose their hybrid offspring, ‘the Son’ as the chief deity for the mind prison Christianity. In other words it is the importance of the purity of blood from the first lady so to speak chief wife etc, or what need for importance placed upon Mother all the while suppressing the feminine, as in womb (grail)… and DNA, the spiral staircase, the caduceus. So in one great deception, all focus of prayer and allegiance directed to the mother of the hybrid son and the hybrid son himself, and the father of the Nordic race removed into mythology, so far away one can never see him. Over time the chief male deity from the Anunnaki, the one who claims to be both lord of Light and Dark, ‘Anu, has muscled in quite brilliantly, especially so given that he is portrayed as taking over from his son, Enlil who is the naughty boy, Enki portrayed as the good son. This is classic case of good cop bad cop; in that whichever of the son’s gains mans allegiance…it is Anu who reaps the rewards. With the work of Zecharia Sitchin and Sir Laurence Gardner, Michael Tsarion and David Boyle this is precisely the play we have had against us since the Anunnaki instilled their upgraded reptile genetics into human form, thus expanding their genetics above the other two initial races that make up the human form, the result of which gave the Anunnaki greater influence in the affairs of man. Encouraging the blood rites into their hybrids religion, linked these bloodlines to those who dwell in the shadows of the abyss symbolised extremely well in the trilogy of films, Lord of the Rings. So the story of Joseph is the Hyksos bloodline establishing itself as the Egyptian Royal bloodline, first stage was to instil Joseph as chief advisor to the Pharaoh. The second stage of returning the Hyksos bloodline to rule Egypt was not to be accomplished for a further 200 years when Pharaoh Amenhotep III married a daughter of the Joseph’s Hyksos line of Royal stewards and advisors. This would then be why Christians use the phrase Amen, in that this was the start of the confluence of blood between both Bloodlines, which of course are from the same root. Amen-hotep. Both Amenhotep II and III used ‘hyk’ in their Royal title meaning ‘Shepherd King.

  The son of Amenhotep III “the Shepherd King” was highly likely to have been the Biblical Moses who was from the Egyptian Royal line of priest Kings.  Moses was the future Pharaoh Amenhotep IV better known as Akhenaton. This would explain why they stole the story of a child in a basket on the river found by a princess from the story of King Sargon of Sumer, and placed it within the new doctrine, possibly to hide this fact. Akhenaton married Nefertiti from the Vizier line going back to Joseph, knowing full well they were of the same bloodline, thus a very pure line would be continued in the new Temple. Moses was said to have been buried in a land called Moab.

Moab is very important to the Freemasons, another point showing what I have said previously, that the secret society networks were created to protect and instil the bloodlines in positions of power to create the Temple of the Nefilim bloodlines operating for the Elohim or Dragon gods. Interestingly Moab is the name given to America’s super weapon, ‘mother of all bombs! The Royal bloodlines marry their mothers, daughters, sons, and sisters to keep the line pure, yet hide this fact by having children out of wedlock only to marry them later in today’s game, or breed with them incestuously. Also in the centre of this conflict, it seems, was Akhenaton’s brother, Tuthmoses, who like the Moses in the Bible gave up his Royal birthright to his brother. Moses gave it to Aaron while Tuthmoses gave it to Akhenaton because of wounds that made Moses, Tuthmoses, less than the perfect specimen the Pharaoh had to be (less Nefilim DNA). This relates to the wounded King in the Grail stories.  That Mount Sinai is the code name for the great pyramid, and that Moses would have entered the great pyramid, not a cave to receive the Commandments which are very similar to the Egyptian declaration of innocence in the judgment of the dead. If this was to be so then the three pyramids at Giza would be yet another representative of the Trinity.  As the unrest over Akhenaton’s heresy continued, the original priesthood at Thebes put Akhenaton’s brother on the throne in Upper Egypt as the eight year old boy King Tutankhamen, who under orders had changed his name from Tutankhaton.  That King David was in fact Pharaoh Psusennes II the last Pharaoh of the twenty first dynasty with his court based at Tanis, that his son Sheshonq I was in fact King Solomon. Interestingly no archaeological evidence has been found relating to King David in lands attributed to Israel, but there has for Psusennes II.  That Psusennes II of the Hyksos bloodline arrived with an army to seize the unified monarchy of the Israelite tribes from King Saul, and that he passed this on to his son Sheshonq I, or King Solomon.

With this information one can see that the Israelite / Egyptian origins were removed by the ruling priest craft as a whole, thus creating a new historical story put together by the ruling Levite priesthood (descendants of Aaron / Akhenaton). This happened after the invasion of the Judean lands by the Babylonian army of King Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BC were they were taken to Babylon to put the new religion together and to learn the art of control via interest on money lending, this of course would be the Hyksos bloodline which itself is from Sumer, and so it was a return home to concoct the Old Testament, during the 70 year captivity period…during this period of ‘captivity’ the Levite priests produced the texts that were to become known as the Torah (the law), and the first five books of the Old Testament known as the Pentateuch, officially attributed to Moses. All this being put together hundreds of years after the events had happened. So the question is did they give Israelite names to Egyptian Pharaohs, inventing stories and incorporating tales from Sumer, which have origin in Atlantis and beyond. I feel the Illuminati bloodlines which are the hybrids created in Africa 418.000-450.000 years ago, bred their genetics into Lemuria and took over, then attacked Atlantis as Lemuria began to crumble again because of the misuse of esoteric knowledge turning Lemuria extremely negative, that Atlantis and Lemuria were two distinct genetic races, both taken over by the Elohim or Anunnaki. The Melchedekans I feel are the elite priesthood made up of the Anunnaki hybrids who ruled Atlantis, and so are the representations for their time of the African experiment, after the deluge they changed their name to the Elohim on their return to the earth, I would suggest from their base either on Mars or indeed the Moon as the elite of today are trying to accomplish. The hybrids in the next expansion would become known as the Nefilim, which was a direct mating between the gods and the human women who could not give birth via the vaginal passage, although this copulation went on before the deluge also which brings us bang up to date with this ancient knowledge. The term ‘Angel’ only arrived on the scene after they incorporated the Sumerian Tas Mi-ki-gal, the dragon slayer and Lord of agriculture, later named king of the air and given wings to fly, changing his name to St Michael. The Babylonian holy days were changed into the Jewish holy days, including the Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. The Levites relocated the Sumerian and Egyptian stories and themes to the lands they were to call Israel. This is the coded story hidden within the Old Testament known only to initiates.

Cuneiform texts discovered in Babylon show that during the reign of King Kandalanu (648-625 BC) one banker, Jacob Egibi, was charging an interest rate of 20%, and others up to 36% now can you see were money lending began in the new cycle..

Going back to Freemasonry, these chaps at high level worship a God called Jahbulon who is revealed to those chosen to become illuminated as Lucifer, to those who are not to become illuminated as Baal when the initiate reaches the top three degrees. Baal/Lucifer…same deity…

Zionism is not the fulfilment of the Biblical text as it would be understood by the masses. It is the agenda as laid out in this whole operation for the total control of this planet through total dictatorship by the Sumerian Royal Dynasties seeded as they were by the gods. But most importantly those who call themselves Jews in truth have nothing whatever in common with Zionism which is Babylonianism…Sion-ism, Sun worship, the Solar temple having direct limitations at the level of the Solar Plexus, and thus the trinity of three Chakras below the heart.. Riding side by side with the bloodlines is the solar religion and sun god, Ralph Ellis writes that the Hebrew word Eli has the root meaning of ‘ascension’, the rising Sun. The chief Sun god of Egypt was Ra and the Earth/ moon goddess is Isis, thus we have Israel……IS-RA- EL, the Illuminati trinity. Therefore Israel  symbolises the fact the Elohim (El) are the product of Earth DNA in Isis and the impregnation with only a replica of  Osiris’s penis in reality that of the Anunnaki, thus the trinity DNA confluence. The moon is but the higher representation of the feminine principle, Luna, represented in Isis the Earthly, Hecate the underworld or shadow. Ellis states that the Muslim name for god Allah also comes from Eli.

Interestingly the colour red was very important to the Hyksos kings. The crown of the Lower Egypt Pharaohs was the red crown, known as the djesher-t. And very interestingly djesher in Egyptian meant red, and the first born sons of Israel were sometimes identified by a scarlet thread worn upon their wrist (Madonna’s Cabbala). The family Red Shield better known as Rothschild can be traced back to the Egyptian Hyksos Sumerian Kings. We are told how the Hyksos King Apophis was a fervent worshiper of the animal headed Seth; I would cite this to be Baphomet the composite symbol of the malevolent force, I would also add this to symbolise specific genetic hybrids.

In today’s world they have just re taken the lands of their ancestors, Sumer/ Iraq; .Egypt must be on the cards at some point in the future?


1362 BC

The Pharaoh Akhenaton after moving the Egyptian court from Thebes to the middle kingdom to a place named EL-Amarna dies, or as we shall investigate later, was told to leave Egypt or die, he chose to leave and became an exile with his entourage. There he built a new Temple for his new religion and mystery school initiations. I have offered possible reasons for the mystery surrounding Akhenaton in the previous phase; I would elaborate if I may. The way in which Akhenaton portrayed his message was to implant the idea of ascension without the need to journey through the underworld, or, directly going to heaven from the earth life. By definition those following the dictate of the old warrior way can only expect the journey through the underworld defined by their actions while in body, and so this would be a true doctrine for those who live via blood and conquer. This is certainly the beginnings of the one God idea in Egypt focused as it is today symbolically to the Sun in Christianity. So there is a possible point to show Akhenaton as a enlightened soul attempting to rise above the blood rites of the Hyksos pantheons.

He also put forward the symbolic idea of the sun being of its own creation after the spark. How it took into itself its own semen and threw out its children. This is surely the symbolic story of what science describes today. There is in the universe massive clouds of hydrogen that gather over millions of years seemingly doing nothing save growing, these clouds are millions of light years across. Then with the death of a star a spark is created triggering a strange reaction within the hydrogen cloud, it begins to suck all the hydrogen into a central core. This atomic reaction lasts millions of years until the density of hydrogen is so great in mass that within around four minutes the hydrogen ball ignites into a massive nuclear blast exposing shrapnel that will form into the planets of the new stars solar system or its children. So this ball of fire is of its own creation as it is fed from its dense core to last billions of years until it dies and sparks the same reaction in another cloud of hydrogen, and a glimpse into eternity is experienced. This event would create another great upheaval time in Egypt with Akhenaton so disrupting the Egyptian civilisation that it was the beginning of turmoil that was to come. The fact that the Priests of Mendes were already very well established in Egypt, I think it not the time at which Egypt became negatively manipulated, but the point at which the Illuminati would create the first stage in its formation of the three pillars, which would de-link the human from the gods of the Earth and to the systems of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades and thus our ancestral spirit pre-deluge. One thing we do know is that after the heresy the power was seen to move back to Thebes, although the secret priest craft remained at the new Temple of Akhenaton at El- Amarna. Akhenaton was sent into exile and so those followers of the new religion remaining in Egypt would have been extremely negative in their thoughts. The scarlet priest craft being masters of the negative would have been in complete control of all those followers left in Egypt without the people knowing this occult truth…obviously those who followed Akhenaton would have jumped at the chance to keep their new religion and so it would have gone underground. Unknowingly all those followers of Akhenaton and his new creed would thus give all their energies to the underground movement without realising they were under the direct control of the Hyksos who took the reigns in secret. Thus Akhenaton was free to further expand his new religion across into Spain and eventually onto Ireland through Scotia, his continued bloodline. To the rest of Europe the populace would have believed Akhenaton was the true rebellion against the Egyptian Babylonian Hyksos Shepard Kings and would have gladly jumped on board. Every culture of the time would have been aware of the Babylonian takeover of Egypt by the Anunnaki / Elohim; it is this knowledge that has been removed by the Illuminati in all the wars across the globe up to the present day...especially so in the recent wars in Bosnia, Iraq and soon to be Iran, where there are many ancient monuments that would expose the lie of our heritage. For me this is a classic case of how the Illuminati operate against man and can be paralleled in all major events after the one god idea created by the  Pharaoh Akhenaton. This in no way contradicts the truth that there is only one source…but the source of all this universe is pure consciousness or pure thought, so on a twisted idea of a true fact has Anu/Lucifer placed himself as Lord God of all between man and who we really are. Understand this and the hex is demolished, and the men in frocks become irrelevant…unless of course you are such a sinful creature you require the ultimate creature to absolve you of all the sin you have carried out in order to bring the anti-Christ to power. If you want redemption then cease in your allegiance to the god of hate and the lie…that means the elites god itself. Just look around the world were god is king…

1300 BC

Egypt in turmoil, the priests of Mendes split and migrate around the world, I would suggest they descended upon the Maya peoples of South America inflicting the religion of human sacrifice upon the Maya. The Maya are said to have originated in Lemuria. This race had great knowledge of the universe and the great cycles which proves their culture was not in any way like the cultures of religion we understand, which limits the imagination of man, limited to a world only 6000 years old and subservient to only one god who has split himself into four with his deceitful prophets, ensuring the so called clash of cultures we are today witnessing. The Elohim descended onto the Maya and instilled their own sickness of human sacrifice, then leaving the prophecy that they would return…and they did …the Spanish. Arriving in the exact same place as was foretold, even wearing the plumed hat. The satanic rites forced upon the Maya would ensure absolute disgust by the invading Spanish and because of the Maya’s fear of going against the prophecy, allowed the small band of warrior’s entrance into their most sacred places and communion with their leader. This scenario can be seen in all nations that Christian murderers would invade, especially so in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and even in North America. The indigenous peoples of these nations before the arrival of the Christian missionaries were visited by beings described as monopods who prepared the native peoples for the return of their gods. The deceit is massive and as I have said time and time again, has been carried out over a seven thousand year timescale, from the end of the deluge.



The Levite priests, worshipers of the leviathan enter Babylon and learn the art of the mystery school. With the knowledge and tales of Atlantis woven together the first pillar of the three pillars is born, JUDAISM. Paying homage to the Elohim God Jehovah commanding ownership of the first born of man and beast especially the male first born. Still today for ritual sacrifice they use the first born be it human or animal for their offering to this entity… and more importantly the charging of interest on money lending.

485 BC

Herodotus is born. During his life he travelled to the lands of Egypt gathering knowledge. He heard nothing of Solomon, the Exodus, or the drowning of the Egyptian army. A man dedicated to history would certainly have written about history. He did write about the Pharaohs?


Phase XIV


I feel very strongly from what I understand about Egypt, that a slight of hand was being played, a negative hand I will add, in the truth surrounding the French genius Champollion who first deciphered the Rosetta stone using the Coptic language and thus on his way to breaking the lie of the Nefilim. Incidentally the Coptic Church only this year (2007) celebrated the year 2000. The fact and way in which the widely accepted Prussian Scholar Lepsis became the prime source of released translation and, through this, a false history through false interpretation, is it any surprise the finest minds still cannot make sense of the Egyptian knowledge? I would also state the reason they chose a Prussian was to act as if the new translator was scuppering the then known fear of the Roman Illuminati Church’s horror at the consequences of Champollion’s correct translation, thus manipulating a strong belief and acceptance of the work of Lepsis for those who opposed Rome, continuing the perceived division between Rome and German (protestant) elite, and thus involvement in his murder thrown onto the back of Rome, all who oppose Rome then accepting the work of Lepsis believing it to be in opposition to Rome, thus believing Lepsis to be giving a truer picture of Egypt than Rome wished. The Egyptian root of Biblical patriarchs continued to be hidden. It was Wilhelm IV of Prussia that commissioned Lepsis to the task. For the sharp mind it is further proof of the connections at Royal level between the European Royal Houses and the Roman Church. You just need to allow yourself to look at the game in the way I am proving. For those with closed minds one would need access to the full and complete works of Champollion before the elite removed him from the game. I feel he was being poisoned slowly while in Egypt, which gave the cause for what happened to him when he went home. They, upon him arriving in France had him locked up under quarantine laws; yet his Italian partner, who also operated for British intelligence, was received as a hero, Champollion then died in very mysterious circumstances twenty seven months later age 41, the official reason was put down to a massive stroke. The play here is to create the fact to the masses and those high in the social hierarchy that France, Italy, England and Germany are believed to be separate nations. This creates the idea that the plunder of Egypt since Napoleon has been a separate individual nation plunder of the Temples and tombs of Egypt. This then, portrays the idea purposefully, that the truth cannot ever be found because the knowledge has been dispersed unto each individual nation. When you understand that the elite of each nation involved in this plunder are one and the same, it proves the fact that although seemingly separate nations plundered Egypt for themselves, it was a single co-ordinated collection by the Illuminati of the last proof of true historical fact beyond the flood and the possible Biblical Patriarchs Egyptian roots, which in turn would show the history I have offered in this work, especially relating to the connection of the Pharaohs to the Biblical patriarchs, which would prove the fact that the three pillars (Judaism, Christianity and Islam are an invention incorporated into the Earths history via the Egyptian Hyksos ( Elohim/Melchedekans). Of course the co-ordinated collection of artefacts was under the control of the elite bloodlines that are one family and force, above the illusory separate nation states. So Champollion was a danger to this manipulation. Here we have a point in time with the opportunity to affect the history of Egypt to serve as it has in the world of the secret societies, but especially in preventing the truth coming out through the plunder of this civilisation for the future years. The Frenchman’s work and gained knowledge had he the chance to fully publish, which of course he would after his return to France, would have freed us, whereas the Prussian’s work has taken us down another dead end for the acquirement of knowledge, and another nuclear strike for the elite relative to hiding the true historical Egypt. Is it any wonder we understand nothing but the nonsense the Illuminati have allowed out to the world, which would equate to all ‘experts’ dealing in nonsense.

Egyptian Royal emblems include; the dragon, the snake, the sphinx, plumed serpent or the tree cross or ankh.

The royal court of the dragon was formed in 2170 BC under Ankhfnkhonsu and more overtly by Queen Sobeknefru in 1783

BC,  (the last ruler of the 12th dynasty) to provide an institution for the pursuit of the work of the dragon of al-Khem best known as Thoth and Hermes. I state categorically that the original Thoth of Atlantis is not the Thoth of current knowledge, the original Thoth has been entwined with a lower representation of that energy or entity whichever you prefer. During the 13th dynasty Egypt had a mass influx of aggressive Asiatic Semitic peoples who had full confidence they could defeat the Egyptians.


The symbol for the Hyksos (Aryans) was the snake and their colour was red.

When the Aryans mixed with the Dravidians in India they created the Hindu religion.


Blood that inherits the DNA corruption has more copper in its chemical structure which is why it turns blue upon oxidisation. Copper is an excellent transmitter and receiver of frequencies and is why those born with this DNA corruption have extrasensory abilities once it is activated, yet if one is strong in spirit one can by – pass the negative transmissions from the lower fourth and proceed into the higher frequencies and thus dimensions, one has to know the negative to balance ones knowledge.

The normal blood group for the Middle East is ‘O’ and accounts for 40% of Global population.


The ‘A’ blood group is of the northern tribes of Scandinavia and northern Europe.


The rhesus negative blood group is native to the Eus Cara who held as their important deity Votan the Atlantean Fire God, settling in Northern Spain, Southern France and Britain after fleeing Ancient Egypt as the Hyksos took over Egypt, many other bloodlines escaping Egypt came to Britain and Ireland.


Up to the eighteenth dynasty the ‘A’ blood group was found in the royal mummies.

Also found in Inca mummies, this is strange when one considers the A blood group is found in the main in fair skin and blue eyes.

I would cite the Rhesus Negative blood group has its root from Thoth, the original Atlantean priest king pre-flood. That through the invasion by the Hyksos, this line was superimposed by the bloodlines  supposed to have been created off planet, known as the Melchedekans / Elohim, who have the similar appearance as the Pleiadians, but are said to be Lyrians either in league with the reptile race or a genetic mix. RH Negative people have a much larger amount of Anunnaki DNA but fall short of the 50-50 mix, this makes us a very good puppet for the Anunnaki or their greatest enemy based on the fact we can see how they see, the true Merovingian's I feel, not the Carolingian's who usurped them. St George is of this line, by defeating the dragon in his own being and ascending beyond the DNA matrix, he was able to defeat the serpent cult and send them UNDERGROUND.

It must be understood the DNA corruption has been bred into all blood groups over ancient time and we are the representations of the fifth root race which has an overbalance to the dragon gods.


The term Neter was the Egyptian term for their deities, all of them, as today we use the term angels, and is said to be the root of the word Nature a more Earthly Goddess.


Amon the ram headed god arrived in Egypt with the Hyksos and would therefore equate with Yaweh-Jahovah. Again we see the ram connection with the Hyksos with their title ‘Shepherd Kings’ or true interpretation ‘King Shepherds’ which gives light to their true role that of collecting and controlling Kings...


Amons biggest antagonist (manipulated and thus allowed by the Hyksos) was Amenhotep IV, better known as Akhenaton. Who is also of the Hyksos bloodline and adorner of the Uraeus (cobra). I would state this heresy was the play by the Hyksos in ensuring they controlled the rebellion against them at the time by creating and thus manipulating the opposition to the despised Hyksos power, enabling the split movement to build the new Temple and religion for the future Monotheism. This would make the one god idea massive in the minds of all those who opposed the Hyksos creating an underground movement. More so in that they created the illusion, the idea of destruction of Akhenaton’s heresy through Tutankhaten on the orders of Eye who operated for the Hyksos agenda, changing his name from Tutankhaten ‘Living Image of the Aten’ to Tutankhamen ‘Living Image of Amen’. All the while the scarlet priest craft made central office in the new Temple created by Akhenaton, while to Egypt the old ways returned through the manipulation of Tutankhamen back at Thebes. All the while at the new Temple the scarlet priest craft continued the new one god or Monotheism, and so became the overlords of the monotheistic underground cult, in secret. I see this one god creation as the play to hide the ancient knowledge of the earth’s history pre-flood to the human race especially for our time now, and perhaps more importantly to cover the re-entrance of the Melchedekans (the Elohim). They of course instilled their own deities and ritual in preparation for the formation of the Old Testament for the state of play we see today. So the Hyksos allowed the formation of the heresy, yet after Akhenaton’s death continued the new religion instilling the Elohim as we know them today. This is the point at which the dark force instils the one god idea into post flood, with Anu as the chief deity or God.

Relative to the battle between the worship of the bull and the entrance into the age of the ram, the division it caused as the bull priesthood would seem to hang on to its power would to my mind be the cover for the creation of monotheism as it formed itself in Egypt using Pharaohs as the Patriarchs for the future religion we know as Judaism. That with the formation of the Old Testament in Babylon the Babylonians naturally see those great Hyksos pharaohs as heroes in that they succeeded in taking over Egypt for the Sumerian / Babylonian Illuminati Nefilim bloodlines and thus ‘their own’.

In today’s climate the priesthood associated with Jesus and thus the age of Pisces is being re –asserted through his second coming, through the Merovingian claim into the new age. The films ‘The Lord of the Rings’ play into this agenda in a subliminal way yet incorporate these subtle negatives entwined within an ancient myth that in many respects rings true. This of course would ensure the status quo for the ruling bloodlines, all the while to the populations the Hyksos brokers of power where seen to be defeated. It’s the manipulation they have used with total success throughout the ages. They are now moving to lay blame for ‘divine’ figures squarely at the feet of Alexander the Great, I am sorry Egypt had this instilled onto the Pharaohs from Babylon millennia before old Alex, the Pharaohs were known as the priest of the Gods (plural) chosen by the Gods and born of the Gods as DNA hybrid bloodlines to interpret the Gods will to man. But they emanate from the Canaanite sons of city gods. It is all Anunnaki systems.



Egyptian links to the fabricated Abraham.


Hyksos Pharaoh Sheshi, throne name of Mayebra or Mayebre.    Abraham


Son of Sheshi; Anather                                                                         Isaac


 Son of Anather; Jacobaam                                                                    Jacob   

       (The Biblical patriarch, having 12 sons, creating the 12 tribes [DNA strains] of Israel).

  Son of Jacob and chief wife Rachel; (the 12 & 1)                                          

                                                                                                                 Joseph  Coat of many colours (Or body of many DNA strains)


From 1785 BC up to 1570BC (215 years) most of the information has been removed from circulation... This is the timeframe the Hyksos / Nefilim bloodlines make a big move on Egyptian Royal bloodlines, giving the move from overt to covert manipulation taking their own blood operatives in the Egyptian royal lineage and re-packaging them with the hidden Egyptian links via transformation of their origins with false Semitic names. Not forgetting of course that according to history the Hyksos are said to have been removed during this period, we can not of course verify the claim the Hyksos were removed due to lack of information. Highly suspect. Psusennes II, of known Hyksos bloodline and a man who heralded a major Nefilim move in the scheme of the agenda was given the name change ‘King David’.

I would also state that the clash at Kadesh between the Egyptians and the Hittites of 1274 BC was to fill the Egyptian civilisation with the Hittite clan to strengthen the Hyksos grip on power. A bit like what is happening now with the influx of Hyksos from the former Russian states. So I conclude the Hittites disappeared into the Egyptian civilisation and became Egyptians only in a nationalistic sense.


                                                                                XVIII Dynasty.

                                        Daughter of Joseph’s line marries Amenhotep III --- Father of Moses

                              (Hyksos bloodline re-asserted in Royal line of Egypt through breeding covertly.)


                        Brother of Amenhotep III; Amenhotep IV Akhenaton --- Moses

                                             Brother to Akhenaton; Tut-ankh- Aten, later Tut-ankh-amen


                                          Pharaoh Psusennes II Hyksos end of XXI dynasty --- King David                                      

                                             (Seizes King Saul’s unified monarchy of the Israelite tribes)


                                                    Son of Psusennes II; Sheshonq I --- King Solomon


They then invent and steel older stories many pre-flood, and invent lives for their new patriarchs for the coming monotheism or one god.


The symbolism of Isis and Osiris relative to the death of Osiris and how Isis could not find his Phallus, to my mind represents the implantation of the Anunnaki / Elohim seed into the womb of Isis creating another stream of DNA corruption into the Sirian or Atlantean bloodline that had entered Egypt and thus the entrance of the Melchedekans into Egyptian bloodlines. Also symbolising the corruption of Isis as Mother Earth by the Anunnaki, therefore re programming nature into the rather violent expression it is today. I do feel however that the Hyksos are the representations of the Anunnaki / Melchedekans (Elohim) from pre-flood and post flood regrouping represented in Sumer. It does feel right that virgin births and un-human phallus tales are symbolic of the DNA corruption as it was bred into ancient ruling bloodlines, an earlier representation of the Mary/ Jesus idolatry or breeding with the Elohim / Melchedekans and Earth races ...  Again we can see the same symbolism as with the Babylonian Semiramis and Tammuz, and again with Queen El and Tammuz, all these triads the elite are so obsessed with show  the symbolism as it relates to the intervention by the dark force into the ruling bloodlines, with the exception of Mary and Jesus to which I would state are a fantasy imposed to carry through into the modern day religions, the story of the bloodline corruption as it was first portrayed in the tale of  Isis and Osiris and Horus and, blanking the true nature of Y’shua. They certainly could not have formed the Old Testament which would spawn Judaism, Christianity and Islam using the Egyptian names for the old trinity of this genetic interference, not when there aim was to deny the world was older than 6000 years, thus total denial of history pre flood could and was accomplished, and the ability to prove the new root of the present day religions to be in utter opposition to the Paganism that pre-ceded the Old Testament, when all along they are totally pagan in their knowledge and ritual, with a change in the deities to be worshipped from earth spirits to Elohim naughty boys and girls. What we term paganism has within it a much more meaningful act of connecting with natural forces and energies, of course emitting the negative and  blood rites which are the injection by the scarlet priest craft in the times of Mu and Atlantis by the Anunnaki who would return in the form of the Melchedekans/Elohim to history post-flood. I would suggest that hidden within the ancient Druid knowledge was the balanced form of knowledge we call Paganism carried forth from the time of Atlantis, which was also found in some of the Native American cultures as it was in ancient African and Aboriginal cultures pre Melchedeken interference. If this is so then in Europe, Britain would have been the peak of this knowledge to which Merlin was certainly the highest initiate and thus representation of an infusion or remembrance of pure consciousness. Of course the truth of Merlin has been lost via the nonsense and fantasy added by the French under the commission of Eleanor of Aquitaine. The highest symbolism in the tale of Jesus is to show sacrifice of the I, the me, the ego, is the only way to enter heaven, to become harmonious with other beings.

What I will say to you all is, whichever race you have been convinced you belong too yet still find yourself stuck to the will of the Nefilim, you must understand it is your DNA corruption and the programmed memory of the DNA that keeps you fixed into this agenda. Bloodlines are important only to this dimension, consciousness is way beyond bloodlines, yet dependant upon which bloodline individual consciousness incarnates into in this third dimension, is important only in the types of programming the consciousness must conquer, to enable pure consciousness to become the rider of the horse and thus act out its incarnation above and beyond the programming of the specific DNA programme, and the added genetic corruption. The Nefilim corruption is not your whole blood, it is a corruption. You do not belong to the Nefilim unless you believe that you do. The true reptiles are those behind the Elohim, the Anunnaki, even the Nefilim are only the purest of the hybrid mix not the original Dragons. This means that none of you are in fact of the dragon race only that you have the DNA corruption which the Elohim, either direct, or, through the Nefilim incarnate (via secret society allegiance), can manipulate your mind and emotions if you allow it. Learn to say NO in your mind when your emotions are saying YES only then can the heart come into play.  This is the true meaning of defeating the dragon.

So to look at St George and even Merlin, the conquering of fear is the message given out by all the great ones because fear creates isolationism and the ‘I’. Only when you become the rider of your DNA programming can you be utilised by the forces of light in defeating the dragon in the outer reality, better put in terms of re-connecting with your higher self. Until you as an individual conquer fear, you exist and are thus a puppet of the dark forces regardless of how you perceive yourself to be. Sitting on the fence believing you are a good person changes nothing, become Humpty Dumpty and allow yourself to fall off the fence remembering “all the Kings horses and all the Kings men, will never put you back in the egg again.



I would like to add this for the chronological format of phase XIII:


6000 BC

Nefilim re-group forming the Capitol city Babylon

as in today’s climate we have Rome.

possible re-entrance of the Melchedekans.

 From this

period until 4240 BC they invade by breeding into

 all the surrounding elite leaders creating

Troy, breeding into China, southern Russia and

beyond. Instilling their navel force in what was to

become Phoenicia.



The Babylonian army known as the Hyksos openly

invade Egypt, itself a great civilisation, a legacy

not an evolutionary nation. As was done in

Britain by Rome to create the image of separate

Empires, but in this time hiding Babylon’s control.


2500 – 2200 BC

Priests of Mendes create Royal Court of the

Dragon, clearly having now instilled themselves

in the priest craft of Egypt which of course is the

power in Egypt. Over the next few centuries they

re-organise the religion to serve the dark ones.

in the same way as we have today, Egypt now

serves Babylon covertly as Britain serves covertly

the Vatican. So to the populations of the then world

they are separate empires fulfilling separate agendas.



2360 BC

The Nefilim successfully instilled the new deities to

be worshipped with focus to the very Nefilim Horus.

Perhaps the real unrest reported in history as the battle

between the bull and the ram is the cover for the forcing

of the new deities unto the populations of Egypt, this would be

further accomplished with the next move.



1720 BC

Second wave of Hyksos invade Egypt, and slowly but surely

the Egyptian populations are swamped by the hybrids

we know as the Hyksos the Shepherd Kings and their




So hopefully you have a greater insight into the mystery of Egypt and why there has been such secrecy in relation to her.

In this format we can see that the split we have today between the Roman Church’s vision of history and that of the secret societies. The fact is they are both talking absolute bollocks, because nothing out of these bloodlines has anything good or has ever had anything good for mankind. They have managed to hide their absolute evil behind a façade of goodness that itself has been a complete fabrication. We are at a disadvantage because these creatures have had a full 7000 years to form the tale in this way. The real fact as far as I see them is that it is we the people that are the balanced beings on this planet…they are not. So the good force on this Earth is You and I against the demon race the elite bloodlines and all their collaborators through history into the present day.


                                                                     WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE..


Up to Phase XIV, I hopefully have shown that Egypt was itself still under her own control after the flood with much of its Atlantean knowledge in tact, and thus continued to operate as she had pre-flood. That she was invaded by the nexus of the Elohim returned after the flood from the Mars base making base in the Sumerian Babylon, over a period of centuries. That these invaders where known by the early Egyptians as the Hyksos, the Shepherd Kings. I have absorbed myself in the works of such people as Wallis Budge, Murry Hope, Ralph Ellis and many older commentaries more and found there conclusions  to reinforce my understanding of early Egypt. Incorporating the angle of David Icke, and the knowledge of the Templars and thus Freemasonry (the capping to this aspect of knowledge coming to me recently via David Boyle). The picture I feel is forming with even more proof and highly skilled and courageous investigation and sharing, that history as we know it from all cultures and religious quarters is indeed a fabrication of the most grotesque nature that no self respecting and heart rooted mind can ignore.

The overall conspiracy so speedily put into the world by David Icke, put out so speedily and with such great energy, by definition of the aforementioned pressures on David had to emit extreme detailed historical detail to prove his point, although for those highly versed in such subjects he did more than enough to awaken such minds to the plight we all now face. Ralph Ellis excellently in my view proves in detail of the Hyksos Israelite bloodlines takeover of Egypt and goes on to prove the Egyptian links to Spain, Ireland, Scotland, and into the Persian race. It is with Ralph Ellis I would like to concentrate upon in this next exploration of Egypt. Ralph takes a lot of his information from the works of Josephus Flavius, which adds to the proving that Josephus Flavius’s rejection by scholars to be the work of the Church, because Mr Ellis via other means and I would state with solidity, actually proves the work of Josephus Flavius to be a more accurate historical account, yet through Josephus still the truth cloaked. So if I may I would seek to further prove my claim that the one that demands we call it God today, is but a dark reflection of the true meaning of god… which equates to the energy ‘Love’. We will then move through to the work of David Boyle and through this exploration show how and on what deception all knowledge held by the Templars and indeed Freemasonry, is nothing other than yet another system to hold man at the level of the  root,  Earth Chakra, the emotions in the second Chakra, and of course the Solar Plexus, the third Chakra and hence the term, ‘Sun gods’, and therefore paralleled in the shadow systems and controlled from  each respective Chakra giving Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, all entwined around certain spiritual truths, especially with Christianity which has at its core a real message of love and compassion. 


 Ralph Ellis in his quite brilliant book; Scota Egyptian Queen of the Scots; published by Edfu Books 2006, explores the links between an Egyptian Exodus, and the arrival of ancient Egyptians to the Northern Eastern region of Spain and later to Ireland and Scotland. He shows the Scottish chronicles to be depicting the tale of two Egyptian leaders whom the chronicles call; ‘Gaythelos and Scota, and that these appellations are the root for the Gaelic and Scottish peoples.  The chronicles comprising two documents were recorded in the instructions and pleading of Baldred Biset, and drawn up by Scottish nobles for submission to the Papal court to demonstrate the antiquity of the Scottish people. Ellis also draws on the work of Eighth century Bishop of Bangor Co Down, Nennius who’s work, Historia Brittonum again tells the same tale. Within the work of Nennius there are a couple of paragraphs that demonstrate that the Gaythelos and Scota story predates the pleading of Baldred Biset and also the declaration of Arbroath drafted after Robert the Bruce’s victory at Bannockburn in 1314, by a considerable margin. Ellis goes into great detail to show that this tale has basis in fact and is not as many scholars insist it to be a legend. Another author to have linked this chronicle to a Pharaoh is Lorraine Evans; in her book Kingdom of the Ark, yet only introduces the idea without further elaboration.

Ellis brings the 80 page description within the Scotichronicon for the main thrust of his thesis for this let us say, enlightened revision of an old legend which has surprising and yet quite obvious connotations when one allows the work of Ellis to expand your visual cortex…connotations that destroy the mystery surrounding the most legendary family of the Christian world…Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Not only that, Ellis’s revision has a profound knock on effect for the understanding of the Persian minds at the time of the creation of the Koran. Ellis says the chronology of the Scotichronicon is taken directly from the World Chronicle, by Bishop Eusebius and so concludes with proof the origin of the Scota story to be directly from Eusebius. He suggests again with evidence that Eusebius probably took his inspiration from the Greek historian, Euhemerus, from around 300 BC, best known for his philosophical romance, Sacred Scripture, and suggests the Egyptian root of the written history to be Manetho the Egyptian / Greek historian again around 300BC. Manetho is understood to have been a priest of Heliopolis in Egypt and wrote a long history and chronology called The History of Egypt, which Ellis concludes was recorded through historians such as Eusebius. This for Ellis removes the thoughts that the Scotichronicon could be the work of Herodotus, and should therefore be trusted as an actual account of real events.

He offers recent finds in the archaeological field to further back his choice of root for the Scotichronicon. He also makes links to this tale for the origin of the hero- Arthur, which again is not without foundation, and as Ellis points out, what better way to keep up the concealment of the Egyptian roots of Christianity through the Middle Ages than the fantasy of well attired Knights of a chivalrous order. This we know to have been the very act of Eleanor of Aquitaine as she commissioned French writers and poets to capture within the ranks of the Brigantes once again their minds and thus allegiance. An old and less well known name for ancient Egypt is, Etheria. The true spelling of this name in Egyptian is actually Arturti or Eturti (Etherthi). The name relates to water and to the flooding of the Nile, with the ‘ia’ on the end of Walter Bower’s version of this word is just a Greek translation of an Egyptian name. The Irish historian Geoffrey Keating adds to this by indication that the name for Egypt was broken down to the name ‘Aeria’ and was later used for the Island of Ireland and from whence we get Eire. But most interesting is how one can quite feasibly see the name Arthur coming from Arturti. If this is the case then even the legends of King Arthur have its roots in Egypt.

 I would break here to remind you of the fact that all this history has its roots in the Babylonian Hyksos doctrine and not from Egypt herself. Although we find root in Egypt for all information of this kind, in truth it is Babylonian esoteric architecture by proxy… through Egypt after the Hyksos invasions and settlement. Egypt pre Hyksos had a role for deities above the realm of the Sun, if we take the Chakra analogy, they allowed for ascension to the heart and thus to the father. The introduction of monotheism with Sun as supreme deity or Neter, limited all human life to the realm of the Solar system…the solar Plexus, the deity Lucifer, the light bringer. At the level of 31st 32nd and 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite, the truth and identity of Jahbulon is revealed, Lucifer the Light Bringer, the fallen one. Fallen beneath the level of the heart in its true symbology Thus limiting man to the realm of the ‘I’ the seat of fire, the ego and emotions in his spiritual life, and of course strictly and ruthlessly overseen by the newly formed priesthood.

This then brings into form the esoteric principle that only through the Son can you reach the Father, and so mans whole focus is to the Son as in Sun as in Solar Plexus. So to take my line what is symbolised by the introduction of Monotheism is a reduction in dimensional awareness of the human, by placing a prison or block between the third Chakra and the fourth, the fourth being the Heart. And a truly dark age enslaved man, a canvas of physical projection of what man felt inside limited as it is to the solar plexus without the heart, is it any wonder history is drowned in blood?


What Ellis goes on to reveal is that the Father of Scota is indeed the Pharaoh Akhenaton, also places the dateline of the Exodus to Akhenaton’s reign... He exposes facts to prove the Scotichronicon’s Pharaoh Chencres also called Achencheres is in fact Akhenaton. So the timeline is set and relates directly to the Amarna Dynasty. He then goes on to pursue the identity of Scota to find which of Akhenaton’s six daughters she was. Interestingly during this aspect of Ellis’s work one can see a almost mirror image of the future westward journey taken by Mary Magdalene, named as she was in many legends of this voyage, Mari Stella, for a more recent legend given the name , Mari Celeste (Mary Celeste). He also gives explanation of the meaning of the Black Madonna as relating from Egypt born, which I suspect would be Sarah, the Egyptian, and not as so many would have us believe…an African. So this part of the journey alone deconstructs the myth around this family, promulgated for almost two millennia by the Church of Peter which is a differing sect to the original Church of Yeasous (Jesus in the Greek translation). This was the Roman Imperial bloodlines hijacking the rebel initiate who was preaching against the Jewish / Egyptian Temple, I would site the reason many followers of John the Baptist,  who was preaching against the Jewish priesthood in order to promote the Egyptian to which his Nazarene sect took its gnosis, hence the baptism by water, would form such a hatred for the new leader Jesus, because I feel Jesus not only preached against the Jews, but preached against the Egyptian’s too. If Jesus knew of the real root of Judaism, which was from the Babylonian Hyksos who had taken over the throne of Egypt, he would thus have preached against the whole basis of Judaism and the Pharaohnic dynasties as false doctrine, and emanating from the false Babylonian doctrines serving Baal, the Sun God…the light bringer Lucifer. So for me the rebel Jesus was a true educated initiated man, with the balls to preach the truth. The issues I have with Jesus and why I call him the symbolic Jesus, is because what we know of this man is the fabrication of the Church and his enemies, those who supported John the Baptist…The Templars now Freemasons. So both these institutions are in the hands of  Lucifer, which looking at the history of both these organisations in their ‘ACTIONS’, and not listening to their words…proves this fact beyond any psychobabble they have, and  would force upon us.


During the investigation into the identity of Gaythelos, Ellis reminds us of the book, Eden in which Tanis in Egypt is demonstrated to be the true identity of Troy, which again fits in perfectly with the tracing of Judaeo-Christian Royal bloodlines. Also during my immersion into the work of Ellis I could see the three musketeers as symbolic of certain players in the Amarna dynasty. So I suggest within the work of Ellis is the possible root of almost all Christian myth and legend coming together, so on the right track I would say.

 There are a few protagonists come into the fore in identifying Gaythelos, it gets rather difficult because during this time no Egyptian royal daughters were given to foreign countries, yet Gaythelos is described as Greek, so to say the least Ellis has a task on his hands, of course performed quite remarkably. He puts forward Aye or Aii as the protagonist Gaythelos whom he even shows could have been the father of Tutankhamen,. That Aye became the next Pharaoh after Tutankhamen and as is the custom with Egyptian Royalty immediately takes the bloodline princess as his wife who happened to be the widow of Tutankhamen, Ankhesenamun, who he puts forward as Scota. Many have said Tutankhamen was the son of Akhenaton by his second wife Kiyah, yet the lack of inscriptions would suggest this not to be the case because Akhenaton is known only to have had six daughters, had he a son which was much sought within the Royal lines, it surely would have adorned the walls of most Amarna buildings which is not the case at all. The difficulty of course is that after the exile of the ‘unstable one’ Akhenaton, the whole Amarna dynasty was deleted from the Egyptian accounts.  He also states Aye in claiming the title ‘God’s Father’ implies he was the father of Tutankhamen, and that the line of Yuya and Aye had married into the Royal line twice, with Tiye being Akhenaton’s mother and Nefertiti being his wife, so indeed should Tutankhamen be the son of Aye, he would have resembled Akhenaton, they are the same family, not to mention they are all marrying their sisters brothers mothers and fathers, incestual marriage is the norm for the Egyptian Hyksos Royalty…still today. Three of Akhenaton’s daughters died at a young age…Akhenaton married the other three; this again has many believe Akhenaton himself is Gaythelos. We do know that Scota had a number of related husbands; Ankhesenamun married her father Akhenaton, then her cousin Tutankhamen, her uncle (?) Smenkhkare and then her paternal grandfather, Aye…so she fits the bill.

So we had the situation whereby Akhenaton and his court where exiled from Egypt, or rather ‘Moses’ and his court were exiled from Egypt. Tutankhamen is placed on the throne at Thebes. It is also documented Aye spending nine years in the Greek Argos, which would have implications for the structuring of the Greece of antiquity…having its root in Egyptian civilisation albeit from the perspective of  importation. This could be the origin of the name, ‘Athens’ because the prime city in Argos was known as Aten [Athen-s]. So it is very possible Aye / Dannus founded the proto-Spartan and Athenian nations some 700 hundred year before reaching their prime. Whoever Dannus actually is, he took the throne by subterfuge thus the Greeks hence were known as the Danaoi. We do know a senior official called Horemheb had installed himself into early every branch of the administration back in Egypt with the exiled Akhenaton, he was known as Overseer of Overseers, Overseer of Every Office, Kings Deputy in every place, and overseer of the Army, so I think we can safely assume Horemheb pulled the strings behind Tutankhamen.  Aye, upon the death of Tutankhamen after only a nine year reign, returns…and takes the lead role and becomes Pharaoh and marries the newly widowed Ankhesenamun. When mysteries are demolished I always feel comfortable we are on the right track, this line of tracing and connection certainly touches on many a legend, even it would seem with the Greek myths and characters. Aye also known as Dannus only remained on the throne for around four years and Bower’s Scotichronicon states of Gaythelos:


Gaythelos remained behind after the army [Akhenaton’s army] had departed, in the city of Heliopolis, as arranged between himself and the Pharaoh; with the purpose of possibly succeeding to his kingdom. But the Egyptian people [Horemheb]…gathered their forces together and informed Gaythelos that if he did not speedily hasten his departure…utter destruction would immediately attend himself and his men.


So it would seem we have the beginnings of the voyage westward. No mention of the Amarna family within Egypt from this point on, yet the tombs for both Akhenaton and Aye never used.  Ellis also shows how it could be possible I Am that I Am could very well be Aye, meaning Aye gave instruction and the Laws to Moses or rather TuthMoses the older brother of Aaron (Akhenaton) inside the pyramid at Giza, or Mount Sinai, as it is termed in the Biblical writings. So we have explored through Ralph Ellis an important scene in an equally important time in History…the Amarna dynasty and the beginnings of Monotheism. Yet this exodus is but the second, the first taking place around 250 years earlier when 500.000 Hyksos left for Jerusalem. Both these exodus’s have been placed together to form one story with Moses at the head.

In Ellis’ book Eden in Egypt; he argues the case for the Biblical Eve to have been Akhenaton’s second wife Kiyah, who was a rebel to say the least, and became disgraced in some way. What must be grasped at this point is the fact that Akhenaton was attempting to start from scratch.

So where did the shunned last representations of the Amarna dynasty go?

The Scottish Chronicle states the Royal flotilla did not flounder in the open seas that it landed in several ports along the African coast and suggests the destination was uncertain. This would surely be the case in that a Royal family from the most powerful nation of the time…exiled, would find difficulty attracting allies strong enough to give protection, strong enough to withstand economic and perhaps military reaction from Egypt. So not 13 years after the second exodus of Akhenaton and his brother TuthMoses around 1320 BC or 3327 years ago, or, Aaron and Moses as we know them through Jeudo – Christian propaganda, we have the final chapter in the Monotheistic creation and the last aspect to this  Exodus with Aye and Ankhesenamun, or, Gaythelos and Scota.  The first Exodus is said to have occurred between 1625 and 1600 BC during the plagues which where a direct result of the massive volcanic eruption on the Island of Thera.

The Chronicle states, they after many perils and vicissitudes they landed in Spain and after subduing the natives who attacked the Egyptian force, they made base which they called Brigantia, in the middle of which they erected a large tower. Through Ralph Ellis’s book, Scota Egyptian Queen of the Scots, he details this voyage and investigates where in Spain Brigantia was, and focuses on the North Eastern coast of Spain where the River Ebro meets the sea. This completely backed up from the stories of the Eus- Cara, although the Eus Cara worshipped the Atlantean fire God Votan. This in no way divides this story in that Monotheism centres around the Sun, any fire God must have its roots with the Sun, was this I wonder the way in which the Court of Gaythelos instilled the Monotheism religion onto the Pagan Spanish, which would suggest Votan was the fire God of the Pagan tribes and thus the Aton became Votan, or Gaythelos had a differing version to his Royal relation Akhenaton. This is important, because whatever was being preached by the exiled

Egyptian Court
would lay the way for the imposition of the Church of Peter across Spain and indeed in Britain. I am not sure we have the whole true story form history in relation to what really went on in Egypt during the times of Akhenaton. If Gaythelos was forming a balanced version of Akhenaton’s religion, then one can understand with greater clarity why the Roman elite instilled the fantasy around Jesus, because it is a shadow of the reality surrounding this bloodline and would quite easily be adapted by those who had a vested interest…financial?, in accepting the new Roman creed. Thus the Church of Peter and Paul is a shadow, a Chimera of the initial tale of Monotheism which proves itself in the importance by the Roman bloodlines placed upon gold and wealth and power, which in the exploration of the Merovingians / Carolingians is beyond any doubt. What I am saying here is the Christianity of the Western Masses is a promulgated fantasy implanting itself on far older tale, that, the break from the worship of a billion Gods, to only one, the Sun, is the very move to fix attention to the Sun and all its attributes. In the esoteric it fixes attention to the fact that only through the Son can one reach the father. In this understanding it has become the limiting aspect to man in that it keeps a man governed by the Solar Plexus, the Church standing in the way of ascension to the father, that is it’s role, in the realm of emotions, one could say Islam keeps its followers held at the level of the emotions through Gabriel, which leaves Judaism held at the base or root Chakra, hence all the ritual sacrifice they admit too, sacrifices made to the god of the underworld. Because the sun brings you by the fire of your will to transcendence of the ‘I’, thus allows entry to the place of the heart. Only through existence at the level of the heart can you reach the father and the Mother until you become the Father and the Mother in all you do. The Church of Peter and Paul have created a system whereby they keep you fixed into the level of the Solar Plexus… period. In much of the Freemasonic knowledge they claim the Heart is the sun through the Cabalistic knowledge, and thus deliberate falsehood has been created in that people believe themselves to have initiated at the heart when in fact they are operating from the seat of the I, the SUN, this shows itself in the fact most are attracted to Freemasonic orders by definition of what they can earn, to upgrade their portfolio, all the reasons one relates to the ego. To remain contented at this level leaves one unbalanced. So the current religious elite of all the religions are the controllers of unbalanced emotion and ego and have created the whole of our social and financial systems to suit a world of major imbalance because they have convinced man their way is the only way. So it must then follow through that the more imbalanced a soul you are the higher you go in this upside down world. They have removed ascension to the heart in their dogma and it has worked because those that rise in this system are broken, the problem arises because you look at these successful people as something to aspire too, so we have promotion of imbalance which is thus rewarded, exactly as is depicted in the Protocols of Zion.


                          So the Royal couple and their court make new base in Spain calling their new city Brigantia.

                                The Classical Gazetteer of 1851, speaking of the Brigantes people in England said:


Brigantes (Celtic plunderers), a people of Britain, occupying the whole of Maxima Csesarieensis, with the exception of the portion occupied south of Alaunus.

I. by the Otadeni, Durham, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

II. of Hibernia, s. Waterford and part of Tipperary.


Hibernia was the Classical Name for Ireland and interestingly the capitol city of the Brigantes tribe was Eboracum, the modern York. The Roman name is very reminiscent of the River Ebro.

In an earlier Phase I suggested the Phoenicians where the Navy for the early empire post flood centred in Babylon that on the back of the Phoenicians the Nephilim spread their bloodlines. I was pulled on this very point by a learned gentleman when he reminded me the Phoenicians only seem to enter the game from the 11thcentury BC, to whom I replied I felt the Sumerian Navy had changed its identity as time moved on in the same way as the empire changes its name according from whence it is based at the time, the shedding of its skin as is the way of the reptile, the snake of the Zionist movement. Not only that, but as the Phoenicians began to rise the Hyksos / Israelites were re-establishing themselves in Egypt under the leaders of the 21st dynasty Pharaohs of which Psusennes II was inaugurated. In Ellis’s book Solomon he places Psusennes II’s wife as being the Biblical Maakhah MuTamhat. During the study of Ralph Ellis’s book, Scota Egyptian Queen of the Scots, I was pleased to find his take on this very subject. Linking the Phoenicians to the earlier Minoan culture, he points out the fact that a lot of the Temple art form the Amarna dynasty was very Minoan in its pictorial design. Thus linking not only the Phoenicians and the Minoans but clearly showing a link of genetic origin between the Egyptian Hyksos in the Amarna dynasty and the SumerianMinoanSea faring people. The Minoans had to move from Crete with the volcanic eruption on Thera; Ellis suggests they joined their Hyksos brethren in Avaris around the 17th century BC which gives reason for the Minoan art carrying over to Akhenaton. Ellis also suggests during this time of heresy, that the split between the Hyksos and Minoans can be clearly seen. Akhenaton clearly did not support all aspects of the Minoan culture including Bull worship. Akhenaton being the brother of Moses, (Tuthmoses) are seen to be involved in this tension because the Bible records how Moses was having much trouble with bull worshipers and fought many battles between the followers of Moses and the bull worshipers who accompanied them. So the overall thesis being put forward in this work is strengthened in greater detail with the work of Ralph Ellis.

We do know the Minoan culture used the alphabet named Linear A which is a yet un-deciphered, we also know between 1400 and 1320 BC the period in which Akhenaton and Aye played their part on the stage of history. The alphabet script Linear A was superseded with the more sophisticated Linear B script. So when it comes to the Minoan we are at a disadvantage in understanding how they lived and how far they traversed the global oceans. We have however evidence that during the time of the Pharaohs they had access to South American Coco leaves and quite possibly cocaine…it has been found in some burials. I have long thought the idea of naval ignorance outside the immediate vicinity of ancient nations to be a fallacy. There is far too much recorded hints at global travel being common place amongst the elite of the ancient world, so for me the link between the Hyksos and the Minoan would have such Pharaohs in full knowledge not only of Britain and Ireland but even the Americas. So as detailed an insight as Ellis gives relating to the voyage of Gaythelos and Scota I did not need convincing of the possibilities of such voyages in this time. So at some time after the 12th century BC, certain descendants of Gaythelos and Scota landed in Ireland and then to Scotland, that over a millennia later this tribe of people had expanded across the North of England also, Whitehaven being the main Western port.


So what are we to make of all this information? What it most definitely shows is the idea of monotheism having its root in Egypt had a massive impact, not just in the immediate vicinity of the Middle East but as far as Britain and Ireland. One thing that is interesting is the original Egyptian monotheism is totally different in its symbolism than the Christian religion. The Monotheism of Akhenaton had as uppermost deity the Sun itself, which negated ascension beyond the Sun while giving ascension beyond the Root Chakra, Judaism, and the Sacral Chakra, Islam. the Christianity of Roman origin symbolises ascension beyond the Sun, thus expanding the limitations of the original monotheism of Akhenaton carried forth into the Old Testament. I would cite the Architects of Rome to capture the expanded awareness in spirit negated the feminine role required for ascension beyond the Solar Plexus into the realm of the heart, therefore whilst giving an expanded level of understanding to attract the higher minded and thus upper echelons of the time, they prevented those minds ascending trained as they are to negate the balanced feminine, they continued to follow the masculine and barred themselves from the realm of the heart. The truth it would seem to me is only through the heart can one ascend first to the mother at the level of the third eye and onto the father the crown chakra. The Church of Peter and Paul it would seem have been very naughty indeed turning higher knowledge into a Venus fly trap for man. All the while cancelling any opportunity for individual ascension because between Jesus the redeemer and man is the priesthood…that’s it then might as well go home!

So a very wide area already prepared with monotheism yet a different version would emerge via the Levite priests to become Judaism, then another great change in this game and Christianity was born, which itself would change dramatically from its early conception until collected by the Roman elite. So it is to the next stage in this tale we must investigate, Mary and Jesus. 


Ellis in his book Jesus Last of the Pharaohs shows the fairytale as given in the New Testament to be less likely than any other information claiming to be fact. Outside of the New Testament, there is nothing to prove the fable. Ellis shows that far from being a poor family they where an extremely wealthy family. That far from being a carpenter he was a ‘tekton’ or an architect, which describes the speculative side of the Masonic craft as opposed to the construction profession. Two of his close friends, Zacharias and Nicodemus were extremely wealthy, whilst another supporter, Joanna, was the wife of Herod’s vizier or Prime Minister. More than that if we take the work of Josephus Flavius, then Jesus was governor of Tiberias, owned a castle and controlled a militia around 600 strong. Not only that but for Herod to deem him a threat he had to be of Royal lineage and thus a real threat to his position. He would have to be Egyptian royalty to create such fear. If we look at two paragraphs one from Josephus’ Antiquities and the other from The Jewish War, we have Jesus being called, ‘The Egyptian False Prophet’. So when one looks outside of the New Testament for information relating to Jesus one finds nothing of the tale entwined within the Gospels relating to this man, in fact quite the opposite. Ellis comes from the standpoint, that if this family was Egyptian the fact they where in Judaea would suggest they were exiled from their place of origin. So Ellis sets out to find just such a family.

According to Ellis just such a family existed, made up of extremely influential Kings and Queens who are known to have been exiled from their homeland settling in Bethanya [Bethany], near Judea, in around 4AD, bringing with them 500 cavalry and 100 relations and retinue. This account tallies with the work of Josephus accounts of the Biblical family as owning and maintaining their own military. That in Syrio-Judaea this royal family raised a new generation and founded a new society which competed against the traditional Judean authorities in Jerusalem. What makes this family very interesting is they connected three races…Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Julius Caesar of Rome and King Phraates IV of Parthia (Persia).  This family was exiled from Parthia (Persia) in around 4AD travelling to Syria which at the time came under the direct control of the Herod tetrarchs (three sons of Herod the Great). This family built a new city and declared independence from Jerusalem and Damascus. If we look at Egypt at from around 525 BC up to 332 BC then Egypt was under the control of the Persians twice. After the defeat of Darius III at Issus; Turkey, by Alexander the Great, Egypt was controlled by the Macedonian Greeks. After the death of Alexander in 323 BC Egypt came under the control of the Ptolemaic dynasty who were descendants of Alexander’s General Ptolemy, son of Lagus. The way in which the Ptolemaic dynasty was brutally deposed left a shortfall on internal resources and placed her directly into the hands of Rome when Ptolemy Aulets XII fled to Rome. He regained Egypt in 55 BC with the help of Roman might which removed her independence as a nation. The daughter of Ptolemy Aulets Cleopatra VII hence became a vassal of Rome.

Ellis suggests Troy to have been Tanis in Egypt, which has massive connotations to the true racial background for Aeneas, the founder of the Roman Royal lines Romulus and Remus.

After Alexander’s Seleucid Empire in Persia had collapsed, King Arsaces in around 250 BC gained control of the main city on the Silk Road, Heart. This empire expanded ever westward until it bordered Rome’s eastern borders, and sandwiched in between was the territories we know as Judaeo-Israel. The population was made up of many nationalities, including Jews, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Judaeo –Persians, and Syrians. Strabo however, states most of the inhabitants of Judaea were Egyptians.

Cleopatra was an immensely savvy royal Queen, far in advance of many other players in this drama. But for all of her scheming she failed to turn things around for family, she even manipulated her own husband Mark Anthony to gain power. So one can see Cleopatra’s first priority was to expand the power of her dynasty, and to attempt through her offspring to unite the three empires of the time, the Roman, the Persian and the Judaeo-Israelite which was in affect the Egyptian Hyksos. In seeing the play for the time in these terms Ellis unravels the mystery surrounding the Biblical Jesus.

In attempting to unravel the mystery one has to grasp why the Church of Peter invented a fantasy around this family, the main thrust of which was the removal of facts thus creating the mystery. With the Da Vinci Code we have exposed Masonic knowledge relating to the marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene producing offspring. The Church of Peter excluded this fact by claiming Jesus was married to the Church. The Babylonian-Jewish Talmud which is a commentary on the Old Testament relates:


Rabbi Papa said ‘this is (Mary Magdalene) of which they say, “she was the descendant of Princes and rulers, she played the harlot with carpenters”.


So it was written that Magdalene was a royal princess. Not only that, for the people of the time to have taken Jesus seriously, he too would have to be of Royal blood, for him to have been labelled ‘King of the Jews’ again suggests he was of royal lineage.

 Cleopatra was born on 69BC, her father was Ptolemy XII. She was co-regent with her father until his death in 51 BC when she married her younger brother Ptolemy XIII. The relationship between brother and sister now married, was difficult, and at some point she was forced to flee to Judaea or Syria in 48 BC. She raised an army and re-invaded Egypt. This is the time she was to meet Julius Caesar who was chasing Pompey. Cleopatra’s brother husband Ptolemy XIII killed Pompey believing it would be well received by Caesar…it was not. Rome had arbitrary powers requested by the former Ptolemy XII should there be dispute between his children (Cleopatra and her brother husband). Ptolemy XIII was drowned and Cleopatra became sole ruler of Egypt. Her ideas of joint ruler ship over what would have been one big empire, where thwarted with the death of Caesar and she fled back to Egypt. The Roman Empire then split with Octavian Augustus Caesar in Rome Mark Anthony in the Near East and Lepidus in Spain. Mark Anthony and Cleopatra made alliance and had twins, Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene in 40 BC. Cleopatra also had a son with Julius Caesar, Caesarion whom Augustus murdered in around 30 BC. Caesarion before his death was being hailed as the true Pharaoh of Egypt.

Mark Anthony wages war against Phraates IV in Parthia but it goes badly and he withdraws with heavy loses, this situation made worse with Anthony finding himself at war with Octavian  in Rome. I see the Gods at play big time here. In the Persian Empire Phraates faced a pretender named Tiridates, who deposed Phraates IV in around 32 BC, Phraates reversed this coupe and Tiridates fled to Rome.

In 31 BC Mark Anthony was defeated and returned to Egypt in this moment of despair they are said to have taken their own lives??? And no longer play a part in the game.

Octavian Augustus was crowned Caesar Augustus Princeps and Emperor of Rome in 27 BC. One of the first aims of Octavian –Augustus was to bring harmony to his eastern borders. Bearing in mind both Augustus and Phraates IV had had a common enemy in Mark Anthony, so Augustus sent out a deputation to Parthia with the task of peace at all costs. One can imagine the gifts included in this diplomatic move to be of the highest order, but there was an extra special gift, a royal daughter to which Ellis now concentrates. Augustus after parading the children of Cleopatra through the streets of Rome, Augustus had his sister wife Octavia take care of them and they where brought up correctly yet nothing more is said about them. We do however know of one of the daughters, Cleopatra Selene who was given to King Jubba II of Mauretania.

Cleopatra and Jubba had two children a son she named Ptolemy and it was thought the daughter was named Cleopatra. Jubba died in 23 BC. They were both buried in a tomb in Algeria.

To return to the King Phraates IV, Augustus had given Phraates ‘an Italian concubine’ with the name Thermusa but there is great mystery surrounding this lady because she became his chief wife and then Queen of Parthia. There was much judgment made about information relating to Thurmusa because it came from Josephus Flavius. In the world of academia Flavius is sidelined, that was until coins began to turn up with the face of Thermusa.

In many cases Josephus Flavius is the target of mistrust because a lot of his written works clash with the Church of Peter’s fantasy surrounding their leading light Jesus.


For a lady to become chief wife and queen with her offspring becoming the heir to the throne, then it figures the mysterious Italian concubine would have to be of Royal lineage and thus a princess.

Ellis takes us back to Julius Caesar and the profound rumours that Cleopatra was pregnant a second time and Julius Caesar was the father. This created a bit of a panic at the time because Cleopatra would have had claim to the throne of Rome for her second child with Caesar should it be male. Then all of a sudden the panic ends, Ellis suggests the sudden end to the panic was because the child was a girl. As portrayed in the recent TV programme, ‘Rome’, Caesarion was portrayed as the son of a soldier, which makes sense because he was never acknowledged by Caesar as his heir nor in his will. With this in mind one cannot see the panic in certain quarters having Caesarion as its root, which makes the assumption of a second child thus born a daughter because of the quick and abrupt end to the panic.

So with this train of thought places this second child of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII as the mysterious lady, Thermusa.

As Ellis suggests it is rather strange that to placate Jubba II Augustus gives a daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, yet to Phraates IV we are told to accept he was placated with the gift of a common whore.

The second child to Cleopatra and Julius Caesar would have been around 19 years of age, and the prime age for marriage. The full title of Thermusa the Italian concubine was, Thea Muse Ourania, meaning Goddess Muse Ouriana…more accurately pronounced as Thea Musa Ourania in the Greek. In Greek mythology Ourania was actually the Greek Muse or the Queen of Heaven. The Egyptian Queen of Heaven is Isis of whom Cleopatra VII was the goddess incarnate. One can see Cleopatra VII symbolising this with the names of her twins by Mark Anthony thus; Alexander Helios, the Sun, and Cleopatra Selene the Moon, thus symbolising herself as the mother of the Sun and the Moon. It is through symbolism such as this that higher truths are ascertained throughout the initiation ceremonies of secret societies, as stated in earlier phases of this work, symbolism is a language known only to those who can see, yet there are many differing levels of meaning to such symbolism exactly like the Russian Dolls…truths inside truths inside truths. So Ellis superbly exposes symbolism at a high level to support his revision of the New Testament history.

Queen of Heaven is also termed Queen of the Stars, and this title was used by the Queen of Sheba, whom Ellis identifies as being Maachah Tamar II, the Egyptian daughter wife of King David.

 Phraates IV and Thea Muse Ourania had two children at least two that are known, a son Phraataces and a daughter Julia Ourania. The latter implies the clan connection to the Julian family. Julius’ full name was Gaius Julius Caesar or Caius Yulius Caesar.

Julius denotes he was from the Julius clan, and Caesar denotes he was from the Caesar branch of that larger family. Caesar meaning emperor was a term made so after the death of Julius Caesar. There were some serious games going on between Caesar Augustus and Thea Muse because her husband Phraates IV sent his four sons not birthed to Thea Muse to Rome as hostages, which left Thea Muse’s son Phraataces as the only heir. If Phraates had been convinced of potential rivalry from his sons to his position, then one can perhaps understand such a move… with the scheming of Cleopatra VII being legendary I would feel this aspect of her DNA programming would have passed to Thea Muse, and so she must stand out as prime suspect for this manipulation given it put her son in line for the throne.

It was thought at the time that Thea Muse actually poisoned her husband Phraates IV in AD 2 and is probably true, in that after his death she appointed herself as Queen of Parthia in co-regency with her son. To seal this co-regency she married her son Phraataces V, which was the norm in the Egyptian royal families. Now Josephus Flavius writes about this but it was rejected out of hand …until that is that coins began to turn up in Iran bearing the name of Thea Muse Ourania and her son Phraataces on the reverse, with their images being titled, ‘King and Queen’.

So with this expansion to this tale coming from recent finds once again I would ask you to understand that there is a lot of archaeological information to be found…and they do seem to be from nations the Illuminati are attacking, have attacked, and plan to attack in their war on terror.

So here we have our first insight to the reality of royal persons the Church of Peter set out to hide.

Cleopatra VII married two of her brothers so one can see that incest is an age old Egyptian/Hyksos custom which was taken up by the Ptolemaic dynasty. In Rome however it was not a custom nor was polygamy, in the Persian world incest was seen as abhorrent also and they would not accept it. Thea Muse and her husband son King Phraataces were exiled from Parthia. According to the Cambridge history of Iran:


The new King (Phraataces) was driven from the throne in AD 4 and himself fled to Roman Syria, where he did not long survive.


Josephus says of the situation that Herod sent for the Jew from Babylon (Parthia) who had arrived with five hundred horsemen, all of whom could shoot their arrows on horseback; and with a hundred of his relations. He promised to give the king land in the area of Batanea…he also let him hold the country tax free.

This placing of Phraataces and Thea Muse into Syria is perhaps the weakest point in Ellis’s revision, but certainly not to a point at which abandoning the trail would be recommended.

The next character Ellis brings to the fore is a man called Judas the Gaulonite, who came to prominence at about the time of the Jewish taxation under the Roman Consul Cyrenius (Quirinius), in about AD 6. So you can see here why the Coptic date for the birth of Jesus is later than the Biblical date, yet the Coptic date would be AD 7.

There is a contended issue surrounding the actual date of the birth of Jesus and depends from which sect the information emanates. The New Testament places the birth of Jesus under the reign of Herod the Great citing the killing of children which places the birth just prior to 4 BC. We do know that Herod the Great killed a number of children in dispute over the Royal succession but they were his own. Has the Church of Peter purposefully mislead the masses to hide the great horror?

It is more likely the birth took place under the rule of Herod Archelous the son of Herod the Great, who ruled Judaea between 4 BC to AD 6.

Judas the Gaulonite is then explored, what Ellis attempts to show is that Judas the Gaulonite was in fact another name for Prince Zamaris-the Babylonian Jew who arrived with 500 horsemen and 100 relatives whom Ellis suggests is Phraataces with his mother- wife Thea Muse.

To take Ellis’s train of thought we can see that in the latest mistranslation and therefore the last re-write of the Bible which further upholds the doctrine as laid out by the Church of Peter…took place with the spin of Francis Bacon and John Dee with the issue of the King James Bible. Just changing particular biblical cities and towns and surname changes, has been enough to de-bunk much of the archaeological finds up to the point of Francis Bacon and Dee’s time, therefore cancelling out many problems the Illuminati where having up to that time with their fantasy. Is it any wonder to study history according to the Biblical accounts leaves a mind confused which then has no option but to hang on the dictation by the priesthood with the nonsensical aspects to their lies? The great sin of the Illuminati bloodlines which still continues today, the great sin the New Testament and then the King James version are written to hide…is the fact that the holy and royal families exist with incest (consanguinity), patricide, infanticide, genocide, and all we are told through the same doctrines they operate against the populous, as sinful…to the elite still today, hold as respectable in fact encouraged as the norm. So the Gospels are a fabrication to have mankind except these sick bloodline brethren as the top of the tree, when all along they are the very evil history as described to us so well.


Ellis goes on to show Judas the Gaulonite is in fact Zamaris or Phraataces, that this chap is in fact the father of  Yeasous (Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Yakobus (James), Simone, Yeudas (Thomas), and Martha, not forgetting these offspring are born from a incestuous relationship between mother and son… Thea Muse and Phraataces V. This is then continued with the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene who are brother and sister. So with this truth and it could well to be so based on the fact that all these Nephilim bloodlines continue consanguinity or incestual copulation to bring forth offspring, today. Is it any wonder we have such a massive network we call Freemasonry who understand these points and therefore In many respects believe John the Baptist to have been the true prophet and Jesus the Egyptian false prophet. Does this not explain gossip of the time aimed at Jesus when they called him, ‘the unstable one, as was said about Akhenaton and of course the last prophet in this tale, ‘Mohammed’? So to look at this tale in this respect is it any wonder the world is in such a mess when the founders of Monotheism were all thought of as unstable in their time. With Mohammed, his courtiers and family members said he was a sexual deviant, his favourite wife Aisha was only seven years old, he was 44 years her senior. They said of him in his time that he was self –confessed, uneducated, self centred, genocidal, racist, and misogynist, yet hundreds of millions of people follow his every word. Ibin Warraq says of many of Mohammed’s verses:


The conclusion forces itself upon us that in later life, (Mohammed) consciously fabricated ‘revelations’, often for his own convenience, to sort out his domestic problems.


Mahomet or Mohammed was born in 570 AD in the Arabian Desert at Mecca. Forty years later he had his first psychic experience in which he was told all the people of Arabia must return to a simple faith min Allah the God of Abraham. If we again look at the true meaning of Israel we have Is-Ra-El, which interprets as Isis…Ra…and Elohim, which gives Isis the mother Ra the Father and the Holy Ghost The term Allah is derived from the word El of the same Babylonian Queen El as in the enemy of St George or Queen of the Elohim. So we are dealing with the same entities for all three religions and as history and the present show us, nothing but hell comes with these three suppressive systems. Mohammed stated he was the messenger of God and those who accepted his word would be saved on judgment day…I think I have heard this before! It is claimed Mohammed began as a very kind and loving man that after his visions became a tyrant.

Mohammed had his visions in a cave, caves are very important as satanic ritual chambers I would cite Gamblers cave around Hamildon in Accrington to which our local elite have used in the past and probably continue to do so today. One of my friends through childhood could not keep away from this cave and is well in the thick of today. The vibes in that cave are satanic and is no wonder many of the Accrington Satanic elite live in that area especially Hapton.

Mecca was an important site before the emergence of Mohammed and was a place of pilgrimage. It had a temple called the Kaaba (house of god), its cornerstone was a meteorite and held as a sacred place of worship for Allah (Elohim) and had images of Jesus and Mary. The temple was owned by the Bedouins who enjoyed a very profitable business as people would come to kiss the sacred stone. So in the first instance Mohammed was disliked because if people began to take his word it would demolish their earning capacity. The new followers in Medina asked Mohammed to become their ruler and prophet of Allah, which exposes the fact that the Jews of Medina gave credence to Mohammed and his verses, I wonder if the Ashkenazi cabals in today’s climate would except this fact…or is this another reason for the sickness that is IS-Ra-El holds as their superiority complex and licence to murder Palestinians. The Bedouins of Mecca plotted to kill Mohammed but he escaped with his friend Abu Bekr to his cave from which he returned to Medina in 622 AD. This is were it all goes very Elohim and from his base in Medina he and his followers attacked and robbed the trading caravans on their way to Mecca… Mohammed’s growing power due to his ability to rob many treasures, declared god had told him the people in Medina who would not accept his message had to be killed.

Mohamed ordered many outright massacres including the cold blooded murder of 900 Jews, this led to a treaty with Mecca and Medina, Mecca would recognise Mohammed as the prophet of god if he moved his base to Mecca, for the Bedouins who owned the temple, they were appeased  because pilgrims would still come and spend their money…job sorted. To distance themselves from the Jews who gave Mohammed his first rung up the ladder, he decreed they face Mecca when in prayer. Mohammed brought war to all communities in the area who would not accept him as the prophet of the loving god; this created the nation we know as Arabia.

With the death of Mohammed aged 62 his friend Abu Bekr took over as Caliph which interprets as successor and was ruthless in his aim for world domination under Islam and as with Christianity, rivers of blood would flow across the Middle East…well something’s never change, blood has been flowing from that time to this in the ‘Holy Land

Every country was given the same ultimatum; accept the Caliph as ruler and adopt the Muslim faith…or die in extremely creative ways. By the year 750 AD Moslem control expanded through Arabia, Egypt, the North African Coast, Armenia, Syria, Palestine, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Spain.

Islam then splits because of arguments as to who should be Caliph in the centuries after Mohammed. A chap called Othman was chosen to be Caliph which exited Ali the husband of Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed. Ali claimed ascendancy to be Caliphate as Fatima was a direct descendant of the prophet, while Othman was not.

This is the split in Islam between the Shiite (the orthodox Muslims) who claim direct ancestry to the prophet, while the followers of Othman better known as the Sunni Muslims claim the rights of Caliph. As we can see today this split is being manipulated in the extreme by the Illuminati as they create hell in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon the Middle East.

So what are we to make of all this nonsense…with Akhenaton who married his own children we have a tribe of believers who call themselves Jewish, and with Jesus and Mary we have a brother and sister copulating having children and still the Catholic Church claims the allegiance of three billion  souls…


So this is some of the information I have studied and released in my written works over the years, I will state this is what I have been led to and formed an opinion, but it is just that, an opinion. It requires debate, it requires great thought to help us all better understand our history, because the one thing none can deny, it has brought us all to the point we now face. So I want your input, I want your educated opinions, and let’s make sense of religious history so we can free ourselves from the ignorance..


                                                                               To be continued….




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